Should HTC make this year's Nexus phones?

Should HTC make this year's Nexus phones?

Here’s the latest Nexus rumor: HTC is going to build not one, but both, new devices this year. On the surface, this seems hard to believe. We’ve reported on HTC’s poor sales record in recent months and the overall lackluster reaction to its most recent flagship, the One M9. Should HTC make this year's Nexus phones?

androidpit Nexus 6P 50
Could HTC build a worthy successor to the Nexus 6P? / © ANDROIDPIT

HTC sales woes

HTC has reported poor smartphone sales for quite a while now. Last year was a bad one for the Taiwanese manufacturer. Once famed for its attractive aluminum-clad One flagship series, HTC has since faded into the background.

With a poor track record, the question arises: will HTC be able to produce not one, but two, great Nexus phones in 2016? As it stands, this is objectively possible – but would you want to buy a Nexus cousin of the HTC One M10?

androidpit htc one a9 vs iPhone 6 2
The HTC One A9 (right) was a pure iPhone clone. / © ANDROIDPIT

Nexus marketing

Building a Nexus device is an opportunity for manufacturers to collaborate with Google and create top-spec Android phones running the latest version of Android. With HTC’s recent struggles, this could be a chance to rekindle interest in the brand.

If the rumors are true, that would make Google I/O 2016 the time for an HTC comeback. An all-metal, Snapdragon 820 successor to the Nexus 6P, plus a smaller but still equally enticing follow-up to the Nexus 5X, could be a formidable pair for HTC to add to its offering in 2016.

But would it be enough for the embattled company to claw its way back toward the top?

The HTC One M9 has not been so popular. / © ANDROIDPIT

An opportunity for HTC

More than ever, it’s looking like make-or-break time for HTC. Although there is still only one rumor, which is either going to gain momentum or be forgotten, we should consider the possibility. As it stands, HTC would be an interesting but also entirely unlikely manufacturer to make the new Nexus phones.

If it does happen, it could spell a new beginning for HTC. With Huawei and LG making last year’s Nexus phones, and LG having done so for the third time, it really is a spectacle fit for only the best in the game. And with so much going against HTC in 2015, we have to wonder – should HTC build this year's Nexus phones?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Y does Android manufacturer want to copy iphones samsung now htc one A9

  • I want Huawei to make the next Nexus as well!

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  • if it happen thn good for htc........the share market they lost will gain some mementum

  • I wouldn't mind as long as they don't give it the usual HTC "ONE" NAme to the nexus.

  • I would like to ser an HTC Nexus or a Plus1 Nexus

  • Luka Jan 19, 2016 Link to comment

    Unlike the Samsung making Nexus post, I didn't bother reading this one.
    Absolutely no! They had a chance with Nexus 9 and screwed it up with flexy back with a soft spot and very low quality display with massive lightbleed. How many more Nexuses (Nexii?) should they screw up?

  • storm Jan 19, 2016 Link to comment

    I'm no fan of HTC's design style. If Google reigns them in it could be fine. HTC certainly needs the boost a Nexus phone brings.

  • I think thats a great opportunity for htc to make a great phone to surprise us all and to elevate there sales numbers all over the world

  • I would love the new Nexuses to come from HTC. They have always made great phones that for some reason get lost in the shuffle. I love my M9, loved my Evo 4g LTE, and my Arrive. I don't understand why their phones don't sell better. Would jump on the opportunity to have HTC made Nexus.

    • Dear William, I think the main reasons why HTC didn't sell are: 1) sub-par battery lifetime ; 2) flawed UIs ; 3) not as powerful as the concurrence (even when using the same CPUs) ; 4) sub-par cameras. On the top of this, their phones have always been too pricey...
      I'm not saying that the HTC didn't make nice good phones, but just that a small number of people is happy to pay more for products that don't beat the others in any point.
      It's sad that such a big company is disappearing, but extinction is what happens when there's no more compatibility with the environment...

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