Harry Potter Hogwart's Mystery release: school's in

Harry Potter Hogwart's Mystery release: school's in

Potter fans might be looking forward to go back to school now that Harry Potter: Hogwart's Mystery is officially released to the Google Play Store. Given the magical fantasy subject of the Harry Potter novels, it's surprising it's taken even this long for a Potter-themed RPG to come out. 

Hogwarts Mystery allows the player to enroll at the illustrious wizarding school, take classes, make friends, learn spells, and of course uncover the titular mystery: why was their brother expelled from the school?

Naturally, the main appeal is for fans to have their own created character take their place in the popular Potterverse and interact with beloved Rowling creations such as Dumbledore and Snape. Finally, after so much electric ink was spilled in Potter self-insert fanfiction, it's all possible in a mobile app.

Harry Potter: Hogwart's Mystery is free to play, but as with any big franchised game like this, expect many features to be gated by microtransactions. Many original Potter fans still dogged by tuition fees into their 30s might find something to relate to. Still, it costs nothing to try and can apparently be completed without IAPs.

Have you played Harry Potter: Hogwart's Mystery? Which house did you join?

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  • Gavin Runeblade Apr 25, 2018 Link to comment

    It looks pretty, and seems decently polished.

    The biggest problem is that it has a completely evil stamina mechanic. Every action takes repeated clicks that each cost one point of stamina/energy. Early in the tutorial you have 24 points and they recover 1 per 3 minutes. While at first they give you plenty of easy tasks that only take 2 or 3 points, such as collecting your books and supplies in daigon alley, your first actual adventure requires over 15 minutes of waiting around doing nothing while your energy recovers and your character is stuck in an endless loop of being in peril. You can spend 55 gems to recover your energy (a cost of about $1.50), but keep in mind this is just one part of one action. And of course all these actions have time limits, such as 1 hour to complete your first potion etc. So it remains to be seen if every task can be completed within the time limit for free.

    I predict a whole lot of waiting and not being able to play is ahead.

  • jay singh Apr 25, 2018 Link to comment

    The much awaited game Hogwarts mystery is here and my first impression is that it is a decent game. I'm not sure whether this game will live up to the hype in the early stages it attracted but it is certainly worth a try.