GT-I9260 Nexus: Are These The Specs For A New Samsung Nexus Device?

GT-I9260 Nexus: Are These The Specs For A New Samsung Nexus Device?


Sammobile just got their hands on a rather interesting piece of information: The specs for a Samsung device codenamed GT-I9260, which is also filed under the name “Nexus”. The rumor floating around regarding Nexus devices is that we could see up to 5 of them from multiple OEMs this year, and there’s just one tiny detail about these specs that make me wonder if this is really the next Nexus phone that Samsung wants to unleash on the Android world.

First off, the specs (courtesy of SamMo:

Certainly not bad specs, but the dual core 1.5ghz A9 processor is what makes me wonder. With powerful quad core Tegra 3, Exynos 4412, and Snapdrogon S4 Pro processors making their way into more and more devices, I would have imagined that Sammy would go with some of their heavier guns in the CPU department. My expectation was that their next Nexus phone would at least have the same quad core Exynos 4412 chip found in the Galaxy S3, or maybe even their new dual core 5250 A15 chip.

We know that 1.5ghz A9 dual core is more than enough power to run Android properly, but it just kind of seems like a step backwards. But then again, perhaps Samsung and Google want to keep the price down on Nexus phones as Google and Asus did with the Nexus 7 tablet?

The rest of the specs look pretty solid, with a screen size similar to the Galaxy Nexus, a Super AMOLED HD display, a bigger camera than the GNex, and a microSd card (microSD slots are making a comeback!).

The GT-I9260 could very well be the next Samsung Nexus phone, but I’m not convinced just yet. If 4 other OEMs also plan to release Nexus devices, and if I know Samsung the way I think I do, they will want their Nexus device to be the best in the business. That won’t happen with a “mid-end” processor, and while consumers probably wouldn’t care, Samsung most likely would.

Again guys, just a rumor. No official confirmation yet.

What do you guys think? Do you think this could be the next Nexus phone?

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Source: Sammobile

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  • I really really want to take LG's Nexus phone seriously, but I have a feeling that despite the awesome hardware, the design won't be to my liking. If Moto doesn't come out with one, and if Samsung goes with these specs, I really don't know which phone I would buy next.

    This is a tough one!

  • Well if these specs are spot on, unless moto comes up with a winner it's gonna be a GNote2 for me. I think the nexus line should be more about software AND hardware. The software part is easily remedied by custom roms and all but you are stuck with the hardware. Looking forward to all of these announcements - the iphone 5 included. >< haha

  • If I'm honest, I would probably also be most interested in Sammy and Moto. HTC made a great Nexus phone, and I would be curious to see what they would offer as well.

  • Well in case of multiple OEMs for the next nexus model(s) i'm willing to consider Samsung and Moto only. LG is a definite no go for me and HTC is too broke for me to be assured they'd have a service center around in case I need it. Well, maybe I'd consider Asus too.

  • That's true, and very much what I'm hoping will happen!

  • Hold on what happened to all device makers getting nexus devices? that would help HTC

  • I know what you mean...but...I get why in a way.

    Samsung right now is the only Android OEM moving phones, and that's because they have worked hard, spent harder, and marketed the hell out of their flagship phone. Other Android OEMs simply dont put the work and dollars in, which is part of why they dont get the same results. I mean look at HTC! They had a great Nexus phone, but now a bank might have to bail them out to save them! That's literally how broke they are.

    And remember, this year we will most likely see 5 Nexus devices, one from each OEM. So if each OEM has one, we will have more choices :-D That to me is the best solution, and the fairest.

    I would personally LOVE to see a Motorola Nexus device with Google butter spread all over it! :-D

  • ljhaye Aug 21, 2012 Link to comment

    Samsung again!!! Does anybody else exist in the Android universe any more? I'm sick of Samsung getting all the Nexus devices. I know I'm not the only one. When will Google allow other OEMs to showcase their innovations in the phone market. Does anybody remember that Sony, LG, HTC, ZTE, Huwai, etc are also Android OEMs or is it just me???

  • Yeah man. If they go dual core, it should be Exynos 5250...period :-D

    But generally, the specs look pretty damn nice. Thankfully we don't have to wait that much longer to find out :-)

  • chinu Aug 21, 2012 Link to comment

    agreed eric. the same thing bothered me too is the processor.... as samsung is going with quad core processor sincr s3 launch, that definately shold be the dual core for the next nexus phone... as sammy is in with developing new exynos processor, they should come up with same fot the standalone processor competition. .. that wold gonna be the real battle for 5 nexus devices...

    may be samsung still would wanna stay wid mid range with nexus and compete the other devices... but still its a rumor.... so lets see what samy gonna do for it...

    rest the phone (with rumored specs) looks good

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