Ads coming to Gmail app

Ads coming to Gmail app

The clever folk over at Android Police have done their APK teardown of the seeing ads. At least, the code shows that ads are now supported, with a variety of evidence appearing to indicate their imminent appearance, including a new ad library and icon. Considering this, it won't be long until they start appearing in your inbox.

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The string names they discovered are below, along with the new ad library and eight classes of ads. It would appear that ads may start appearing as emails, as in the web version of Gmail, that can be saved to your inbox or discarded. Traditional banner ads may also appear at some point and the new code includes a function that pushes the user to their ad preferences settings on the web. Have a read of the strings and categories and let us know your thoughts below.

<string name="ad">AD</string>
<string name="ad_will_not_save">Will not save ad as message</string>
<string name="ad_will_save">Will save ad as message</string>
<string name="ad_dismissed">Ad dismissed</string>


  • AdBorderItem
  • AdHeaderItem
  • AdHeaderView
  • AdSenderHeaderItem
  • AdSenderHeaderView
  • AdTeaserView
  • AdToastBarOperation
  • AdViewFragment

How do you think advertizing in Gmail will be received? Are you happy to see this free service incorporate ads or is this sacrilege in your opinion?

Source: Android Police

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  • Ha, I wouldn't know Kris. I haven't updated my Gmail for months!!!!

  • Hey SheemOn, the difference is that the app-ad ban in the other article is about air push ads to the notifications bar or home screen. These ads are going to be standard Gmail ads like the web version (eventually if not immediately).

  • I'd rather purchase an app rather than have ads, especially if the app requires a data flow to do what it does. It's one thing if the free app had ads from the very beginning. I admit, some of my favorite apps have a socket for ads. But it's another thing entirely to later add a permission to have them. It's down right sleazy in my books.

  • I will stop using Gmail and Google generally if it gets over-run with ads. The entire framework that the likes of Google, Facebook, etc create is purely there to sell advertising space. They need to offer the functionality that the various services bring to keep us 'tuned-in'. This all feels like 'double-dipping' to me. I would prefer to pay an annual subscription too and have no ads but this wouldn't generate enough revenue and it's not reliable enough for them.

  •   6
    Deactivated Account Oct 3, 2013 Link to comment

    How does this jive with prohibition on ads as per the following article?
    How is this different from the spam that Google already send on regular basis?
    Is this hippcracy yet another Silicon Valley interpretation of "Do No Evil"?

  • I would rather pay a one time fee them to see ads all over my email. I mean we as a society has went ad crazy. I'm tired of everywhere I go or everything I see having an ad stamped on it.

  • Kevin- btw, if you use Aqua Mail as your client, it does a very good intergration with your Gmail, Google calendar sync, contacts, chats, etc. Never had much problems with using it for Gmail.

  • Hey Kris, that's why I stopped using my Google Maps.

    Kevin, it is a real pain in the a$$. Another option is to use an email interface (client) and use that instead of your Gmail. I've used Aqua Mail in the past, now I'm using K-9 email client. My Gmail and Yahoo app are still in my system, but I use K-9 for reading and sending emails.

    Aqua Mail is free at play store. If you want to buy the full version, you can avoid google and get it directly from Aqua Mail's site.
    *Pro: when you delete your trash from it, it will also permanently delete the trash from the original acount too.
    *Con: it was getting finicky with my Yahoo (the most important one) and refused to anything if I only had one tower. Their recent update was not to correct the finikyness either. Got sick of it.

    K-9 you can get from a lot of places, I got mine from (safest bet).
    *Pro: the sync is great, lots of formatting and read options, and an optional encryption add-on separately.
    *Con: the only downside is, your deleted trash may return in your inbox. They're really good with relevant updates and it will most likely be corrected with the next one.

  • I already have an outlook account setup. Looks like I might be switching to that. The drawback to that is the lack of synchronization with my Android phone. Google isn't stupid. They know that that affects my tie-in to the appstore, calendar, etc... . SIGH. This is going to be a real pain in the a$$.

  • I agree with Amy, there comes a point when you simply have to make a decision about whether or not to accept the new permissions that come with an upgrade to an app. I stopped using the Facebook app years ago when they introduced the camera/microphone control. I've also rejected the latest Google Maps update because it wants access to all my contacts, phone logs etc including ''the frequency with which you've called, emailed, or communicated in other ways with.'' I don't think so Google.

  • Well if Gmail is going to start with ad's I guess some of us will only use Google service to use the apps
    I my self will not use gmail any more if that happens
    Im happy helping developers by paying for there paying apps after try there free version

  • How about when you use one of your Google apps, they just make the "o" s a little bigger so they can cram an ad in each one!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amy R. Sep 30, 2013 Link to comment

    I don't know, I'm not surprised at all. Before I stopped using them, almost ALL They're free apps I had they wanted to add an update to accept ads. I don't accept updates for stupid things like that. Google can make they're big bucks elsewhere. They're quite rich enough.

    Don't like it? Don't take the update...........

    Gio A.- That's not entirely true. Some developers just love to develope and want input from the people who installs their programs. Better the program before it goes to paid market. That's what is. I get no ads in the free apps I get from them.

  • Gio A. Sep 30, 2013 Link to comment

    What people fail to understand is that adds are what let you use almost all of not only google but most interney company's services for free. If it weren't for adds you would probably have to pay subscriptions for almost every website you visit on the internet. sow even doe adds might be very annoying some times people should be happy that they allow you to use most services on the internet for free.

  • I think monetizing something eventually that has remained ad-free forever - and is free to install - makes sense, even if we as users don't like it. After all, I'd prefer to have ads in Google Maps and Gmail than not have them at all. I expect it will be a very minimal introduction to begin with, but rest assured, it will get heavier over time.

  • It is ridiculous, it will motivate users to find another app.

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