Winner and loser of the week: spring fever at Disney, long faces at Microsoft

Winner and loser of the week: spring fever at Disney, long faces at Microsoft

As the long Easter weekend draws to a close, we'll take a look at the winners and losers of the week in tech. Disney+, Microsoft, and Google Stadia are in focus. But who won and who lost this week?

Spring is here! All people with a garden and balcony are probably the biggest winners of this so far warmest week of the year. In our Tech Bubble, there are also hot temperatures away from the weather. Especially for Zoom, probably the most popular and controversial video conferencing platform, is likely to be sweating these days. After numerous security vulnerabilities were discovered, the company hit the ground running after its former heyday at the beginning of last month. More and more high-ranking companies are banning their employees from using the Zoom desktop client. Google sent a memo to its employees about this; at Elon Musk's SpaceX they are to use "alternative" communication services such as the telephone again. So the pandemic also brings us closer to old-school technology again.

This week's winner: Disney+ hits 50 million subs

The first official figures of the new streaming service Disney+ have been published after the European launch. Now 50 million people worldwide use the streaming offer of Disney+. On Sunday mornings the gummy bear gang flickers on the old flat screen in front of my bed - just like in the summer holidays! Ducktales, Chip and Dale, and also many newer live-action movies from Disney have made me choose the Disney+ icon rather than Netflix for about two weeks now. That, and the fact that the number of users worldwide is already so high, makes Disney+ my winner of the week.

But Disney has also done a lot to get a rocket launch. Several discount campaigns and exclusive deals for customers may have driven many doubters to take out a subscription. By the way, the 50 million Disney+ accounts are likely to have up to six times as many users - my own subscription is used jointly by myself and four lovely account scroungers.

This charity is also shown by Google with its gaming streaming service Stadia, which has gone free-to-play. Google was nearly my winner of the week for this action. Usually, the gaming subscription costs $10 per month. For $130 you can also play via TV and Chromecast Ultra with the Stadia controller. Two months for free for everyone (with a choice of nine games) - that could lead to some happy moments of gaming.

Loser of the week: Microsoft delays

The mood at Microsoft is probably less happy right now. And the news doesn't make us happy either, because we tech nerds have been looking forward to the release of the foldable PC tablet mix called Surface Neo. I guess this year it's going to fall through the cracks like so many others. The foldable Microsoft tablet with Windows 10X should have been a big thing this year. The two 9-inch displays are only 5.6 millimeters thin, making them the thinnest LCDs on the market. We would have liked to take a look at them soon and test them for you. Foldable devices are currently the most interesting thing happening on the tech market - there's always something to be amazed about and often a lot of laughs.

Until the production chain for the Surface Neo starts again, we'll have to be satisfied with the foldable cell phone Surface Duo running Android. Microsoft wants to keep to the schedule for the much smaller dual-screen smartphone. The device offers two likewise foldable 5.6-inch displays. In contrast to foldable smartphones, both Surface devices are not made of one but of two display panels.

Who were your winners and losers of the week? Let's discuss them in the comments.


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  • marco sarli
    • Admin
    Apr 13, 2020 Link to comment

    50 million do not seem a lot to me worldwide. Microsoft is not the only one unable to release a device in this situation. What I hope is that the constant release cycle will slow down or stop

  • storm Apr 13, 2020 Link to comment

    The less I have to do with either of those control-freak companies, the happier I tend to be.