What Would Be Your Android Dream Phone?

What Would Be Your Android Dream Phone?


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We've always found it cool that you can go on Dells website and basically custom build your dream PC. You can get pretty specific too, with choices on design, hardware, software, you name it. But then we thought, "how cool it would be if you could do that with an Android phone or tablet“? And then we thought about what specs we would want it to have if it was possible, and wondered what type of dream phone our members would create if they had the chance to.

There are soooooo many options..I didn't just think about hardware...I thought about weight, shape, design, the whole shabang. So with that being said, here is MY personal Android dream phone:

  • It would be made by HTC, as I like the weight of HTC phones. Samsung phones are great, but it feels like theres nothing in my hand. I would want mine to weigh the same as the Nexus One
  • It would have the screen from the Samsung Galaxy SII but at 4.65 inches and with gorilla glass
  • It would have a curved screen in the same style of the Galaxy Nexus
  • It would have at least an 8mp camera on the back, and 2mp minimum on the front (dual flash on the back) and would record true 1080p
  • It would have a quad core Snapdragon chipset running at 1.4ghz per core
  • It would have 1.5 gig minimum RAM (why does the memory always seem to hover around 1 gig on Android devices?)
  • It would be black with a scratch proof frame
  • It would ONLY run stock Android software out of the box
  • It would could run on 3g and 4g networks
  • It would have a micro USB and a micro HDMI slot
  • It would have 2 mics for recording
  • It would be NFC enabled
  • It would naturally have an acceleromenter, gyroscope, compass, proximity sensors and a barometer
  • It would have no physical buttons
  • It would have an LED notificaltion light
  • It would have 32gb internal storage AND a micro sd slot

So there you have dream Android phone. Crazy thing is, it seems there WILL most likely be phones that come out THIS year with similiar, or even better specs, making me one happy blogger! :-D

So what would YOUR dream Android phone be? Remember, be realistic :-D Notice that I didn't say each processor needed to run at 100 gagillian ghz per core, or that the camera needed to be 7 THOUSAND mega pixels!

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  • Christopher Campbell Oct 16, 2016 Link to comment

    Concepts of Samsung Relay Smore or Edge, etc (Sorry I would post pics, but another chat side with stupid limits)

    1. Hardware Changes:

    1A. Keyboard

    - Added 2 6x6mm StickPads with 16 Axis (If that is possible)

    *Alternative is to have 4x4mm Stickpads

    **** If it was designed as 2 piece spool that the under-spool would have 16 corners that touched a flat tube surround the under-spool for detection or if there was a a stick that moved around a mini Digitizer under the top-spool

    - Added 1 6x6 Circular Arrow Pad

    *Alternative is to have a D-Pad in 2x2 buttons with Top Row= Left & Up and Bottom Row =Down & Right

    - Added Okay Key

    - Added 3 Keys able to assign any Actions or Apps (Fraction Keys, Design so neither Name or Look are confusing by being upside down or described, only Con is Split key which looks like Menu key)

    *Alternative had all Fraction Keys on Keyboard

    - Added 2nd Menu Key, 2nd Back/Exit key and 2nd Alt Key

    *Alternative had 2nd Home Key on Keyboard

    - Removed Email, Text or Voice Command Button

    - Moved Symbol and Tab AltKeys to Leftside & Rightside of Space

    - Moved Symbols on Letter keys around

    *Alternative didn't have this

    - Added Altkey Bullet, Clipboard

    - Indicated Delete as an Altkey for Backspace

    - Added Bumps to Space, Enter, Backspace, 5, A and Okay Key

    *Alternative had ones on D-Pad too

    1B. Display Area

    - Made Touchkeys into small HardKeys (to prevent accidental exiting)

    * Alternative of others like Display Keys being apart in OS, all touchkeys or original all keys

    - Added 1 Key able to assign any Actions or Apps (Fraction Keys)

    - Replaced Front Reciever with a Speaker that has 3 Sets of Volumes (Whisper, Normal & Shout)

    - Slider LCD Cable is detachable from Screen via screws on the back of Display Housing, this allows End-User to change Slider LCD Cable incase it wears out

    **Maybe Concept, use S Beam or NFC instead of Slider LCD Cable to transfer LCD from Motherboard to LCD

    - Add a Screen Protector between Digitizer and Liquid Crystal Display so when the Digitizer breaks, it doesn't require LCD to be replaced with Digitizer or require peeling of Digitizer to avoid damaging LCD (Note: Slider Phones are better cause the LCD isn't attached to the Motherboard as some phones need both LCD & Motherboard to be replaced when LCD is cracked)

    1C. Housing

    - Moved Charging Port and Power Button to the Left Side if Phone is in Portrait (Botton if Slide Open), sharing the middle

    - Moved Charger Port to the Right Side if Phone is in Portrait (Top if Slide Open) in the middle

    **Unrealistic Concept is to put the Power Button, Charging Port and 3.5mm Headphone Jack on the Right side or Right area of Bottom and Top side (Portrait) Display

    **Unrealistic Concept is to have the 3.5mm Headphone Jack and/or Charging Port as a Keychain (Cable > Outlet > Cord > Phone) or as smart magnetic sides anywhere on the side of the phone and use a Keychain to prevent the cable from disconnecting prematurely

    ****If this was iPhone 7 and seeing as Lightning chargers are unique, design the cable that can Connect to Phone, but able to have a 3.5mm Cable connect to the Charging Cable, but seeing as MicroUSB isn't, then design a MicroUSB Hub with Male MicroUSB , Female MicroUSB and Female 3.5mm Jack also might add Male MicroUSB-C for newer ports, but old cables

    - Removed Speaker from Back This a concept, incase some tries to say its a leakfrom company

    - Added Camera/Task Manager Button and Moved Volume Rocker to Right Side if Phone is in Portrait (Top if Slide Open), With Camera Button near the Bottom and Volume Rocker near Top (This is so End-Users can use the Hinge and Center of the top section of the Index Finger for Trigger. L1 = Left Finger Hinge, L2 = Left Finger Center, R2 = Right Finger Center, R1 = Right Finger Hinge. The Button must be long enough so response can be taken from the Hinge and the Center of the top of the Index Finger, I got this concept from the Failed PSP for not having L2/R2 Triggers)

    *Alternative was to make the Rockers Sliders instead so if End-Users slides the Rocker Left that would be L2/R2 and if slide Right is L1/R1 or maybe L1/R1 are Slide and L2/R2 are Tap or vice versa

    1D. Battery

    - 2 Parts: 1 Unique and 1 Generic so instead of making many batteries for 1 phone too many, make few unique batteries that are last long and are strong, but are design to allow Generic batteries to fit into more than 1 phone model either all or a lot

    **Unrealistic Concept is a jumbo battery replacement (with Jumbo Back Cover) that can be shaked or cranked as a charging alternative

    2. Software Changes:

    2A. Keyboard

    - Alt > Backspace = Clears a Line: Remove, Make Optional, Make that the Undo or Require/Restrict to Selected Text only (Highlight)

    - Okay Key: As an alternative for Copy, Cut, Paste, Cut All, Copy All, Select All, Insert/Share, Find/Replace, or Keyboard Settings

    *Alternative was to have a Hardkey to change Keyboard Behaviour/Settings

    - Alt + Leftside of Space = Sym (Altkey): Can add Symbols to Sym, can add special/accent Letters to Hold + Letters, browse by the page to use keyboard to quickly use symbol, add Symbols & Accent Letters to Fav Tab within Sym AltKey

    - Alt + Rightside of Space = Tabs (Altkey): Can be Fake Tabs (Use Configable # of Spaces) or Real/Formated Tabs (Windows/Linux/Apple) can also config so 2-3 Spaces turns into a Tab

    - Altkey Clipboard: Like Samsung's Softkeyboard Clipboard (Adding more), but can be summoned anytime, in any app, also can be used to store multiple Undos and Redos and Auto-Save (Auto Switch or Manual Switch, warn user if Switch is on/off)text if writing in a browser's textbox (For those tired of Page Refreshing or Error when writing a long post, but set a activition limit 0-25+ characters to avoid google searches & etc being saved)

    - Alt + Enter = Bullet (Altkey): Allows End-User to create Fake Bullets (Inputs Line, Fake Spaces & Dash, Numbers/Letters or Userdefined Bullet from Primary, Secondary, etc) or Real Bullets (Rich Text, Word Documents, etc)

    - Fraction Keys (Split, Half, Empty & Full) allow users to assign Actions that apps do, Apps or a page in an App to a key

    2B. Display

    - Show in StatusBar if Shift Lock, Alt Lock or Auto-Save is on as off means its not (Optional)

    - Front Speaker: When surroundings are quiet Front Reciever is loud enough that you can still hear with head away from phone, so if the Front Reciever where as powerful/big as Speaker and can be programmed to be as Quiet as a Reciever then Back Speaker can be removed to make space for more/better Hardware (Have about 35 Volumes, 15 for Normal, 10 for Whisper and 10 for Shout which is accessable by A. Hold Increase Volume in Normal = Shout Mode, B. Hold Decrease Volume in Normal = Whisper, C. Exit by Holding Increase in Quiet and Decrease in Loud)

    - When Keyboard is open on Apps or the Textbox isn't select, by typing Find feature is used or if in App Drawer or Homescreen then each widget and shortcut is assigned a random letter (Nothing that is used for navigating)

    2C. Housing

    - Volume Rocker can be used for Left 1 & 2 Trigger and Camera/Task Manager Rocker (Idea from Samsung Evergreen) can be used for Right 1 & 2 Trigger, when gaming or enable Game Mode manually

    2D. Operating System

    - If it comes with 16/32/64GB then please put multiple OSs so End-User can choose which to keep (Archive as Factory Reset OS), use or delete (Just 4.1.2, 5.xx, 6.xx or 7.xx depending on what the system can be handle)

    - Recovery Mode/Dos for Android Functions for Power Save or Charging with phone Off (Allow phone to receive/make Calls, allow calendars or alarm go off, send/check emails/notes/text messages, basically allow the End-User to use important apps on a mini/light OS or Recovery Mode compared to Smart Heavy OS like how DOS was, this is good for saving battery, but needing something important)

    - Customize NotifyBar Toggles: Show/Hide specific or all, compress (No Words & Line or No Icon & Line), scroll by page vs smooth (Smooth is a bit pointless unless your trying to tap something in the same spot); if Word only Display beside Carrier & replace Airplane Mod with Carrier Name (See Airplane Icon with "Rogers" Label > Tap Airplane > Label changes to "Airplane Mode")

    - Bring back the Slide Statusbar for Brightness and allow dimming, but disable it on Power Menu

    - Use old Recent Apps, but for those who don't have Multi-Tasking Floating windows just make it so the screenshot taken of app before exit/switch is huge or expandable by middle button between Trash bin & Task Manager (as Multi-tasking is mostly for seeing 2 things or Copy & Paste) and use Recent Apps to also tell Users if app is still Open or was closed and not running (That doesn't mean don't display them)

    - Task Manager needs to stop appearing in Recent Apps (As Icon allows access to it), End button needs to be bigger or allow Slide to close or switch to on Recent Apps; System Storage/RAM/SD should be on 1 page with tapping RAM to Clear and Tapping System to Clear Cache and Help should have had Power Saving it instead

    - Don't ask to use app "Always" or "Just Once" instead have "Always" toggable, but if not toggled and App is choosen then is used "Just Once"

    - Allow for a 5x4 on small display

    - Show the Date in Statusbar in long/mid/short form (1w/Sun/day, 8m/Oct/ober, 16/d, 2016/y)

  • Eric McBride Jan 28, 2012 Link to comment

    Sure is! I'd buy it! :-)

  • Casey Beth Jan 28, 2012 Link to comment

    the phone in the pic is pretty sick looking

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