Sony Unveils Xperia S Tablet. Available Later This Year For 399 Euros

Sony Unveils Xperia S Tablet. Available Later This Year For 399 Euros


Back in late July we reported on a leaked Sony Xperia Tablet rocking a quad core processor and some very slick accessories. Well, we can't 100% confirm if this is the same tablet that was leaked, but Sony has now officially unveiled the Xperia S tablet, and has confirmed that it will ship year for 399 Euros.

We haven’t been able to confirm specs for this particular tablet, as we aren’t sure if this is the only tablet Sony will announce this year. Sony has stated that the tablet will be released sometime between October and December, and will be available with 16, 32, or 62GB of storage.

The tablet will also rock an “HD Reality Display”, is wrapped in water resistant aluminum casing, will ship with Android 4.0, and is packing a quad core processor. It  APPEARS to be the leaked tablet that we reported on earlier, but until we receive official word from Sony, we can’t officially confirm the that it will have the same specs that were posted for the leaked tablet last month. 

399 Euros (I’m assuming that this will also be the US price, but haven’t received US pricing yet) is a GREAT price for a high end 10 inch (9.4 inches according to the leaked information) Android tablet, as European residents have always been charged an arm and a leg for tier 1 tablets (my Galaxy Tab 10.1 costed me almost 700 euros, which is around 900 USD). At this price, Samsung, Motorola, and HTC might be forced to re-evaluate their pricing on larger tablets, and I’m hoping that this device is the beginning of a “cheaper Android tablets” trend.

Full specs:

  • Display: 9.4", 1280x800p
  • Processor: 1.5 GHz Nvidia Tegra 3 Quad-Core
  • OS: Android 4.0.3
  • Camera: 8MP (on the back), VGA up front
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Weight: 570g (Wi-Fi-only), 585g (3G)

What do you guys think of the tablet? Is this a device you could imagine yourself buying?

Let me know what you think of it in the comments below!

Source: Sony

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  • Samsung overwhelms the tech world by unloading a plethora of gadgets at IFA (patiently waiting for Eric's commentary on all the great stuff Samsung is unveiling) ...

    Now, about those rumors that HTC is supposedly going to unveil a Tablet that looks like an iMac ....

    Images of an unannounced HTC Tablet were published on Twitter account evleaks ( ) showing a white Tablet with a 10.1-inch display, as well as bottom mounted front-facing and rear cameras (very similar in appearance to an iMac computer) .....

    PLUS - if these images are real, then HTC will be one of the 1st companies to offer a Tablet that doesn’t look like Apple’s iPad (& will be offering an improvement over their two under performing Android Tablets — the Flyer and Jetstream)

    MINUS - & I thought HTC was only going to try & impress the world with its supposed Windows 8 Smart Phone with BEATS audio (or cheaper model Smart Phones that could flood the "No Contract" market)

  • I'm uploading even more vids today on more hands on with the note 2, windows 8 tablets, android camera, and more.

  • @Eric

    I'm looking forward to further posts from IFA. We haven't quite reached the point where Tablets will replace Laptops / Notebooks ... but we're almost there (I noticed new Laptops / Notebooks are thinner without a CD / DVD ROM drive being sold with an external memory tower as a package deal - & finding wireless external memory towers reduces the need for another usb port) ...

    I imagine a future where the router + external memory will become one component. You will be able to share content saved from various devices (laptop, tablet, smart phone, flat screen tv, gaming device) via wireless technology. Imagine if both of these were built into a Blu-ray player ...

  • @Patrick - I know exactly what you mean. I try so hard to like there products, but every time I get some time with them, they just never perform that well when compared to other tier 1 Android devices. Sony has such a long way to go with Android, but I hope they pull it off, as they are capable of making some very nice hardware (their new TV debuted at the IFA's SICK).

    @CJ - I don't think the dock is included. And even though my Prime has a dock and keyboard, it still can't replace my laptop..but I saw something at IFA that can, and that's the new Windows 8 tablets from Samsung. I will write about those soon. They really blew my mind.

    @Chinu - It's really not a bad tablet, but looks damn near exactly like their last Sony S tablet.

  • chinu Aug 30, 2012 Link to comment

    nice thing.....

  • If it comes with the free docking keyboard, I can see this replacing the need for a laptop / notebook (all you need is an external memory tower & even those are going down in price) ...

    WOW - then even have wireless memory towers now (no need to clog up a usb port) :-)

  • I was refreshing the pulse news feed for your site on my Prime hoping for word on the GNote launch and my heart skipped a beat when I saw a couple of articles pop up. Too bad it was about Sony. LOL!

    My first encounter with Android was the Sony Xperia x10i. Bugs, problems with random data wipes and a wrecked motherboard (never rooted it, much less flashed a rom) drove me to Blackberry until I got my SGS in 2010.

    I still use my Galaxy S to this day as a second line, and it runs a lot better than I first got it (thanks to the MIUI JB leak) no problems with any of the hardware buttons, capacitative keys and screen. Even the battery is the original one.

    When my friends tease me it looks like an iPhone 3GS and I should have gotten one, I politely point out that my home button works like it did on day 1 as opposed to the stuck home buttons on majority of their former iPhones (the main reason they had to upgrade to iPhone 4)

    My initial encounter with Sony wrecked the brand for me! Only Moto (I loved my star tac in the mid 90s and I used it for almost 4 years LOL) and Sammy for me.

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