iPhone Users Disgusted That Instagram Is Now On Android

iPhone Users Disgusted That Instagram Is Now On Android


Honestly, after hearing and reading about how pissed off iPhone users are over Instagram being released on Android, two things came to my mind: 1. "HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA"....and 2. "WTF is wrong with people these days"? Now I understand that there has always and probably always will be an ongoing rivalry between iPhone and Android users, but some of the comments from iPhone users commenting on Instagram's Android release showed me a side of this rivalry that I have honestly never seen. I'm not one to start flame wars, but I found these comments so demented and unbelievably dumb that I could honestly care less how such people respond. I mean after all, anyone who gets THAT angry over the release of an app on a cell phone should probably check his or her priorities in life and then check into therapy. Think I'm exaggerating? Then have a look at the Twitter comments by Instagram IOS users below that were posted by Phandroid and tell me what you think of them!


Lets have a moment of silence for this display of utter stupidity..............................................

I mean common guys...yes we can tease each other, yes we can debate, yes we can argue....but actually discriminating against people on a different phone OS? Android discrimination? Have we come that far people? There's a medical term to describe this disease. I'm not kidding. It's called "S.T.U.P.I.D M.O.R.O.N.S" syndrome, and it's apparently on the rise among IOS and Android users:

Incapable of

Realistically that are
Obsessed with

"S.t.u.p.i.d M.o.r.o.n.s" is not to be taken lightly, so if you know someone showing symptoms of mobile operating system discrimination, there are places that can help. 

Good grief people. It's just an app. 

Source: Phandroid

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  • True indeed. So glad I dont use it :-D

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    Deactivated Account Apr 10, 2012 Link to comment

    And now, for those who haven't heard the news, Instagram has been bought by Facebook (http://goo.gl/LCskm). Groan. Even *less* reason to ever download Instagram.

    Remember that Facebook has a "non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post on or in connection with Facebook" (www.facebook.com/legal/terms). Which means that all those billions of Instagram photos are now automatically licensed to Facebook, whether users like it or not, and Facebook can do what they like with those photos.

  • @BMNOT - Uh oh! We have a scholar present folks! And no, I find my way of saying it better :-D

    @Noah - That wouldnt surprise me either. Sad actually.

  • I wouldn't be surprised if a decent number of those claiming to disdain Android are simply marketing/P.R. trolls stirring up the shit to increase attention.

    It wouldn't be the first time someone has fomented hatred between two similar groups as a means to their own end.

    and meanwhile, some of the kiddies who haven't learned to think for themselves simply repeat the marketing drivel. sigh.

  • BMNOT Apr 9, 2012 Link to comment

    "...I could honestly care less how such people respond."

    How much less could you care?

    I think you mean

    "... I honestly could not care less how such people respond."

    The phrase "could care less" is unbelievably dumb ;)

  • Look, the thing to do here isn't to go the "yeah, those apple jerks..." route. I mean, seriously? People are people, as is shown by anger in many of these responses.

    The thing to do is praise Apple (the company, not the user culture) for doing such a freakin' incredible job marketing their wares through convincing emotionally vulnerable folks (and we are all emotionally vulnerable, btw) that "their mob" is where it's at.

    To that end, it's simply amazing that Instagram has been able to pull off the same trick and yet it's just a camera/effects app... many of which have been in Google Play for years. Well played Instagram, well played.

  • LOL! I noticed that too! I mean..who still says "yuck" anymore?

  • Thanks for some much-needed laughs! Some of your comments are KILLING me!

    I don't see what the big deal is about Instagram. I downloaded it last night to give it a try. It's okay, but there are much better camera apps out there for Android. As far as those iPhone users who have requested that I not follow them - no worries, I don't follow stupid people. :-)

    Anyone else notice that the majority of those comments contain the words "Ew", "Gross" and/or "Yuck"???

  • I honestly cant understand why this app is so loved. There are sooooooo many awesome cameras on the android market. Is it just cause of the social aspect? I mean my God, even the stock camera allows you to upload to Twitter or FB directly from the camera gallery!

  • Why should someone care about a bunch of 16-year old stupid american girls whose only daily job is to take another 50 photos in bathroom.

  • I agree. I certainly dont think ALL iphone users are like that, as android has its share over uber fanatics as well.

    Very good point.

  • As Sean said, Elitism vs. Snobbery. Big difference.

  • I have to admit that even though there are fanboys on both sides, stuff like this does seem to generally come from Apple. They make it seem like having an iphone is some type of elite club or something!

  • Am I wrong or does this kind of thing mostly come from the apple collective, rather than the Android collective.

    Some people need to realize the destinction between elite and bigoted snob!

    I have no use for this app, but if I did the cries of anguish would amuse rather than concern.

  • @Nick Nicholson LOL. Thanks man!

    @Theunis - Applelites! Epic!!!

  • WTF Applelites???

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    Deactivated Account Apr 4, 2012 Link to comment

    My first comment on AndroidPIT after registering earlier tonight and already I've been asked to be quoted! LOL!

    By all means, Eric, go ahead!

  • ROFL! Apple Borg Collective? Glamor is pink shit eaten by Apple users? You guys are killing me! ;-D

    @Nick Apple Borg Collective..hmm....that just gave me an idea for a blog. Mind if I use that as a blog title?

  • As far as those IDIOTS use the app, I will never use it. Many appely people think they are elite but it was only when first iPhone came out, the time has gone and glamour is pink shit which is eaten by apple users to stay in no IQ group or at least lower than 30.

  • LOL. I know exactly what you mean :-D

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