Report: Galaxy S3 is the most popular Samsung smartphone in the US

Report: Galaxy S3 is the most popular Samsung smartphone in the US

It’s already become evident to us for quite some time now that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is our reader’s favorite and most used smartphone. Now, according to a report published by Chitika, they’ve confirmed that the Galaxy S3 is the most popular Samsung smartphone in the USA, followed closely by the S4.

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The Galaxy S3 scored 33.9 % of mobile web traffic, while the S4 landed at 23.8 % in Chitika’s study. Even the Galaxy S attained 1.9 %. The data was accumulated for the month of December in the US.

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The Note 2 and S2 are almost head-to-head, with the rest trailing behind. © Chitika

Our explanation for the S3's huge success vs the S4

As a Galaxy S3 owner myself, I’m not surprised to see this report. And I’m not certainly not shocked that the number of S3 owners surpasses that of S4 owners, the latter having come out hardly a year after. For many, when the S4 launched, it wasn’t time to upgrade to a newer phone. Why give up a perfectly good S3, a phone many thought at the time wasn’t outdated enough to want to replace? Now, with the impending launch of the Galaxy S5, this could be the time when owners finally drop their oldie but goodie’s, swapping them for a brand-spanking new Samsung flagship with all the bells and whistles we’ve been reporting about: a metal chassis, a Super AMOLED display (2560 x 1440), a Snapdragon 805 or 64-bit Exynos 6 processor, it’s all supposedly in the works. Though all the details are still up in the air, we will be able to get more clarity on the situation when the dust settles in March, at which time we believe the S5 will be presented.

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Interesting that 10.1-inch tablets are most loved, followed by 7-inchers. © Chitika

Smartphones aside, the report also concluded that the Galaxy Note series didn’t reel in many customers in the USA with all of them only getting 13.3% in total. 10.1-inch tablets were also deemed more popular than 7-inch models, with the bigger ones attaining 53% of web traffic. And at the end of the day, not everyone is an Android lover, shown by the 10% of traffic coming from Windows Phone and non-smart cellphones.

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How many of you are NOT surpised by this report? Duh! We could have told you this without the report.

Source: Sammobile

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  • Dave Jarratt Jan 18, 2014 Link to comment

    How I wish I'd never got involved in the Smartphone market. The whole scene is for super-brainy people,with a bob or three to spare at anytime. For me it's the difference between an F16 and the local road sweeping machine.I was happy when my Nokia would SMS and act as a phone only. I do not need Beam Me Up by Scotty or anyone else. I want my S3 to self destruct and the Insurance Company say "So sorry sir but you were only covered for an ordinary cellphone,not a friggin fly me to the moon device".I'm too old for all this crap.I need Dr.Who to take me back 10 years.and just let me buy a phone NOT a damned Dalek.

    • ljhaye Jan 19, 2014 Link to comment

      Maybe you should get an iPhone then...

  • Vee-Kin Yap Jan 18, 2014 Link to comment

    Not giving up my GS3 unless the next one makes this look like a turtle

  • Nik Burin Jan 17, 2014 Link to comment

    Kevin poor iteration? the s4 surpasses s3 in every aspect

    • Kevin Stagg Jan 18, 2014 Link to comment

      Compared to the sales of the GS3, the GS4 adoption rate is slower compared to the GS2 and GS3, and somewhat of a disappointment in comparison.

      Also, the processor speed of the GS3 compared to that of the GS4 is really not an issue for those that are on pinterest, Facebook, or playing Candy Krush. The phone also really doesn't look all that much different.

      We haven't seen any sneak peaks of the GS5, but if the rumors are true it could be really special. I'm already anticipating the GS5 to be my next upgrade.

  • Vitor Jan 17, 2014 Link to comment

    And what about the most popular Android phone? Is it also S3?

  • Kevin Stagg Jan 17, 2014 Link to comment

    Considering that the S4 is just a poor iteration of the S3, this stat is hardly surprising. I think we'll find a lot of us S3 users are going to upgrade to the S5 however.

  • Mtundeni Iron Jan 17, 2014 Link to comment

    I'm not surprised neither, Loie!! I love my S3's performance and I'm only letting it go for an S5, maybe.

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