Sony Xperia Z4 Ultra price, release date, specs, rumors

Sony Xperia Z4 Ultra price, release date, specs, rumors

With all of the Sony Xperia Z4 news floating around, it seems we'd overlooked the possibility of a Sony Xperia Z4 Ultra coming up. Recent rumors have suggested that we will see the appearance of the sequel to Sony's 2013 phablet, the Xperia Z Ultra, coming up after the Xperia Z4 release, alongside a possible Xperia Z4 Compact. Read on for all of the Sony Xperia Z4 price, release date, and news. 

sony z ultra google play edition size
The original Sony Xperia Ultra: will the Xperia Z4 Ultra look similar? / © Sony Mobile

Sony Xperia Z4 Ultra price

Unfortunately, this is anybody's guess right now. To give you some kind of context the original Xperia Z Ultra is selling for 311 USD carrier unlocked on Amazon right now. The Xperia Z1, which was released around the same time that the Z Ultra phablet was hitting western markets, is closer to 400 USD on Amazon.

The original Z Ultra was less powerful than the Xperia Z1, the flagship that was released around the same time, and, if current rumors are true, despite being larger the Z4 Ultra with won't be a high-spec as the Xperia Z4. How this will affect the price is yet to be seen.

Sony Xperia Z4 Ultra release date

The original Sony Xperia Ultra first arrived in July 2013, but it was several months later before we saw it in the US and UK. With Xperia Z4 probably won't be here at least until March 2015, and, according to AndroidOrigin who broke the Z4 Ultra story, the Z4 Ultra will be released later.  

androidpit sony xperia z ultra pencil
While the original Xperia Z Ultra didn't come with a stylus, a normal pencil worked just fine. / © ANDROIDPIT

Sony Xperia Z4 Ultra specs

The Xperia Z4 Ultra is said to come with a 6.44-inch display like the original Z4 Ultra, only this time with QHD resolution. It will also have a 16 MP rear camera (a smaller sensor than the ~20 MP one the Xperia Z4 is supposedly going to carry), 3 GB of RAM and a battery capacity somewhere between 3,500 and 4,000 mAh. 

It is also expected to have a Snapdragon 810 chipset. This is going to be the standout processor of next year, but with recent rumors that its been delayed, this may be the reason that the Xperia Z4 Ultra will arrive later than the Xperia Z4 (or maybe both will arrive at the same time, sporting the Snapdragon 810 but arriving a little deeper into 2015). 

The Xperia Z4 Ultra is expected to follow the same OmniBalance design aesthetic that Sony has focused on for the last couple of years, so you can expect something similar to the ultra-slim, slightly square devices we've already seen. The Z4 Ultra will also likely come with Android 5.0 Lollipop

Lastly, the Xperia Z4 Ultra, unlike its predecessor is rumored to have stylus support, meaning this may be a true competitor to the LG G4, if recent speculation is to be believed.) The Z Ultra could be used with a regular pencil though, so how this will differ from the original model and if it will come with its own built-in stylus is yet to be seen.

Does the prospect of the Xperia Z4 Ultra excite you? Would you prefer this to a Nexus 6 or Galaxy Note 4?

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  • The Xperia Z ultra is designing equivalent to Samsung Note 4, the idea of this is main for people use for PDA purpose, business presentation (instead of bringing laptop or tablet) and communication. This is why it come with a stylus but Sony mobile claims that the only smartphone can use pencil as a stylus. If you want to use it as a note, Sony Xperia Z ultra is a best choice for u. I am waiting for this phone to be released in Malaysia soon, hope the price won't be so expensive although myr currency is dropping to RM4 per usd.

  • I have the original z ultra and cannot wait to get hold of the new one. I just hope the same 6.44 display is used as that's what attracted me in the first place. The higher specs etc are a dream come true and I can't wait to get hold of one so please sony don't change the size.

  • I really want that huge display)

  • "The original Z Ultra was less powerful than the Xperia Z1"
    Seriously where do you get your facts from? The Inquierer?
    How exactly was the Ultra less powerful than the Z1?

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