What are the Best Voice Calling APIs and live Audio Streaming SDKs?

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Sep 1, 2023, 9:40:31 AM via Website

The in-app voice chat solution helps you record your conversations so that you can review them later and make future marketing plans. Based on the information available, you can direct a call flow to the relevant sales agent. The Best Voice Calling APIs are,

  1. MirrorFly
  2. Agora
  3. Twilio
  4. Enablex
  5. Sendbird
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Sep 2, 2023, 10:50:25 AM via Website


MirrorFly offers a comprehensive communication solution that includes voice calling capabilities.
It supports recording of voice conversations, which can be useful for review and analysis.
You can use their APIs to direct call flows to the appropriate sales agents.

Agora provides real-time communication APIs, including voice calling.
It offers features for recording calls and has tools for directing call flows.
Agora has been widely used for various real-time communication needs.

Twilio is a well-known cloud communications platform that offers voice calling capabilities through its APIs.
Twilio can be used to record conversations, and its programmable features allow for custom call flow management.

EnableX provides communication APIs, including voice calling and video calling.
It offers recording options for calls and customization for call routing and management.

Sendbird focuses on chat and messaging, but it also provides voice and video calling features.
While not as specialized in voice calling as some others, Sendbird can still support your needs for in-app voice chat and recording.