Winners and losers: Keep on poking fun at Apple

Winners and losers: Keep on poking fun at Apple

What a hell of a week we've had! Apple has introduced its iPhone 12 lineup, OnePlus launched its a powerful OnePlus 8T. During the Prime Days, you most probably did a lot of shopping and we have scoured around for the best deals for you. Now it's time to pick our winners and losers of the week.

Winner of the week: Compact phones and small hands

A revolution is on the horizon. And once again, it seems to be coming from Apple. With the iPhone 12 Mini, the US company will most probably once again hit the bull's eye with its release. As I type this article, I see my hands out of the corner of my eye as they dance all over the keyboard. They are, in fact, small hands. "Very delicate, considering that you come from the Lower Rhine", a goldsmith said to me not long ago. Yes, I was flattered. Just as flattered, all the smaller hands in the world can rejoice, because the age of compact smartphones has long gone and banished to memory. 

The Phone 12 Mini is even smaller and lighter than the iPhone SE (with a 4.7-inch display) that was introduced earlier this year, and at 5.4-inches, it offers a larger display. And although I personally cannot imagine - despite my small hands - returning to a mini format, everyone around me seems to prefer more compact devices. In our survey we wanted to from our readers: "Do you prefer big smartphones or small smartphones?", and the result was crystal clear.

By Friday, 13:30, 530 readers had participated in the survey. 55 percent preferred small smartphones. 29 percent like it bigger. Performance hardly seems to play a role in this aspect, but would rather concentrate on the ergonomics of the device. This survey was also discussed on Twitter. Nerds and colleagues want smaller smartphones - I had not expected that. Antoine had already written in detail in his commentary on the survey about why Apple is heralding the age of compact smartphones, although other manufacturers such as Samsung and OnePlus have been offering small smartphones for years.

IMG 1536
For me, the iPhone SE is already too small. I prefer to use the iPhone 11 Pro Max / © AndroidPIT

Loser of the week: Android manufacturers make fools of themselves with Apple bashing

With my small right hand, I slap my forehead embarrassingly. Because on Twitter, the Apple-bashing began in a very cheap manner. For once you are innocent, because the bad jokes come directly from smartphone manufacturers. Yes, Apple decided to do without a charging adapter in the box of all its new iPhones (and also in the newer batch of the existing iPhone 11 range). In the meantime, however, the prices in online stores for the 20-watt charger and the Lightning connector EarPods have been slashed. I have talked at length about the missing charging adapter of the iPhone 12, but I don't know what some marketing departments at Xiaomi or Samsung, and even OnePlus, think about this cheap scam. German blogger Gilly summed it up perfectly: "This Tweet will not age well".

I'm going to take a break here. This is because I remember all too well various actions taken by Apple that Android smartphone manufacturers adopted in their product design sooner or later in the later years. From the ugly notch (which Samsung made fun of in its ads) to missing 3.5-millimeter jacks, to bokeh effects on photos or even the missing physical home buttons. I find it simply unbelievable that only Apple alone will leave out its adapters in the long run. Samsung and OnePlus are also making plenty of noise on Twitter:

Samsung in particular, is certainly on the list of manufacturers, alongside Apple, who will deliver smartphones without adapters in the future, as we have already discussed. It is so obvious that one can save costs simply by omitting the adapter, which will certainly be purchased on its own by the consumer due to the ever-improving charging technologies. This stinks of greenwashing. For this reason and because of the teasing on Twitter, these Android phone manufacturers are in my eyes worthy candidates as losers of the week.

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  • marco sarli
    • Admin
    Oct 19, 2020 Link to comment

    I have a suggestion, not just for Apple, to make a lot more money at the expenses of the consumer: just give us a box full of components and let us build the phones by ourselves. If we are not able to do it we will shell out some more money for an instruction manual or even more money to get the thing assembled by your technicians. Think of it, it will be educational,fun and profitable with the added advantage that if the phone does not work the consumers will get the blame.