How I imagine Samsung’s 2018 A series to be

How I imagine Samsung’s 2018 A series to be

While some smartphone manufacturers like Apple only work on a single high-end product range, Samsung has a wide range of smartphones ranging from entry-level to premium flagship. Although in a lower tier, the South Korean brand’s A range (especially the A5) has been a success and may attract attention in the coming year.

Samsung should implement the bezel-less screen

Samsung's premium S range is logically the main trendsetter that influences the A range. As Samsung’s main mid-range line, the A phones make every effort to emulate the S range while undergoing some technical and aesthetic restrictions so it’s a no brainer that the current A5 (2017) was inspired by last year’s Galaxy S7.

The current Galaxy S8 is famous for its stellar Infinity screen that occupies a large part of the device’s surface. If Samsung follows the same patterns it has in the past, then it is quite possible that the 2018 A Series devices may also have an Infinity display. Samsung’s latest flagships arrived in the year of the bezel-less screen along with iPhone X, Google Pixel 2 XL, LG V30 and G6, so it would be a good idea to continue riding on this trend.

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy S8 2032
Hair-thin bezels characterize Samsung’s Galaxy S series’ Infinity display. / © NextPit

But seeing as though the larger screen fashion would have been adopted by most premium devices by the time the new A series is ready for release, a bezel-less display would no longer the biggest selling point of Samsung's high-end. Therefore it would make sense to push the bezel-less displays towards the masses with the A range.

Nothing revolutionary, yet optimized for performance

The question of performance has become a hotter topic as the line between want and need is becoming thinner and thinner. Who among us needs the best smartphone on the market? Some of us need loads of power for playing resource-intensive games, hence the need for a powerful graphics chip. But that’s an extreme segment so what about the rest of us? Most of us now use our phone to listen to music, watch videos, surf, communicate by text or telephone, and use social networks.

Sure a 2017 Galaxy A5 is adequate for all these uses on paper, but not entirely. It's true that it's not as fast as the S7, but what matters to me and I'm sure to the majority of customers in this range is that it's easy to use. There is no need to compete with flagships by going for maximum power, which in the end makes little difference for "standard" smartphone usage.

When evaluating what counts as mid-range, we also inevitably ask “What is flagship today?”

Supreme photo quality, the presence of cutting-edge technologies (compatibility with virtual reality and augmented reality, etc.). It’s clear that's what the S series is all about. The A series will never have such a claim, but the performance it offers should be edging upwards to ensure a smooth flow, especially during gaming. The S range is for state-of-the-art technology, the A range for "standard" use.

In short, the design of the Galaxy A (2018) range should evolve in the direction of the S8, and should suit the needs of most people without competing with the superior range. One can hope that would also mean lower price tags, but that might be a bit too much wishful thinking.

What do you think about Samsung’s difference between S and A lines? And what do you expect from the A range of 2018?


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  • Sorin Jan 7, 2018 Link to comment

    To be special, Samsung should design a smartphone with SSD storage(!), a 12-core processor, 16 GB RAM, and then it can be used as a PC. In this case, the power consumption will be very high, so the battery will suffer. Practically speaking not a smartphone but a "portable" mini-workstation.

  •   46
    Deactivated Account Oct 25, 2017 Link to comment

    Samsung is becoming as boring as Apple. Every phone looks like the last model except dimensions and the world stupidest place to put a fingerprint scanner. I never will like all glass construction just to fragile for me.

    • Michael Wang Oct 25, 2017 Link to comment

      apple has stopped innovating since jobs died, RIP, because iphone 6,7,8 all look the same, but with the iphone x if depend on how it works out, but it wouldnt matter, people are already into the eco system, not alot of people are willing to switch out even if they wanted to, for samsung, they are doing a little bit better, since they actually have new things with every gen, because people could switch over to LG, or Google, which seems unlikely, since samsung basically dominate the android world

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