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4 things we're expecting to see on the Pixel 2

4 things we're expecting to see on the Pixel 2

With the disappearance of the Nexus range and the birth of the Pixel phones last September, Google has clearly changed its policy in terms of hardware. Faced with the success of its new phones, the Mountain View-based company has decided to continue its streak and is currently preparing the second generation of Pixel phones. To help out the teams working with Rick Osterloh, the hardware boss of Google, we decided to share with him what we expect  to see in the Pixel 2.

1. Global availability

These 'made in Google' smartphones are mobile devices that simply offer the best Android experience possible and as such, any mobile OS fan in their right mind would jump at the opportunity to use one. They also come with the guarantee of having the latest system updates available during at least two years. 

As I explained in my review, Apple has the iPhone and now Google has the Pixel. This is why it would seem crucial to make the device available on other markets than just the ones the first Pixel phone was officially launched in: Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, United Kingdom and Germany, the latter being the only non-English speaking country to get the Pixel smartphones. Although Google has never put forward a formal explanation for this decision, Lena Heuermann, Google's press officer in Germany, told me that this lack of marketing in all countries was due to the absence of Google Assistant in other languages. 

AndroidPIT Google assistant 9262
Google Assistant is only available in a few languages at the moment. © ANDROIDPIT

2. Stock

Although the Pixel phones are only marketed in a few countries, Google is experiencing serious stock depletion problems and is having trouble meeting the demand of its customers. Therefore, if you want one, you'll have to be very patient as the wait may last up to several weeks. This is a frustrating situation which, although it may initially appear to pay off from a marketing point of view, can ultimately be detrimental in terms of sales and may even turn out to be catastrophic against the competition.

There are elements missing that hinder being able to manufacture the Pixel phones on a large scale 

At the MWC 2017 in Barcelona, ​​Rick Osterloh confided in us that there are elements missing that hinder being able to manufacture the Pixel phones on a large scale. This is why stocks are sold out and why it isn't possible to sell enough. Unfortunately, it isn't possible to ascertain whether the ongoing depletion of stocks of the devices is only linked to the difficulty of obtaining these elements or whether other factors also come into play. Either way, it is widely hoped that Google will improve this situation, especially if the Pixel 2 phone is launched in a larger number of countries.

3. An improved design

Granted, the main aim of the first Pixel phones was to provide a software experience that was as pleasant as possible. As a result, the emphasis during the design stage of the phones was more on optimization between the software and hardware parts of the phones, as well as their photography capabilities. It's clear that the resulting product is successful because the smartphone is powerful, the interface is fluid and the quality of the photos is currently one of the best on the market.

However, for a high-end smartphone costing a somewhat premium rate, users are entitled to expect a little more than good performance and a good camera. Design is one of the elements that was most neglected on the first generation of Pixel phones. Although it isn't ugly, the Pixels don't portray much originality and aren't the most elegant smartphones we've ever seen. At the very least, they don't stand out in any way among their competitors.

At a time when borderless smartphones are becoming more and more numerous (Xiaomi Mi Mix to name but a few), it will be difficult for the Pixel 2 to claim to be within the ranks of the best smartphone if no effort is put into the design of the handset. 

4. Waterproofness

Finally, let us conclude with a feature that was missing in the first round of Pixel phones: protection against water and dust. Although last year, this lack of IP68/67 certification was still passable, this won't be the case this year. Most high-end smartphones (Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edgeLG G6, etc.) all have this level of protection that turns out to be extremely practical on a daily basis.

AndroidPIT Wet samsung galaxy S5 5196
Waterproofness can help avoid some unfortunate inconveniences./ © ANDROIDPIT

And even though the latest Huawei P10 doesn't have the certification itself, at least it's splash-proof thanks to its nano-coating - in short, if Google once again decides to forego this feature this year, the web giant will be taking a huge risk.

What about you, what would you like to see in the Google Pixel 2?

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  • Dan May 2, 2017 Link to comment

    A user replacable battery, an SD Card slot, very fast and low light capable camera, and water resistant. A pen like on the Samsung Note 4 would be really great. The replaceable battery is a must.

  • No wireless charging, no buy. Period.

  • Dual stereo speakers, Dual SIM and water resistant. Also just to compete with Apple, the phone shouldn't be over priced like was the case with 1st editions. Price should be reduced.

  •   12
    Deactivated Account Apr 4, 2017 Link to comment

    Good article, and I'm in agreement. The greatly increased water resistance is personally very important to me. I also want to see a much improved speaker, hopefully speakers. To put it kindly, the single, bottom firing, easily covered speaker is anemic.

  •   31
    Deactivated Account Apr 4, 2017 Link to comment

    I'd like to see an LG made Pixel,
    G6 with snapdragon 835 and stock Google would be awesome.

    • Paul, I would also. The problem I had with the XL Pixal is I ordered it in December with Google and they were back-ordered 60 days. Major dissapoint so I had to move on. To me that is not good business when you release a new phone. I still can't believe this had too happen!

      •   31
        Deactivated Account Apr 4, 2017 Link to comment

        funny how things work out, no doubt about HTC's ability to produce quality hardware but..10yrs ago HTC easily outsold Samsung.. now struggling to produce a couple of million Pixels.. while Sammy's​ done 300million smartphones​ last year, and produced millions of components for other brands..

      • Paul, how about the Oled screens they sold to Apple & other companies! They are definitely on a great roll!

  • Agree with everything, but the biggest one in my mind is the waterproofing of the Pixel phones.

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