Samsung to offer 13.3-inch tablet to challenge laptops

Samsung to offer 13.3-inch tablet to challenge laptops

Samsung will reportedly release a 13.3-inch tablet in 2014, according to the Korean company's Wireless Division. There will also likely be a 12-inch Galaxy Note offered next year as well, as Samsung looks to push tablets into the traditional screen size domain of laptops. Perhaps we need a new hybrid word like phablet for the boundary between tablet and laptop? How about laplet now that tabtop is already being used?

samsung galaxy note 10 1 2014 black pen front
Samsung is planning to produce even larger screened tablets. / © Samsung

Considering the vast improvements in multitasking and efficiency enabled by Samsung's Note series, and the reliance on larger screen sizes to make that work more comfortable, sizing up makes perfect sense for Samsung and will get a lot of people interested. To be quite honest, a lot of the work that gets done on laptops currently could just as easily be done on a tablet. Presently though, very few tablets are capable of offering a long-term replacement solution for a laptop.

galaxy note 3 test 8
Would you replace your laptop with a Note if it had a bigger screen? / © NextPit

tablet and phablet market continues to expand. If touchscreen typing improves significantly and stylus-operation gets even more functionality in future Samsung tablets, it seems entirely feasible that laplets could start to replace the larger, heavier laptops we're currently used to.

Would you permanently replace your laptop with a tablet if the screen size and functionality were equivalent? Or do you think laptops will always be a staple of portable computing?

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  • Exactly, as @Mark and @Glostermeteor note, this is already happening but hasn't necessarily changed the tablet/laptop landscape yet. I was going to buy a Transformer Prime just before I left Australia a while back but its release got delayed and I had to buy something else without keyboard. Many times I've wished it wasn't delayed (mostly when I've had a lot of typing to do on my tablet), so I'd definitely be up for a fully functional tablet with larger screen that also works as a laptop with keyboard when I need it.

  • I already have. Bought an Asus Transformer last year to replace my old laptop. Havent missed my old pc one bit. The key bit is flexibility being able to hook up usb devices....external hard drives....e.t.c

  • I actually really like this idea, I'd probably buy one if the price is right. But I have to agree with you Amy, it should have a keyboard for when you actually want to do some work.

  • I really wish Samsung would have added a click on keyboard to this larger tablet (like the idea of Window Surface).
    Grrrrr, I hate this Samsung touch keyboard........

    I don't own a computer and manage fine with my 10.1

  • I think the tablet/laptop boundary will get even more blurred and eventually we will have devices that can be docked and used just like a laptop or desktop but carried around with the convenience of a tablet. As processing power continues to expand all but the most graphics-hungry users will be satisfied with such devices.

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