Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Might be Radically Redesigned

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Might be Radically Redesigned

Opinions regarding Samsung's typical choice of material for its smartphones range from both sides of the spectrum. Those who like its polycarbonate body should pay close attention: apparently the up-coming Note 3 will be going down a ''new'' road.

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At the present time, HTC manufacturers are betting all of their cards on the new flagship, the HTC One. Its aluminium design and build quality have been highly praised. It certainly didn't go unnoticed by their South Korean competition. In fact, the latter is more than just a little concerned over the matter.

The usually dependable sources at SamMobile have now shed some light on the fact that the up-and-coming Galaxy Note 3 will not be adopting the same design and structure as the Galaxy S4, but more of an HTC One look.

But why would they be making this move? Up to this point in time, things have been in favor of the South Koreans. The new Samsung flagship Galaxy S4 will be shipped out as of April 27th in the whole world. According to official company numbers regarding pre-orders in Germany, the S4 is already more successful than its predecessor.

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 Samsung Galaxy S4 critique: it's exacltly the same as its predecessor the S3.© NextPit

Criticism on the rise

Despite the excellent sales numbers, there has been a lot of criticism surrounding the less than innovative design and the choice of cheap-looking polycarbonate, just like the S3. If you believe the sources over at SamMobile, Samsung wants to completely whitewash this point and try something new.

Apparently, the S4 with a metal design was very popular in-house, but by going this route, wouldn't have made the market start due date for >mass-production<>. For this reason, it might not be completely illogical that these plans were simply transferred over to the Note 3. Considering HTC One's design success, it's an argument that supports this assumption.

htc one v2
HTC One's design made a splash. © NextPit

Confidence in software

Worries about design aside, Samsung is clearly ahead when it comes down to software, according to insider information. This confidence comes especially from the fact that some of its devices house the TouchWiz user interface. It wouldn't be surprising for the Note 3 to have the same software features, which would be a central point in their business campaign, just like in the case of the S4.

According to present rumors, the Galaxy Note 3 will have an AMOLED full-HD 6'' display, as well as an Exynos 5 Octa processor. It's said to be LTE compatible, with a 13 MP camera. The operating system will be Android's upcoming 5.0 Key Lime Pie. It's predecessor, the Note 2, turned out to be quite successful. Let's see if it lives up to par.

What do you think? Samsung with a metal look? Is it about time or are they just selling-out?

Source: Sammobile

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  • Now samsung has started to design all of it's phone by plastic. but it's increasing software update in each updated version. it's features tells that it will be more successful than Note 2 !!!!

  • I have a Note II, blue version. Who really cares what the case is made from, as long as it looks reasonably nice and does a decent job of offering some degree of physical protection. After all, how many Galaxy phones of any flavor have you seen without an add-on cover of some kind that covers ALL of the back case? Doesn't that make it a bit ludicrous to think that the case, especially the back case, needs to be a piece of eye candy? And when the major area of the front of the phone is THE DISPLAY, again, how important is it to have that few millimeters around the perimeter look OUTSTANDING when, NICE is plenty good enough? I would rather Samsung spend their money on researching technology enhancements than to be dumping money into case esthetics that are HARDLY VIEWED because they get covered up by a 3rd party cover anyway.

  • While I would embrace an all - or 1/2 - aluminum body Android Smart Phone? You're still going to have to purchase a protective case for it (it may appear less likely to break when you drop it ... but its still going to get damaged without protection).

    I wonder if a flexible screen on an Android Smart Phone would allow for a screen that is less likely to scratch and / or break?

    A 6" Screen sounds like its going to raise the bar as far as Android Phablets go; however I wonder if deciding to release a Note 3 later in the year is not only to test an all - or 1/2 - aluminum body, but to also install Android 5.0 OS (Key Lime Pie) ...

    C J

  • I have the original note and could care less about metal. What I really want to see is the flexible screens Samsung have been showing off but not selling for years

  • The original Samsung Wave was an all aluminum body. It was a fantastic phone and a beautiful design. Unfortunately the Bada OS experiment failed miserably (at least in Canada) as we never saw anything beyond v1.0.

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