What can Android and BlackBerry offer each other?

What can Android and BlackBerry offer each other?

The next device from BlackBerry could run Android, according to sources close to the iconic phone manufacturer. BlackBerry was a pioneering company in the rise of smartphones, but has drifted into near-obscurity due to the rise of the iPhone and Android devices. Now, with a potential BlackBerry-Android alliance forming, what can we expect from the two former rivals working together?

If, as Reuters suggests, BlackBerry was to jump on the Android bandwagon (or rather Android's ever-growing convoy of bandwagons), then it's not yet clear on what that would mean for BlackBerry 10 - BlackBerry's current flagship operating system. Given how BlackBerry currently holds less than 1 percent smartphone market share, it wouldn't be surprising in BlackBerry swallows its pride and scraps its in-house OS to go with Android.

For BlackBerry, this would signal a last big push for relevance in a harsh smartphone market that quickly forgets about the brands that were so important in getting it to where it is - the BlackBerrys and Nokias of the world. It goes without saying that access to Google's arsenal of apps and the Play Store is a huge factor for smartphone buyers, and a good reason in itself for BlackBerry to join Android. Moving over to Android would make BlackBerry visible again - whether anyone chooses to notice, is another matter.

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It probably won't look like this, but in principle this could be happening soon. / © ANDROIDPIT

BlackBerry, for its part, will be aiming to use Android to become the go-to phone for corporations, businesses and governments again - an area in which BlackBerry still holds a bit of power. Blackberry's latest device management system, BES12, is designed for organizations to manage work devices across a range of platforms, including iOS and Android.

By making an Android-based device, sources suggest BlackBerry wants to create a solid platform to bring its software and services to the world's most-used OS, and prove it can secure as well as manage Android devices.

BlackBerry is currently working on a 'BlackBerry Experience Suite', which will bring a collection of BlackBerry's apps to iOS and Android devices. The company also revealed a 'slider' (touchscreen and keyboard) device at MWC 2015, which could yet become the company's first Android-based device. These things could pave the way for a full-on BlackBerry Android device.

Both BlackBerry and Google have declined to comment on the report.

Are you excited by the idea of a BlackBerry Android phone, or is it too little too late for the fallen smartphone giant? Let us know in the comments.

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  • hmmmmmm???

  • Nope...they could just stick to sharpening up their already functioning Android apps' execution layer in BB OS, learn a thing or 2 from MS' latest Astoria initiative and try harder to get devs on boards more seriously this time. Oh and quitting from putting out Snapdragon S4 Plus gen phones like Leap and Classic with the ridiculous RRPs should help a lot too.

  • My first ever phone was a Blackberry. the Android system came into play . The BlackBerry company decided to move out of it. I miss my blackberry but I'll never go back to the company again no matter what they bring out little too late fellas

  • Oli72 Jun 12, 2015 Link to comment

    Airtight security on Android OS.
    Android can show crack berry to get with the program with better phones.

  • Good article Robert. I personally would like see BB and Android merge, but only if the outstanding features of BB are retained. I would hate to see Android eat BB as a corporation. Because inevitably this would be the end of a great pioneer in the smart phone business not to mention job losses here in Canada.

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