pittothefuture: allow me to introduce our newcomers!

pittothefuture: allow me to introduce our newcomers!

We have entered a new decade (yes yes, I know! We actually do not have a new decade for the church yet). Two weeks ago we moved to our new premises here in Berlin. Meanwhile, the furniture is standing and we work here very hard every day. Speaking of "we" - we are more now! Since January, four new people have been working for us. It's time to introduce the newcomers.

While the UK left the EU at midnight last Friday, we at AndroidPIT do not want to give up our European orientation. It was (and still is) challenging to publish an online magazine in several different languages. If you concentrate on one country, you know the habits of your readers better, you don't have to pay attention to the different prices of products or technical specifications within the countries - and you don't have to pay attention to different tones of voice in different languages. Even in English alone, we are juggling with readers in the USA, the UK, Australia, India, Vietnam, and many more countries around the world.

On the other hand, being monolingual means also miss the opportunity to reach more people. To gain new, different perspectives and learn from them. In conversations with manufacturers and brands, we notice time and again that this is precisely why we are exciting for them - if you talk to us, you get information for several European and international countries at once.

We are Europeans 🇪🇺. And that is good 👍

So 67 million people and one country left the EU. While European policy has failed to maintain diversity, we do not want to let the challenges of insolvency get us down and maintain our internationality. That is why I am pleased to introduce four new arrivals to you today. Two come from Germany, two from France. And David, their new supervisor, is British, and still welcome here with us in Germany.

We are Europeans, including David. It is a great pity that our European community loses a member. But the cohesion must not be lost. With this in mind, I would now like to hand over the floor to the four newcomers:

Daniel 🇫🇷 🇪🇺

Thanks to my parents, who were computer engineers, I grew up in a technical family environment - and longtime Apple user - and I especially enjoy traveling around Latin America and playing strategy games. As a tennis enthusiast, you can also find me on the sand and the covered courts in Berlin on weekends.

Professionally, I analyzed social networks as a consultant and specialist for a long time before I came to AndroidPIT. As head of a small family where French, Spanish and German are spoken in everyday life, I was on the road for a long time for my studies or for my work before I finally moved to Berlin in 2018.

After my academic work in the past, I am pleased to finally be able to write more freely about my passion for technology and its use. I'm used to debating in forums about the Civilization games that I started playing as a child. That's why I joined the AndroidPIT adventure to share my desire to write about technological controversies and all those apps that build our daily lives.

As a former teacher at Telecom Paris Tech, I want to contribute to the development of AndroitPIT by suggesting new perspectives for articles - and suggesting tech topics for the whole family.

Maureen 🇫🇷 🇪🇺

Dear AndroidPIT community, I am Maureen. I come from Brittany (in France) and have called Ireland my home, in addition to various French cities. After moving to Berlin, I'm learning German diligently, but primarily write in my native language on

With four years as a copywriter and translator and experience in project management, I am now looking forward to being part of the NextPit adventure. In terms of technology, I am particularly interested in sustainable products, solutions, and innovations. I am pleased to see that this field is becoming more and more widespread these days and is becoming more and more popular, both with manufacturers and with readers.

Apart from that, I am interested in all the news about new technologies and applications. Even though I'm not an expert in the smartphone area (yet!), as a curious person I'm still looking forward to learning more about Android & Co. By the way, in my private life, I have been living in the Apple universe. Lately there have been increasing signs that I may even be a little addicted. If this shows up in my articles or you have any tips for me, please be honest in the comments :-)

Kirsten 🇩🇪 🇪🇺

Hey, I'm Kirsten and next to Julia one of the "newbies" at Originally born in Hanover, I ended up in Berlin, and, loosely based on the saying "I came to stay", I am now sitting here in the NextPit office. I'm a total audiophile - "a day without music is a wasted day" - so I'm all the more interested in really absorbing everything about In-, On- and Over-ears. I'm a headphone sponge, so to speak.

When I don't have music in my ears - which happens quite rarely - I love to play games and try to stay up to date with consoles and new games. I'm especially curious about where Google's journey with Stadia will take us and what else we can expect from Shadow Cloud Gaming.

As you may have noticed, I am quite new to the "technical carousel" and was accordingly nervous at the beginning. But the fact that you received me in such a friendly manner quickly remedied that. Nobody is perfect, but you can always improve: therefore I am happy about your comments. Discuss with me, correct me, because through you I can learn so much more.

Whether news, tips and tricks, or the technical rumor mill: for me, the world of technology is a fascinating adventure and I am looking forward to traveling into the future together with you.

Julia 🇩🇪 🇪🇺

My journey into the world of technology probably began in 1998 when I was eight years old and my mother put my first mobile phone in my hand. A Nokia 5110, I wonder now more than ever what the explanation was for this simple technology, but I already helped with all sorts of more or less serious operating difficulties. Granted: as you can see, I am a rather impatient person in this area.

But that's also why I'm here today. I am very good at using and understanding technologies intuitively. "Know one, know them all." That's why I'm surprised by few new products on the market these days. However, I have been really enthusiastic about the Huawei Mate X in the past few months. I am really curious to see what is coming up in the field of foldable smartphones in 2020 and whether we will finally see sophisticated products.

I am quite excited to be part of a tangible community now. My previous stations in the German tech scene have all been either very anonymous in terms of readership or simply flooded with hate comments and naggers. Here I obviously work for people. For you. It spurs me on to pick up the hottest topics for you, discuss them and get the background information you didn't know about. And I am very happy that you have so far so peacefully accepted me as a new AndroidPIT member. Let us go on an exciting journey with many innovations.

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  • Dean L. Feb 7, 2020 Link to comment

    Welcome! And congratulations for joining Androidpit. I look forward to seeing all of your contributions and to possibly having a dialogue in the comments. All the best to all four of you.