Is the Galaxy S6 Samsung's biggest mistake?

Is the Galaxy S6 Samsung's biggest mistake?

I recently wrote about a feature of the Samsung Galaxy S6 which I believed to be a standout feature. I love it. I wrote an article and shot a video about why I loved it. The Galaxy S6 is also at the top of AndroidPIT's best Android phones in the world list. But I don't love the Galaxy S6, and I think it might be Samsung's biggest mistake.

The design

Look, I can’t deny the design of the Galaxy S6 is great. The camera is high-quality, its display is gorgeous and it has a premium feel overall. But it just feels soulless, doesn't it?

Samsung galaxy s5 vs Samsung galaxy s6 1 5
The Galaxy S6 (left) and the Galaxy S5. / © ANDROIDPIT

Samsung turned its back on many long-time Galaxy S series fans when it abandoned removable batteries and expandable storage. It decided customers of their latest flagship didn't need them anymore, so they were cut. Forget user experience and options and customer satisfaction and loyalty.

This notion of loyalty is key. One of the reasons Samsung has been so successful is for creating a huge fan base with devices which offer what people want. I can't help but worry that those core customers, who were unlikely to be won with weird advertisements, are going to fall out of love with Samsung.

Samsung has tried to create the most palatable smartphone design possible: it has smoothed away anything that, in my opinion, makes it unique or interesting. But in doing so, it has created a smartphone which has no personality. And constructing it with glass and aluminum is by no means unique to Samsung or the Galaxy S6 (hello HTC One M9 and Xperia Z3+).

galaxy s6 vs iphone 6 03
Look at the symmetry of the iPhone 6 (top) compared to the Galaxy S6. / © ANDROIDPIT

Slippery as a soapy marble and a chronic fingerprint magnet; the design is better than the Galaxy S5, but that doesn't mean it's a high-quality flagship. 

The competition

The HTC One M9, for all its foibles, is impressive because HTC stuck to its guns on the design. You don’t need to produce a myriad of gimmicks to make a satisfying handset - just create something which is well-priced and works. 

It has neither the best camera, nor the best display, nor the fastest performance, but as a whole it's a strong handset.

The LG G4, arguably the most impressive device to launch this year, almost has it all. Style, performance chops, removable battery, quick-charging and expandable storage, plus LG also maintained the rear-button setup from the LG G2. 

The rear-buttons divided critics at the time, but the LG G2 and LG G3 became popular Android phones, and if the LG G4 lost what made the G line special, it may have lost some devoted fans with it.

LG G4 1 Teaser
The LG G4 was a smartphone which really lived up to the hype. / © ANDROIDPIT

Then there's the Asus Zenfone 2. For my money it's the best flagship we've seen this year. Has a smartphone ever offered value like the ZE551ML variant does?

Fast-charging, expandable, powerful, Full-HD display with a solid camera for $299? This is going to be overlooked and forgotten because Asus doesn’t have the brand awareness or marketing budget of Samsung, but it’s basically the perfect smartphone.

You'd have to favor the Galaxy S6 over the Sony Xperia Z3+, which is so similar to the Xperia Z3 it could be mistaken for it. As for the Galaxy S6 Edge, I quite liked it. But the other Android competition has so much to offer now, and the specs war is waning.  


Samsung has made an iPhone 6 competitor that nobody asked for. If a person wants an iPhone, they can buy an iPhone - it's only marginally more expensive. In taking away the things that separated the Galaxy S series from the iPhone, Samsung has taken away the soul of its crown jewel.   

I can't deny that the Samsung Galaxy S6 is a remarkable piece of technology, but with Samsung neglecting its core fans and needlessly chasing Apple, I've lost a love of the Galaxy S series. And if I'm not alone, this could spell even more trouble for Samsung in the future.

Do you agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments below. 

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  • transfer data between any two smartphones from iPhone and android

  • el c Oct 9, 2015 Link to comment

    They cagged it eh

  • Yes, Samsung buckled ... Removal battery and expandable storage where part unique brand ...

  • Hold on a second, if Samsung released a galaxy s6 that stuck withe plastic, and had the same design, and was water resistant, no one would have bough it, and this article would be hell of a lot different, this is just stupid, every year you guys tell the poor company what you want, they do it , then you all go bitching about it, I mean, what the hell do you want ? You wanted a premium design and metal , you go nag about how there is no removable battery , WTF, if you want a phone with a metal removable back go buy a fucking Nokia !

  • I couldn't agree more. Unless they bring back the removable battery and sd card slot I'm done with Samsung.

  • I totally agree. What was Samsung thinking? This is not what their customers wanted. Will probably buy the Galaxy S5 - or even a competitors' phone when contract expires next month. I want the micro SD slot and the replaceable battery. While I'm complaining - we don't need super thin phones that must be put in a case, rendering them thick anyway. Make the phone a bit thicker and stronger, put in a bigger battery and we're good to go!

  • This is a no brainer decision.

    No sd card, no interchangeable battery, no purchase of a Samsung Galaxy S6 or higher.

    I am looking at the new LG G4 and other phones for my next upgrade.

  • No it is not their biggest mistake.

    It is a very good phone that should/ could have been great.

    A casualty of the ridiculous " Thinness Race" - S6 could have been about 3/4 millimeter thicker and have a 3100 Mah to 3200 Mah Battery.
    No one would be disappointed AND the ergonomics are NOT affected by slight thickness.

    Huge screens affect ergonomics NOT .7 mm of thickness.
    Also PRETENDING to be thinner and having Camera protrude out the back is ridiculous.
    If you wear a size 8 shoe but your toe sticks out 1 inch- you really wear a size 11 shoe.

    A Slimmer body may get you more attention/ dates but NOT a slimmer phone.

    SD Cards are nice as Hardware Back up storage- different from the Cloud etc.
    And of COURSE it should have been included.

    Galaxy Alpha - another near miss- thicker with bigger battery about 2600 Mah 1 millimeter thicker with Camera from Note 4 and higher res screen and an SD Card and maybe even 3 Gig RAM like a Note 4 Compact business phone with no stylus...Worldwide Hit.
    Near misses ...people don't buy iPhones because they are THIN.


  • I am on my 4th Note (Note 4) and am eagerly awaiting the Note 5. If the Note 5 doesn't have the features I've come to love from a Samsung smartphone i.e. removable/replaceable battery and SD card I shall be very disappointed and may just stick with my Note 4. Removable battery and external storage are the very features that set Samsung apart from iPhones.

    • Note 4 although too large for me and most Active types is still probably the best Android so far.

      I was thinking an S6 Pro - thicker with Bigger Battery and SD card could really be great but would anger many S6 owners....

      However a 5.0 or 5.1" screen Note Compact no stylus with beefy Battery and SD support might be great....priced just like Note 5 ..same Camera etc.

      OR a prettier metal/ glass version of S6 Active - no armor no ugly pushbuttons called
      S6 Lifestyle non exclusive might be great.

  • Yes - big mistake.

    SD card not just for storage - sometimes you need to swap them out as you have say music on one card, photos on another. Might need to plug card into PC etc, too.

    Battery likely to fail before the rest of the phone, so that's why replaceable batteries are beset. A cynic might think Samsung eschewed them to speed up the refresh cycle for owners, to boost profit!

    The camera sounds great, but the above deficiencies make it unlikely that I'd buy one.

  • Why you people need to replace battery?
    If you want to buy a $800 phone (32GB) and add an 128GB sd card, because is cheaper than buy an 128GB phone, or you can't afford the extra $150 (you will save $75, because an 128GB sd card costs another $75), man you have a problem, think better about your life! :)

  • There's an excellent article, from anandtech, that if you can afford samsungs best(128gb model ), you may not worry too much about the phone's faults( or if you do, to each their own). Excellent, but so is this, real concerns from users count. Can't post a link, so you gotta search for it, yourself.

  • I won't upgrade from my Note 4 anytime soon because I prefer the expandable memory and changeable battery. It's also why I won't own an iPhone.

  • I agree. For me this is a drawback. Not having an expandable storage. Not having the option of battery replacement. I have a note 3 and a s 5.

  • I just think it's an outrageous price for any phone. Obviously the average person has a carrier contract (and therefore probably a Samsung Galaxy/iPhone of some type), but to justify nearly £600 for a 32gb phone is hard. It is a nice piece of kit, true, but not what I would call a truly great device; I was using an S6 edge for a couple of weeks last month and it's still not usably or noticeably faster than the Nexus 5, it doesn't charge hugely quicker, the display is not usably better, and so on. While on paper it should make the old Nexus 5 look slow and outdated, it just doesn't.

  • On the HTC front. I think a lot of what you have said about the S6, rings true for the M9, but for different reasons. The M9 is bar far the worst phone I have owned since my last Samsung, the SGS2. For me, the best thing about the modern HTC range (specifically the One devices) has been their predictability and reliability, and HTC dropped the ball in both aspects with the M9. Physical (external) build quality is fine, but internally there are heaps of issues. I have already replaced one M9 due to faulty hardware (dead vibration motor, unresponsive power button, faulty light sensor), not to mention the camera quality and overheating. The second M9 I have now is still not working as well as I feel it should. If HTC want to progress with limited design changes between models, then each model must be better than the previous, in terms of performance and reliability. So far with the M9, the only changes I have noticed between my previous One have been for the worse.

  • I agree 100 percent with the author on the Galaxy 6 I have one and I absolutely hate it I loved my s5 and when I get a new screen installed I will be switching back to it.
    the battery is dead 12 hours into my day and I can't switch it out like the s5 I should have read up on it before just ordering it when it came out shame on me.
    also I work on and around water and last year lost my phone for an hour lol found it in the lake shook it off and away I went with my phone nice and clean and working would not be good with my galaxy s6.

  • The s6 is a great device. I'm not religious so I don't think about whether my phone has soul, although Master Yoda tells us the Force is in all things, even stones, so I guess the S6 at least has that. The s6 has the best camera, display and cpu. It has wireless charging. It runs a great OS. The audio quality via headphones is outstanding. No sd card, but extremely fast built in storage. On cpu, ram and flash it leads a new generation of technologies.

  • It's not as bad as the author makes it seem. I do like what the asus brings to the table, if the modding community, gets started, then it will be something special( 4gb, hooray!). The s6, is special, for the new tech it brings, but without the sdcard, the only option, is to pay a significant amount for the 128gb one. LG, should have brought their expertize(ois) to their curved model, and stopped production( I know, impossible),to replace the cpu, with the 808, but the G4, is nice.

  • I'm sorry, but i have to agree with the author on this one. I will not buy an Android phone which does not have a micro sd port. I've not owned one phone i haven't been able to fill the memory on. Expandable storage is a must. Replaceable batteries are also nice when the initial battery starts dying out. Easier to deal with. Neither of these require much room and should not of been removed from a flagship device.

  • They trying to be like Apple but they will never make the money they do

  • As someone that would not buy the previous S phones because they looked to cheep. I absolutely love my S6 Edge. Calling it soulless is a dumb way to look at it. I call it evolution so what if it shed some things people liked it for, it's now a beautiful and fast phone, the only thing I and what I assume allot of other people care about. As far as the get an iPhone you're missing one key point this is made by "not apple" and running android, it's also fast better in terms of hardware spec. Any way this article feels like it's written by someone that couldn't think of anything new to write now that the phone is not exactly new news.

  • One plus one still the best.

  • Daniel Jun 28, 2015 Link to comment

    As someone who hasn't had a Samsung since the S2 (which I sold after one week)... all I can say is I love this phone. More than any other phone i've ever had including multiple iterations of the iphone, Samsung S2, and HTC One M7. Hell, I even like the TouchWiz on this (with Nova Launcher on top)... the fingerprint login and multitasking alone are amazing. S-Health is pretty good too and underrated. Battery life is amazing (on the Australian version at least) , Camera is amazing (can't believe how good the night shots are), Android Lollipop is amazing (ios is so limited in comparison and I have an Ipad Air2 jailbroken), the Platinum Gold looks totally stunning, and the Edge looks sleek (even if it has limited functionality). I have 128GB model so the SD slot is a non issue. In terms of removal battery another non-issue as i'll change my phone in 2 yrs anyway plus I am getting 24-48+ hrs battery life depending on use (I would classify myself as a light to medium user). If the next iteration of the Note is this good I may upgrade sooner than expected. Keep it up Samsung.

  • You say "wasn't built with the user experience in mind" and "it doesn't have soul" but you never elaborate on that. Why do you mean?

    • Sorry... I kind of got lazy in the middle of my reply. What I mean is, in my opinion, Samsung was so focused on overhauling the physical appearance of the phone in an attempt to lay to rest the rumblings that they build cheap phones, that they lost focus on building a phone that still connects to the every day person. What was so endearing about(to me) about the galaxy s line of phones was that they didn't seem interested in trying to build a phone that focused on the quality of materials used to build it but rather focused on the quality of what was going on inside of it to produce a great experience for the user. I don't mean just put a great camera, display and a spec-ed out processor in a tricked out body just to say.. "see.... Look what I can do!!!....... APPLE...... hahahahah". I mean, build a phone that may not have the best of anything but is put together with the process of thought in where each component is strategically placed to compliment one another in a way that produces an impeccable user experience. I mean, don't put all the focus on individual parts but rather the end result.... The device as a whole and how it will relate to the person using it. For example, the S6 has a very real and very serious issue regarding RAM management that makes multi tasking virtually impossible on a efficient level that someone who uses their phone for work would need. Not even necessarily for work.... Maybe just an everyday power user, regardless it's bad. Samsung has just started publicly acknowledging the issue and has promised a fix with a future software update or patch but has yet to deliver. Primarily because at this point there isn't much they can do about it other than fix the issue pre production. Meaning, those people that were in the first wave of customers to buy the phone...... Are essentially screwed. Others that waited a few weeks or a month, most likely have phones that don't have the problem nor do they even know the problem ever existed. My point is..... The problem only EVER existed because the focus was on using all the best stuff and not utilizing that stuff in a way that offered a smooth, enjoyable experience. Sometimes the best stuff doesn't provide the best experience. In reference to the "lack of soul" comment.... It's kind of like the woman who goes out and gets 100,000 dollars of plastic surgery. She buys all the best body parts that money can. At the end of it all she looks amazing. She looks better than anyone could of ever imagined. Unfortunately, under the skin and all those amazing body parts that have been paid for, she is totally empty, alone and miserable..... She is horrible company and not very pleasant to spend time with...... But hey..... She does look good. The truth is..... Most people are willing to compromise the things that really matter for something that looks good and has all the best "stuff"... So Samsung will always sell a crap load of phones... They have money and all the best stuff.... That doesn't mean they make the best devices.... I now have an LG G4 and it doesn't have all the best pieces. It's still made of plastic and has a removable back. The processor is not the most powerful out there by any stretch of the imagination. However, the phone as a whole offers the best experience of any I've ever used. It's truly amazing. It was put together with the user in mind. It wasn't put together with a "Hey.... Look at Me" mentality. It has soul..... Anyway.... I hope all that clarifies what I meant. Have a great day.... And also.... All this is just my opinion which I don't think is any more significant than anyone else's.... I just like talking phones...

  • I have been a fan of Android OS over iOS for years. I've worked for major carriers and have had close to 100 different phones ranging from BB, iPhone and the original G1 to my now favorite G6 edge. I personally don't care about the removable battery. I never took the battery out to begin with. The sd card issue bothered me at first but I purchased the 128Gb version, so that's no longer an issue. The performance is amazing. Video quality is off the charts, and the look and feel is, to me, the best on the market. I have not seen the issues regarding memory either. My big problem with this or almost any phone out there is battery life. I can watch the percentage click down as I use the phone. Yes the quick charge and wireless charging help, but when I'm traveling with no time to plug in, I get a few hours of use. That is just bad. I now carry a huge battery back up so I've adapted. Other than that my S6 edge is the most powerful and best looking phone on the market. Nothing wrong with the iPhone-it's a great device. It's just boring and not for me.

  • Thank God... An author that writes an honest review regarding the s6. It was even accurate regarding the other phones it mentioned. Look, I agree, the s6, especially the edge variant, is an awesome display of engineering possibilities. However, that does not make it a good device. I was so excited when it first came out. So much so that I was at at&t waiting for it to open the morning it was released to pick one up. 14 days later I was back at the store returning it due to the fact that I found the user experience horrible. Especially the memory management issues it is riddled with. I was beyond dissapointed with the device as a whole. Yes, it is beautiful, it has a great camera and an awesome display, but just like the author said.... It just feels as though the user was an afterthought in regards to the build process. This was an ago driven device created by Samsung to show the world how much better than apple it actually is. The difference is, that Apple designs their phones with user experience being the centerpiece of the entire build process. The technology means nothing if it isn't geared towards providing the user with the best possible experience. Whenever ego is at the center of anything, it is sure to fail in the end. I'm not an apple person either. Actually, I don't own one apple product. So please don't think I'm one of those pro apple..... Anti Samsung people because I'm not. I actually find apple products to be very boring but one thing they are is very user friendly. I have owned apple products in the past. These days I'm rocking an LG G4 and it happens to be the best device I have owned to date. A perfect balance between functionality and build quality offering an amazing user experience. The phone is amazing in every way....... And it has a removable battery as well as expandable storage. I truly hope Samsung has whatever it is they are going through out of their system now and will return to building phones that give its loyal customers phones that feel as if they matter.

  • I actually found this argument pretty funny. I just traded a Nexus 5 for the GS6. After two Nexus devices I haven't cared about removable batteries or SD cards in a long time.

    And after the 16gb Nexus 5 I find my new 64gb GS6 to be pretty incredible.

    Guess it all is in one's perspective.

  • I think AP is the biggest mistake!

  • I for one have been an avid Samsung supporter since the Galaxy S2. I was so excited about the release of the S6 I was counting down the days. When the release day finally came I was so disheartened and almost sick to my stomach as they had taken away two of the most valued Samsung features I had grown to love being the removable battery and the expandable storage. I felt as though I had been personally betrayed . Needles to say I didn't purchase the S6 and these omissions have forced me to evaluate other flagship devices by other manufacturers who seem to listen to their users instead of ditch their loyalty and compassion about specific features. The bottom line is that if I wanted an iPhone I would buy an iPhone!

  • I have a Galaxy S6 64 gig. I love everything about it! I think Samsung did a great job in designing and making the new S series flagships! I don't need a removable battery or SD card slot. I had a Galaxy S3 prior to buying my S6. I hardly ever removed my battery, I had a SD card in my S3 but only used it to back my pictures up but why do I need a SD card when I have cloud storage. I don't see why everybody is complaining about that. The Galaxy S6/S6 Edge are great devices!

  • ...agree, the ASUS Zen 2, the new Huaweis are outstanding sets for the Cash concious buyer and a big challenge to established big name manufacturers. Then there is the upcoming ONE plus TWO ( hope I got that name right), an outstanding set as well, judging by the current ONE, for the Cash councioys buyer.

    However, I disagree that he Galaxy S6 variants have lost their 'soul'. Although they leave the budget conscious data horder bruised, getting rid of performance hindering extras like sd-cards is the correct way forward. As far as remove batteries concerned, the world we use our sets in is not exactly out there in the jungle...1 min anyway, anywhere, anytime a power source...

    There is a level of market demand out there, that only the Galaxy S6 series variants can hope to live up to.

    Yes all above named phones are outstanding sets for the Cash, but they are nowhere near anything the Galaxy S6 series variants can offer.

  • The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge have been one of Samsung's most successful devices, we don't actually need the removable battery or the SD card, I previosly had a GS4 and I never took out the battery and didnt have an SD card because I didn't need it, now with the Galaxy S6 edge I don't need that stuff because I got 128 GB and 100 GB in One Drive, why would I need more than that? No one actually uses 128 GB, I don't understand people complaining about this! The only problem for me with the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge is the battery and the poor RAM Management. That's all.

  • I have always loved the Galaxy S series and I thought that the removable battery and expandable storage were 2 of the reasons why. But when I thought about it, even though the battery was removable, I never removed it. I also put the Micro SD card in and then never took it out again, so apparently I didn't need these features. I now have the Galaxy S6 Edge and love it!

  • I consider myself a tech enthusiast, and this is only my personal opinion....For me the cell phone tech has kind of flattened out. I'm more impressed when someone can make a competitive and affordable phone. If I can buy a phone that does everything I want for $300, why would I want to spend $750 on a phone that might be able to accomplish the same things, only marginally better? I'm sure the S6 is an excellent all around phone, but too expensive in my opinion.

  • I previously owned an S1 and an S3. Now I have an S5 and I'm not in too much of a hurry to get a new one. I'm quite satisfied. Based on my track record I might end up with an S7.
    I have always protected my phone with a case (currently a Tech 21 impact technology case which has saved my phone from drops onto concrete), so having a plastic or aluminium body doesn't concern me.
    I still prefer to have access to my battery and expansion card. The cloud is fine, but not always convenient and I guess some don't like the idea of extra cost for storage and data use in dragging it down. I'm happy to use the OTG option
    Space is chewed up with the high megapixel photos ... arguably the iPhone gives better photos with fewer megapixles because the use a decent glass lens.
    I agree with those that say that compared to other platforms, wifi speed is slow. Compared to a colleague with a different phone, my wifi speed is second best. It appears to be widespread if you believe Google searches.
    Bottom line is that at present I'm not in hurry to get an S6. But if my phone failed and I needed a replacement I'd buy the S6, but prefer it had a removable battery and memory card.

  • The whole point of the Android OS was to be customizable, no? So if you take away options from the user then you are in effect neglecting Android itself. That's the way I see it in any case.

  • I completely agree. The S6 has been a huge disappointment at best. I traded up from the Note 2 thinking I would see an amazing boost in power and function but I was sadly mistaken.

    The octacore is worthless and the phone is so laggy at times it is unusable. The reception is at least 1 bar less than any phone nearby. The lack of expandable memory is a nightmare as my phone is over half full after 2 weeks and I hardly have any pics on it and all my othere media is stored on Drive to reduce memory space.

    D+ for the camera and lollipop OS. If I wanted an iPhone, I would have bought one... bad show Samsung, bad show!

  • Flora Jun 28, 2015 Link to comment

    Just to give sales number. The expectations were high when S6 came out. All were talking about 70 million sales by the year end. Then from all the rumours, there were bunch of articles saying that S6 sales are worst, poor, disastrous. But to stay with fact, Deutsche Bank just released numbers saying that S6 will sale 45 Million by the end of this year and it was described as "respectable" and "has earned success". Especially, because S4 reached 45 Million in one year period which is Samsung's best so far. So as I see it, even if they sale 45 M, that would be great. Besides, we still have Thanksgiving, Christmass, New year to come. Who knows it may it 50+ million. Another thing that was mentioned at some other article was that, given that S4 and S5 have good enough spec to let us do away with day to day usuage of a smartphone, why should be expect huge sales of S6 and on Personal front, I think with cloud the need for extra memory may not be needed and for battery, I am happy if a battery last 12-14 hours. I do come home everynight, has car charger and also charging available at my work place and even at my friends and relatives. So I wonder why would anybody will need huge amount of battery power. And for those who feel battery goes bad in 2-3 years and they can replace battery. Welll, in 2-3 years you can get another phone. Besides, electronics can go bad anytime.

    Thank You.

  • ymer Jun 28, 2015 Link to comment

    A like my Htc One M8 a hope come in august sense 7 are Android M new Update 2015

  • Roshan Jun 28, 2015 Link to comment

    So true....

  • Disagree.... I might agree that the sd card slot and removable battery were great options but the S6 is a great device. With the cloud storage available these days it's almost a non issue. I think the improvements made to the 6 far outweigh those two ommissions. While I was happy with Samsungs previous builds I welcome thier efforts with the new device. Great review though.

  • No way to replace a bad battery. Doesn't matter why. It's call Built-in obsolescence. I guess I'm the last person on planet earth to travel enough that I find having a Video library on my phone a big deal. I sit in alot of offices waiting for alot of meetings and a video file comes in real handy. I'm sticking with my HTC One M9. Great sound and all the space for my video collection too.

  • I own a galaxy s6 and I don't mistake it for an iPhone neither did I buy it because I thought I was buying an iPhone. Sounds like there's a writer drinking haterade. But hey I guess you thirsty and the stores where you shop aren't selling anything good. Peace

  • The iPhone, with no removable battery and no microSD slot, owns almost half the smart phone market. The rest of the market belongs to Android, with many of those phones not having a removable battery or microSD slot.

    So tell me again why the S6 is a mistake because it has no removable battery and no microSD slot?

    • Chan Jun 28, 2015 Link to comment

      It's only issue is SMG try to build iPhone replica without a personality of it's own

    • It's a beautiful Phone with great Camera and a few flaws - serious ones.
      1) Battery is too small for the phone.

      2) Quick charging and multiple charges may result in 20% to 35% decrease in Battery capacity in 200 to 400 charges which may be only 6 months to 1 year for many users.

      3) The whole phone is not a mistake- a few weaknesses, flaws, not fatal flaws.

  • It's not their biggest mistake... They've won on the tech front via 14nm, LPDDR4, UFS 2.0 and has absolutely shown qcom how to build a SoC efficiently for QHD paired w/ their display tech prowess. All are very important contributions to an industry that lacks the number of players able to do the same. These are however bread and butter under the hood stuff that most of its 90% user base won't ever appreciate or even aware of. Aesthetically I have to agree that the much overhyped "Project Zero" designation amounts to squat when they've resorted to mimicking iPhone 6's frame by which shows unnecessary insecurity when it comes to their own product design philosophy. Sony's OmniBalance in comparison shows that higher IP rating (for example) is in fact more than possible to offset certain compromises made even with non-plastic build materials. Not to mention their added bonus of front firing speakers. I'm of the opinion that the real winner in this round is the S6 Active.

    That being said the key Samsung advantage(s) shown from S6 would be their still growing vertical integration strength that's sufficient enough to give them that leg up before S7's debut. All they gotta figure out though is how to tackle that premium RRP illusion/justification and/or whether or not they'd be buggered by the looming iPhone 6S/7 "personal" demon.

  • Unless they include a micro SD slot and a replaceable battery, my next phone WILL NOT be from Samsung. I currently have a Galaxy S4 which is a wonderful phone. However, I have already had to replace the battery.

    • Why do you need an SD card not that many apps will move to an SD card. They really don't give your phone any more mmemory.

      • That is incorrect. The applications I use most often are able to write to and read from a micro SD card. My camera saves to an sd card. Therefore, a phone is of NO USE to me if it does not have this capability. If Samsung wants my business, they will produce a product with the abilities that I USE. If not, then they don't get my business. I do not depend on the cloud for my storage. It is not safe and it costs to use it in terms of a data plan. If all data plans were unlimited, then my needs may well change. As they aren't, I'll go elsewhere.

  • What a load of crock! Samsung is well on its way to exceeding all sales expectations with the S6 duo. Why? Because it has produced a phone that current customers love, and that has won them many new fans. And before the serious tech warriors shoot a coronary, all your battery/SD card arguments have been lamented infinitely, and I hear you. But a few hundred million Samsung users don't give a shit about that, because the positives of this amazing phone far outweigh your gripes. Stick to your Nexus and leave the happy S6/edge users to enjoy their amazing device.

    • Sales isn't the problem but becoming an Android version of the iPhone is, seemingly the crux of this opinion piece. Not a thoroughly misguided one from where I sit.

    • Chan Jun 28, 2015 Link to comment

      What they build is an iPhone replica, and no SD and removable battery. I don't think they have sold half of what they have expected. SMG does not tell sales reports because of this reason. About 5 people I know went from SMG S3 and S4 to iPhone 6 instead of S6 this time.

  • I prefered the Huawei P8.

    • Chan Jun 28, 2015 Link to comment

      I have Mate 7 which is great, only issue is power button is so subtle I always keep pressing it when I grab it!

  • Brought myself a Galaxy S6 Edge, been waiting for a good phone as my old Galaxy S2 was becoming more and more in the need for being replaced. I did in fact looked for other then Samsung as I was a bit stuffed with Samsung... decided to buy a Nexus 6, but due to the long period before it was finally available and holding on in my hands made me skip it. Got a beautiful green 64GB Edge and must say it stands out for it self. Said that I must agree, I wouldn't have brought the plain S6.

  • Pam O. Jun 27, 2015 Link to comment

    I do think people want a quality Android device. I know people who hated Samsung and now have an S6 because it is so beautifully made. It's not for me but I get it. I like the quality if my Nexus 6 ...just wish I could of had the choice of backs like the Motto X. Looking forward to the 2015 Motto X Plus or the larger New 2015 Nexus.

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