Latest Galaxy Note 6 rumor touts insane camera

Latest Galaxy Note 6 rumor touts insane camera

Today, speculations about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 6 were abound. None were more insane than the rumors about the 25 MP camera system. Can we assume these rumors are true given past Samsung devices? Do we even need these specs?

samsung galaxy note 5 s pen 2
Let's have a look at the latest rumor from the Note series. / © ANDROIDPIT

Big leaks abound

We've already seen some interesting leaks about the Galaxy Note 6 ahead of its unveiling. But on April 12, the Chinese social network and serial leak site Wiebo released specs rumors that blows previous speculations out of the water. Since these are unsubstantiated, we should take them with a grain of salt.

The most impressive of the leak specs is the assertion that the Galaxy Note 6 will come with a 25 MP camera. This is a massive MP count and would represent a drastic increase from its predecessor, the Note 5, which had a 16 MP rear camera. The leak also claimed the Note 6 would have 8 GB RAM. Again, this is a substantial deviation from the Note 5. 

Because the rumored increase in specs is so insane we need to really keep a good level of skepticism. These come from a site that's notorious for leaking but they have not been officially confirmed. You can view the full post from the Wiebo user HQ_Vision that outlines the specs rumors.

note 6 wiebo
Possible specs for the Galaxy Note 6 / © Weibo

A generational stretch

While keeping one skeptical eye open, we do need to wonder whether these rumors could be true. Is a large deviation from one Note series to another really that big of a stretch? Well, the jump from the Note 4 to the Note 5 was quite a bit smaller than that. The rear camera remained at 16 MP and the front cam went from 3.7 MP to 5 MP. RAM went from 3 GB in the Note 4 to 4GB in the Note 5. It made improvements but none as large as what we're seeing speculated. 

We normally see a change from the S-series devices to their Note counterparts. The S-series devices are released in the spring and then the Note gets a late summer release with better specs. The Galaxy S6 Edge had a 16 MP rear camera with 3 GB RAM; the same as the Note 4.

So maybe the Galaxy S7 Edge and the Note 5 will give us an indication of the Note 6 specs. Both have 4 GB RAM and the S7 Edge decreased the MP count from 16 to 12. A doubling of RAM and a sizable increase in MP of the camera did not happen from Note generation to the next or between the S6 Edge and Note 5. The past gives us an indication that there will be some sort of increase.

AndroidPIT Samsung galaxy s7 edge review
The Galaxy S7 Edge has 4 GB RAM and a 12 MP front camera. / © ANDROIDPIT

Specs we didn't ask for

Are we looking for a 25 MP camera and 8 GB RAM? What the reason for specs like this is well beyond my understanding. What would we need a 25 MP camera for anyways? The Sony Z3 has a 20.7 MP rear camera and we found it to be limiting in our tests.

Even if the more reasonable in 2 GB RAM increase we previously reported from the Note 5 to the Note 6 is an unnecessary expansion. Yes, the processor is rumored to be the Snapdragon 823 but does it really need to be backed by 8 GB RAM?

If these specs do prove to be true what we are seeing is specs shock and awe. Unnecessarily high numbers with relatively little benefit to us. Maybe they are to drive up prices or maybe just to show a change from the previous generation but for now they don't do anything for our experience with what we hope to be another powerful Galaxy Note.

What do you think of the big specs reported? Let us know in the comments.

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