OnePlus: broken promises and disappointed fans

OnePlus: broken promises and disappointed fans

A promise is a promise - and that's that. For many OnePlus fans, this golden rule has been broken. This is a matter of failed commitments, undelivered updates and bruised egos - and could create serious problems for the CEO Carl Pei.

Rumors are circulating among OnePlus fans. One community member "dsmonteiro" used a Thunderclap campaign to air his frustrations at the company's broken promises. As is often the case in the Android universe, one of the main causes for this anger is updates - or more specifically, the lack thereof. OnePlus had announced it would rollout a huge Android 7.0 Nougat update to all OnePlus 2 devices.

This never came to fruition, and since the launch of OnePlus 3, the company has abandoned its regularly promised updates for the OnePlus 2. Android updates are important, as are regular security updates. OnePlus's commitment was transparent: it had pledged to provide all OnePlus smartphones with regular updates over a 24 months period, starting from the first build of Oxygen OS. In reality, the OnePlus One received its final update in January 2016, adding up to only twelve months worth of support. Similarly, the OnePlus X has been neglected since November - also less than two years.

androidpit oneplus 3t colette edition
OnePlus 3 Colette Edition / © OnePlus

No comment from OnePlus

OnePlus has yet to comment on the issue. One thing is clear - a small problem has the potential to escalate into a PR nightmare when it comes to a manufacturer that is (apparently) so strongly committed to its community of users. OnePlus' charismatic CEO, Carl Pei, has focused the company's efforts on developing new products and features, but their loyal fans want continued support for existing products. Since its founding, OnePlus has depended heavily on the support of their fanbase. It should not take their goodwill for granted. 

Is it too late for OnePlus to redeem itself in the eyes of its community? Have you ever been so utterly disappointed by a manufacturer before? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • storm Apr 21, 2017

    One plus has always underdelivered.

  • Helio4k Apr 21, 2017

    Honestly doesn’t matter if you pay $400 or $1000 what matters is if a company promised something they should deliver, lets be honest its not like its heavy modified that needs a lot of customization like an Samsung device or any other big manufacturer for that matter.


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  • I just flashed 7.1.1 to my OPO. If you can't do that, you need to buy an iphone from a carrier.

    • What's the percentage of phone users that can flash custom ROM on their phone? With your logic, Apple would have 95+ market share!

  • OnePlus sucks now, no one gives a shit about them

  • As long as there are third party ROM's out there that will continue to push out updates for my OnePlus 2?...then who cares about the "official" updates from OnePlus? Don't get me wrong....I LOVE their devices, and I plan on using my OnePlus 2 until I feel its time for an upgrade.....which probably won't be for a long time to come...since it does everything I want it to. I've got Dirty Unicorns ROM running on it and they've been consistent with updates and patches. Its a good phone and even though there might be some turmoil within?,,,its a good company as well. Compared to the "We Don't Give A Damn About You" mentality of some big name companies?...I'll take OnePlus any day!

  • To 1+3/3T users, wait for the release of the next phone and let's see if you still get official updates regularly... ;)

  • joost Apr 22, 2017 Link to comment

    One plus X: great phone+ good price
    One plus: bad service+ exorbitant delivery costs!
    No more one plus for me: NEVER AGAIN!

  • They should and will deliver. Customers like me that have several in my Family and Promote. The basis of their foundation. I'm pretty sure they will have to change this or they will go out of business. It's the basis for their business strategy / model. I am waiting for a while before promoting and buying a new phone. Let's see what happens.

  • Seems like that's the way of android mfgs now , out with the old(and forget it never existed, and rake the$) in with the new. Even google done it, with cancelled projects(ara is one). Some, never speak about their 1year old phone, some promise, then rescind , toss out"maintenance" updates. Some just throw some bug fixes, when the 1~2 year update promise is near it's end, and think their keeping their word. If it wasn't a close enough developers phone(rom friendly) the one plus line, would be gone by now. Actions always speak louder than words.

  • The OnePlus Two is a fantastic phone. Not so much the company that produces it. With the ironic motto of "Never Settle", OnePlus has expected exactly that from its earlier customers. By not producing regular updates, the one thing a phone maker can do beyond building the phone, they're little better than BLU, another manufacturer known for not providing updates. That all said, there is (fortunately) Lineage OS which is superior to anything OnePlus would have produced anyway. Either way, I am unlikely to purchase from them again in the future.

  • Software updates for oneplus 2, are you serious?? Not only did this device receive poor reviews, it also carries an SoC with fairly serious drawbacks. Don't be babies. You bought a phone at roughly half the price it should have been. If the cost of that is fewer updates in their lowest selling devices then so be it.

    As far as I'm concerned, oneplus produces devices for the modding community, has done since they aligned themselves with cyanogen. These people use magisk, custom ROMs etc. and couldn't give two shits about software updates and they wouldn't be used anyway.

    If you want an update so bad just go install Lineage.

    -previously owner of oneplus 1.
    Now using oneplus 3T midnight black.
    Skipped 2 due to poor reviews.

  • Everyone bitching about the oneplus 2 needs to just stop. All phones with a snapdragon processor from 2015 need to be abandoned by both the users and the company who made it. There is nothing that oneplus or anyone can do to make a shitty processor (snapdragon 615, 808 or 810) any good. Please air your frustrations at Qualcomm for producing such crap and thank oneplus for making you buy something much much better. **happy oneplus 3 user over here**

  • This is my worst experience with one plus.updated 7 1.1 my sims are blocked .one plus is accepting problem is in 7 1.1 update.its been one week my problem as not been solved.i suggest everyone please don't go for one plus I see they are giving all fake promises.

  • It's a mixed kind of experience for me with OnePlus. I can't say it's so good nor bad either. Actually, OP2 was my first heavy budget phone I can say. I was thinking of going for an iPhone that time and have decided to go with this one finally due to the craze of OPO. The experience was gud for few months (around 5-6 months) but now I am feeling like I would have think twice before investing that much in a new brand like OnePlus because of poor support.

  • What's amazing is how long you fanboys put up with the miserably run company by two little boys as a hobby!

    I've been saying since day one, Oneplus is not loyal to any customer, constantly makes bad business decisions, has terrible customer support, no warranty support, and an O.S. supplied by the community!
    Damn near all the original employees have gotten fired or just gave up from Oneplus!

    You fanboys keep giving excuses, to cover up the blatantly bad company ideas.

    It's time to shutdown this definition of a poorly run company, fire the two inept, ignorant boys, and only sell OPPO phones.

    • yes they are really bad, imagine; send my OP3 to repair (they send UPs to my work place) on a tuesday afternoon and receive it on the next friday, a problem with the camera, 1month out of warranty and pay nothing. BUUU oneplus BUUU

  • When you base your whole business model on the support of your fans your main concern should be to keep those people happy. As soon as you make a buck you kick them out and switch to the same model as the big boys? Good luck with that. My money is going somewhere else this time around. P.s. Had the OPO had the OP2 but you ain't taking my money with that hideous HTC meets IPhone monstrosity you call the OP3. And after this FU to all the customers with the latest OP2 update. I see a buyout in your future.

  • Damn you oneplus no battery backup just 2 hours and the is vanished like shit please give an update for oneplus two.
    Don't just ignore this phone and even the users we've been a real pain through the invite system, you know very well nowadays the worst smartphone companies are having nougat update
    Please dont ignore the oneplus 2 community. I've been a huge fan of oneplus but now after handling oneplus two. I'm thinking to switch over iphone rather than 3T because after you launch another smartphone you'll neglect that one also. So, I just wanna say that don't spoil your company and your name.

  • Why is anyone surprised at One Plus breaking a promise? Has no one kept up with their long history of making and breaking promises? I'll be more surprised if/when they KEEP a promise that they have made! This company is a complete joke and has been since day one. Their biggest goal is to create a buzz about their products and will say and promise anything to create it - even when they have no intention of living up to their own hype. Why this surprises people is beyond me........

  • got disappointed by OP cause they never were consistent with their updates support, had to flash a custom rom to fix this! sold my OP2 and will never buy a OP phone again

  • I was one of the people who got the OP2 following the hype of OP1. As soon as I started using it, I was shocked by the instability of the device. Random freezes and app crashes.. It was really tiring to use. I have never gone from stock to custom rom on any device faster than OP2. Custom roms have their issue regarding poor battery life and poor camera quality, but atleast its not super frustrating to use the phone.

    This has been my major complaint about OP2 really. I am sad that they are ignoring the phone now regarding new updates, but I am really pissed off that they didn't give this phone the support it needed even when it was the flagship device before OP3. They didn't just forget about OP2, they have been acting as if it never was an important phone for them at all (its like they went straight from OP1 to OP3). They are still trying to fix Android M bugs (pretty important ones that too) for those who didn't bother flashing Lineage or any other custom ROM. Really, what more can one say about its software quality?

    I know op3t is great now, but I also know they will forget about this phone in a couple of months when their next phone comes out. And I am sure op3t will get the an Android O treatment similar to OP2's Android N treatment. That is why I am not falling for the 3t hype.

    I just really can't believe I chose this phone for Nexus 5x, which is still an amazing solid phone with great software.

  • All the people that said this phone is the big flagship killer, laughing at people with high end devices. You ain't so smug now are you? You get what you pay for.

  • I bought one plus one and after getting fascinated, I bought one plus two. As most of the people pointed out, the company is now not bothered about one plus one or it's updates. Now the brand ambassador of this product is Amitabh and now they think that they have become king of the world. Very sad!!

  • I don't think OnePlus ceo is paying attention to OP2,op1,opx since they launched op3 and op3t. After the launching of op3 & op3t they are feeling like king of the world. I think now it's time to show them power of loyal fans. OnePlus is nothing without a fan. From now onwards if someone asks me for buying new mobile from op then I will suggest him not to take any of the op cell as if another new cell came out then they will again boycott their older cells.

    One plus go f*** yourself.😠😠

  • Disappointed. As fuck....Lack of transparency...

  • pA Ev Apr 21, 2017 Link to comment

    I owned one plus one and now own one plus two. When I found out about the one plus one I registered to get one. I got one and the phone was really good for the price and specs. When one plus two came out I bought one too. Not because I wanted new phone but I wanted to support them. Even though there is no nfc, which is ridiculous, I still bought it. There was sense of community, also I wanted to help break this notion of "Chinese quality". As someone mentioned it worked for couple moths after which it started giving me headaches. Finger sensor never really worked and I had to restart phone everyday to make it work at least to its specs. Now, one plus completely abandoned its customers and even if they issue nougat update I'm sure it will be underdeveloped with a lot of bugs. They know that community is putting pressure on them and they would quickly slap nougat just to get rid of us. When one plus 5 or whatever comes out those who own one plus 3 will be abandoned too. I'm sure of it. Therefore, I'm done with you one plus. I've put up my 2 one pluses for sale now and yesterday I got my Samsung s8 plus. It's the first time I'm buying phone contract. Normally I would buy a phone and go for sim only roll over monthly contact which is much cheaper in the end, and you are able to cancel any time. I decided to go for Samsung s8 plus because it's brilliant phone, although, too expensive to pay for it outright. Having contract is the same as buying the phone on hire purchase. I wanted to break this notion of Chinese quality but I wasn't able to. Good bye one plus, perhaps I'll come back although it will be at least 2 years. After one plus 5 ill see what will be next. Extremely disappointed and betrayed used to be supporter me.

  • 1 - Actual updates were released only days ago. Don't be so butt hurt that its not Nougat as Nougat is still being tamed on the current models. Let them work the kinks out, then backport.

    2 - Nougat not fast enough? The Galaxy S6 was released about the same time and its just now getting the update, and Samsung has way more development resources than OnePlus. Other "budget" Samsung phones with similar margins as the OP2 wont be getting updates at all.

    It takes money to do this stuff folks. They said they would, so they will. They won't give an ETA since that Lollipop mess where they were blamed for a delay in Google's certification process that held up the OS release past the promised date. Nougat has even more rules for certification like unlocked bootloader warnings and encryption. This isn't going to be easy to make the switch in a painless manner. First they have to make it a somewhat stable upgrade process, then they need certification, and THEN they can release a beta.

    They aren't going to part with any date estimations after the way they were flamed and bashed last time, so sit quietly and wait. Stop expecting faster service than Samsung when your phone was half the price and likely 1/10 the margin.

  • Well when one plus one arrived i was so happy about the product and got 1 now afters years the company doesnt even provide original charger,says production has been stopped but for customers in warranty they do have,so after years if you cant show loyality an provide service to customers of your 1st product,who trusted the brand then this is expected& Software update is like impossible then.

    • Really, you are mad that they ran out of chargers? What happened to the one you had? Do you know how much more the phones would cost to support keeping an inventory of extra chargers sitting in a warehouse for years?

      It's a plain USB charger. Either buy a OnePlus one off EBay or just get any old 2A USB charger from Walmart. Get real. Be happy you can still get screens and batteries, especially batteries. I just replaced both on a OPO to refurb one for a friend. I got him an extra charger but its not OnePlus. It will do 2A and you can plug it into AC or your car. It's white and even looks like a OnePlus charger. If I had a sticker, you'd think it was. The OPO doesn't need a special charger so


  • One plus 3. When I bought it. It was running really good but after six month it started getting hot and its battery started getting low very fast. Now it really bad work. It is now waste of money to buy these phones. I am disappointed by its performance.

    • I got mine a short while after launch, and it still works way better than any other phone I've ever had despite the fact that i'm an extremely heavy-duty user. I think you may just have a faulty unit.

  • I left HTC after many years over exactly this issue. Had hoped One Plus would be different.

  •   31
    Deactivated Account Apr 21, 2017 Link to comment

    so you got a really great piece of hardware cheaper than anything else...
    and you expected what..?
    regular software support, really..

  • Maximus
    • Admin
    Apr 21, 2017 Link to comment

    Oneplus 2 will definitely get the nougat update but there's any response from the company. Although there is an beta version of nougat but it is not yet ready for OTA. Updates are key source for phones.

    • There is no beta version of nougat out of OP2. Those are just fixes for long standing bugs in it's android M build.

    • pA Ev Apr 21, 2017 Link to comment

      The link you provided for 3.5.8 which is not nougat and its not beta. This update has been rolling out for months now over the air. If your phone is not routed you have got it already. The biggest mistake one plus has made is keeping rolling out updates for their 3rd version without updating earlier versions and not keeping owners of one plus 2 informed. That's exactly why all with one plus 2 are unhappy. If they said "Relax guys you are deffinitely receiving nougat, we just need more time" then without a doubt people would continue to support one plus. Even having earlier versions thet would go for next generations. They are not stupid. So why they appear to completely disregard their earlier owners. Because, they have no choice. They have huge overstock of one plus threes. They need to get rid of overstock in order to issue one plus 5. It's very questionable tactic but it's what they are doing. Anyway, any talks on the web is PR and they get huge publicity without paying a penny. Even though, many moan yet others are still huge supporters of the company. People in the West, majority, are able to afford other brands including well known much more expensive brands. Whereas people from so called third world have no choice as to go with companies like one plus. It does have very good specs for much cheaper price. Who wouldn't want the phone that comes with specs similar to well known much more expensive brands. Even though, should westerners completely abandon one plus people from "poor" countries will be happy to have it. Perhaps, one plus at later stage will reduce prices and the phone will fly off the shelves very quickly. Anyway, I think I'm done commenting. That's enough. Must admit it helps to throw your frustration on the paper so to speak.

  • If you're that butthurt over the lack of OS updates then use Lineage (Formerly CyanogenMod) or AOSP.

    There are plenty of Nougat builds available. CM was a better supported version of COS, and Lineage is the continuation of that. It's like complaining to Samsung that their GalaxyS3 hasn't been updated to Nougat.
    You're not entitled to anything, get over yourselves.

    • that's the answer to all the problems. custom ROM's are good but not every one kinda like it. If everyone starting to use these custom rom's then what's the use of stock rom's.
      i tried RR rom, lineage too but m back to OOS. we are talking about the broken promises of oneplus, not ROM wars.
      As we are pre-loaded with OOS we have the right to ask atleast for 24 months i think.

      Deactivated Account

      • "Custom ROMs are good but not everyone kinda like it. If everyone starting to use..."
        OOS is a custom ROM, it's not stock

        "As we are pre-loaded with OOS we have the right to ask atleast for 24 months i think."
        Definitely fair, and they should support it, but complaining about not getting Nougat as fast as the other builds would only barely be an acceptable complaint except that
        1. You're still getting the security patches, which are actually important, and
        2. They've already said Nougat is coming eventually

      • You don't get all the security updates this way. A lot of the "security patches" (using this loosely) have to much impact to land this way. Just follow the relevant mailinglists and you'll see.

      • Actually, they are currently not getting regular security updates. Leaving a security breach to long is like walking naked outside... people defenitly will notice.

        You are right about that nougat is coming though. But to be fair to the people complaining... a lot of companies just say its coming untill a product is old enough and then they say they changed their mind because the product is to old and more blablabla. If they don't get these updates soon, they probably will never get them.

        p.s. I'm not saying oneplus is doing this on purpose, but plans change. Certainly for companies with limited development resources like oneplus. You can see how smal their team is based on patch frequency when releasing new products, big security breach announcements, etc.
        oneplus 2 was ignored more with the release of 3, they defenitly will be ignored more with the release of upcoming 5.

    • You kind of missed the entire point of the article. If the company says they are going to keep supporting a device they need to fulfill that promise. That's what still separates companies like Samsung and LG from OnePlus. They support their devices for YEARS. I'm a OP3 (had OP2 before this) owner so I haven't had to deal with this but I'm not gonna lie, I'm getting a S8+ bc guess what? My device is next in line to have support suddenly stop. They've done it both iterations almost immediately after the next version came out. They give little BS "upates" with "general bug fixes" but don't update the OS. And the OP2 can more than handle Nougat.

      OnePlus DOES do some cool things for the community IF you have their latest handsets (OP3 and OP3T - which btw don't even get me started on releasing an updated device 4 months after your early adopters just bought your latest and greatest. Dumbest sh*t ever.) like open betas for the community to test and see what's coming to their device... But the company is still fledgling essentially and that's clear. Carl Pei is doing his best and for a dude with no college degree he's killing it... But they have a long way to go before they're in the same conversation as the Googs, Samsung or LG.

      • "You kind of missed the entire point of the article. If the company says they are going to keep supporting a device they need to fulfill that promise. "
        Definitely agree, they should support it, but complaining about not getting Nougat as fast as the other builds would only barely be an acceptable complaint except that
        1. You're still getting the security patches, which are actually important, and
        2. They've already said Nougat is coming eventually

        "That's what still separates companies like Samsung and LG from OnePlus. They support their devices for YEARS"
        Is that why the only available Nougat build for the Galaxy S5 is through Lineage?

        "They give little BS "upates" with "general bug fixes" but don't update the OS.
        ie. security patches

        "And the OP2 can more than handle Nougat."
        Which it's getting eventually but comes secondary to actual bugfixes or security vulnerabilities.

        "I'm getting a S8+ bc"
        Implying you won't get the exact same treatment from Samsung
        Implying TouchWiz over literally anything else. Now you're on arguably the least stock ROM out there. Nevermind Knox and the other bs.

        If youre willing to piss and moan about not having X and willing to jump ship so drastically it stands to reason that if you want Nougat right now and will scream and cry til you get it then install the ROM that gives it like Lineage, at least you won't be running TouchWiz

    • BS! Not everyone has the skill or the desire to just change their operating system, you elitist twit.

      When people pay their money to a company to buy their product, they most certainly are entitled to expect said company to keep it's word. Otherwise, it's just a bait and switch scam. Btw, your comparison of the galaxy s3 is totally bogus and stupid. The s3 came out 5 generations/years ago. Oneplus has not existed for that long. There's no excuse for oneplus to drop the ball with the 2 and X this early.

      • "your comparison of the galaxy s3 is totally bogus and stupid. The s3 came out 5 generations/years ago"
        Then go update your GalaxyS5 to Nougat, it came out roughly the same time the OnePlus One did. Oh wait... you can't. Samsung doesn't offer a Nougat ROM but you know who does, Lineage.

        "Not everyone has the skill .. to update their ROM"
        There are literally step-by-step guides that hold your hand through the process

        "or the desire to just change their operating system"
        So you want something but are too lazy/unwilling to put any effort it, cool

    • "Butthurt" is about perceived personal insult, totally unrelated to what you where hinting at. Leave the cool word usage to the cool couchpotatoes will you?

      Why mention installing a rom? everyone already knows and does custom roms, even my mom does.

      Goes without saying that people asking for support don't want to download their own tinker roms. There are much cheaper solutions with similar specs than one plus for those people.

    • pA Ev Apr 21, 2017 Link to comment

      It's not a problem to flash any other rom, this is not the point. The point is that one plus used to be a community oriented that challenged other well known and unjustifiably too expensive brands. The company used to care for its customers not only with support but also with communication. Any owner of one plus felt that the company is part of its own. Of course, for the price and specs one can't complain but if to follow this logic what the difference between one plus and Samsung for instance. At least Samsung, again as an example, guarantees that should you be unsatisfied, it will be either fixed or exchanged. Communication with one plus is a nightmare. With well known brands, If you don't get updates in time, it's because you have your phone tied with a mobile provider. Alternatively, If you bought your phone from the branded phone directly, so called sim free, then you get updated in time. I never had any contracts till now, and always bought my phones sim free. When marshmallow came out I got it quickly whereas others, who were with mobile providers still awaiting it. One plus now is concentrating on their newest phone completely forgetting about their previous models. Why do they do it. Because they want us to buy one plus 3 to get rid of it so that they would then, push one plus 5 or whotever their new phone will be. Sales have gone down considerably and that's exactly why they "invented" midnight black model which absolutely the same and cost of the production is the same too. They just need to get rid of old stock. That's all. They are unable to have 2 lines of production running at the same time because it's costly. Once one plus 3 is gone they will make small adjustments to start running the line for one plus 5. Currently they are in overstock with one plus 3. They are desperate to finish with it. It's understandable that they want to get rid of old line, however, the tactics they employ to do this are morally questionable. This is the whole point. It's not about updates. When they started they were community oriented - invitation system, pass it on to your friends and so on. As I beleive you may recall, one plus has never had PR running. It was word of the mouth, and people felt being part of it. It was very good PR technique and well deservedly so. When money began to flow in they quickly "chose" money, thus, to some extent, betraying their loyal supporters. Why wouldn't they continue with it. If, for instance, they still provided support for previous models, I'm sure we wouldn't have this conversation at all. Even having bugged software, people still would buy not only their previous models (for kids, grannies etc) but also new ones even having previous models still working. Im sure many still have 2 or even 3 one pluses. People don't have 2 or 3 Samsungs, for instance, because they would sell it in order to get new one. With one plus, many don't sell their one pluses but bought new ones. Baby grows and it's a shame to get rid of a baby. I know I wrote a lot, sorry just wanted to make my point clear.

    • Lineage is a user supported community build. While I appreciate their efforts, it has issues with battery life and camera quality, among other small bugs.

  • i am. using oneplus2 now for more than a year and everytime they bring us a new update, they totally mess up the whole thing. Dear Oneplus if u cant bring nougat update then plz give us a final stable update solving all the issue( laggy home button, scrolling issue, video stabilization,battery drain, any many other small issues).
    And if u cant plzzz say it loud in the community app or in the forum.

  • storm Apr 21, 2017 Link to comment

    One plus has always underdelivered.

    • Perhaps, but let’s look at the bright side the company is still young let’s see if they can improve and fix the mistake.

      RothmanDeactivated Account

    •   31
      Deactivated Account Apr 21, 2017 Link to comment

      Underdelivered for the customers.. but not for the profit OPPO/BBK have enjoyed from some very clever marketing.

  • Honestly doesn’t matter if you pay $400 or $1000 what matters is if a company promised something they should deliver, lets be honest its not like its heavy modified that needs a lot of customization like an Samsung device or any other big manufacturer for that matter.

  • Broken promises, is this what happens when you pay 3 to 4 hundred for a phone? Kinda makes ya wonder!

    • It has nothing to do with the cost of the device. It's the company. The device itself was more powerful than most when it released.

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