How To Root The Galaxy S2 Part 4

How To Root The Galaxy S2 Part 4

In our 4th and final part of our Rooting and Modding section for the Samsung Galaxy SII, I'm going to run you through some features of the ROM we installed (the one I installed in the video), show you how to backup your apps with a GREAT app on the market that will allow you to easily restore them, and how to unroot the device in case the awesomeness is too much for you. Let's do it!

This is basically a follow along to the video below, and on that video you can see that I spend a few minutes showing you a few features of the ROM I installed from XDA Developers. After using the ROM for a day, I'm really impressed with all the great features, and I encourage you to spend some time just playing around with it to discover all the great things you can do, and all the great features that have been implemented!

If you take a look in your application drawer, you will see that an app called Titanium Backup has been preinstalled into this particular ROM. This app is a MUST HAVE and I highly encourage you to buy the paid version if you can shell out a few bucks. Trust me, it's worth it. Anyway, let's open up that app so that I can teach you how to backup all your apps so that you can restore them anytime you want on any custom ROM!

Using Titanium Backup is really simple. Open up the app and press the menu key. The second option from the right says "Batch“. Press that button and a new menu will appear. The 3rd option down from the top says "backup all user apps“. Press "run“ and this awesome application will backup all the apps you have downloaded, installed, and purchased on to your SD card.

Now say you want to try out a new ROM. You wipe your phone from recovery and install it only to discover that naturally, your apps aren't there anymore. Not a problem. Simply install Titanium Backup (free or paid version) and go into it again. Again press the "batch“ button, and this scroll down to the "restore“ section. The first option says "restore missing apps with data“. If you press the run button..BAM, all of the apps you had backed up will now be restored. Tell me thats not enough of a reason to support this awesome developer and by the pro version :-D (the pro version has the advantage of not promtping you on every app if you want to install it. It does everything in the background, making the restore much faster and allowing it to happen without you needing to pay attention to the restore process).

Let's go back into your app drawer and look for an app called "voltage control lite“. Open that app up, and you will see a bar on the bottom. This is your processor speed. You see how you can move that bar all the way to the right? If you do guessed will overclock your processor to 1.5ghz. Feel free to try it out. Overclocking is generally safe, but if your phone starts rebooting or getting too hot, leave the bar down at 1.2. Leave the minimum bar that's over that where it is, as this setting is ok. I recommend using the "on demand“ setting. This setting means that for apps where more power is needed, the boost will kick in. When you dont need it, it will stay lower. This will not only make your phone fly, but will also improve performance by a LOT. BE CAREFUL and you're phone will be fine :-D

Another speed increase: Go into the app called "spare parts“ and go to "windows animations“ and "transition animations“ and put both boxes to "fast“. Now your windows will open faster, and your screens will swipe faster. Also, check out the app in the drawer called Jkdeluxe to customize how you want your phone to look, brightness, special settings, lockscreen style, and so much more!

Ahh much epicness. But wait...there are some of you who might not like awesomeness. If you can't handle it (or simply want return your phone to the store for maintenance), here are the simply instructions on how to Unroot your phone:

Step 1 – Go to Samsung Galaxy S2 in every country. Credits to XDA member Intratech for putting this together. Once you have the right ROM for your phone, go to step 2.

Step 2 – Power your phone off and get it into download mode again. This is done by holding down, the big square button, and the power button while the phone is off. Your phone will reboot into download mode. Press up when the disclaimer pops up.

Step 3 – Plug your phone into your PC while in download mode and open up Odin. Press PDA and navigate to the stock ROM you just downloaded when prompted and double click it (in case your stock ROM has 3 parts, instructions are visually shown on XDA on where should be where. Most will only see 1). Once you have it, press start. It will flash and the phone will reboot.

Step 4. Your phone is now going to get stuck in a bootloop. Now your probably thinking "OMG!! THIS IDIOT HAS BROKE MY PHONE!! BOOTLOOPS ARE A BAD THING!!!!“. Well, in most cases that is correct.....they ARE a bad thing. But in this case with this easy unrooting method, it happens. Heres how you get rid of it.

Unplug your phone, and hold the power button until it goes off. Now, your going to do something similiar to getting into download mode, but this time you want to hold the UP volume key, the big square, and power. This will take you into Samsungs stock recovery. CWM is gone as we don't have root anymore. Once there, go to the option that says wipe factory reset and do it. Then below it press wipe cache. Then reboot. The bootloop should now be gone, and the phone will boot up exactly as how you got in when you purchased it. Root is gone, the yellow triangle is gone, and no more using rooted apps.

Easy as pie :-D (for more info, please check out the video!)

That was it guys! You now know what root is, how to do it, how to install ROMS, how to backup ROMS, how to backup apps, how to overclock (with that particular ROM), how to use recvovery, how to use download mode, and lastly, how to unroot your phone. Big shout outs to XDA member raffaele88 for his amazing ROM, XDA member Chainfire for the CWM files, and XDA member Intratech for the firmwares/stock ROMS! You guys ROCK!

Until next time guys, and happy rooting and modding! And be sure to check out the previous videos! 

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  • Hi Aaron.
    Spent the day downloading all 4 videos and the writeups
    Been going thru the videos over and over.And also reading the
    text I am beginning to like the galaxy s2 more.
    Absolutely marvelous.I've got an xperia arc but after watching
    the galaxy s2 with the gingerbread it looks awesome.
    The video tutorial is very enlightening to newbies like me and I presume
    to others as well,especially if they own a galaxy s2.
    Congratulations on a job well done.

  • Glad you like the video man! I'll talk to Eric about it and see what we can do. We have a couple of Glaxay S' laying around the office so we might just be able to show how to root a Galaxy S but we'll have to see what our schedule will permit. Thanks for the feed back!

  • Hi, Great job! Amazing!
    Now please can you do one on the Samsung Galaxy S.
    I want to get the front camera which was disabled by the
    ISP, to work.
    Thanks so much.

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