NSA Is Building Social Graphs Using American's Data

NSA Is Building Social Graphs Using American's Data

A report from the New York Times has revealed that the NSA has been and still is using private data to build graphs of the social connections that Americans have with each other. The graphs that are being used with this information are supposed to actually identify where people are at certain times, and who they travel with among other such details. The information was provided to The New York times by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden and shows that this has been going on since November of 2010.

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The communications data which is being collected by the NSA is then used in conjunction with other public data and information from sources such as Facebook.

The reason the NSA is interested in this information is to have a better idea about the relationships that Americans have with foreigners who are of interest to the United States. It should be obvious that the NSA collects this information from people who are foreign intelligence targets, but the most shocking revelation from all of this is the fact that information is being collected from Americans themselves.

How do you feel about these new revelations that the NSA is collecting more and more information about us from what we do online? We previously have wrote about this a couple of weeks ago too.

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  • Amy R. Sep 29, 2013 Link to comment

    Don't forget Google and all their related services. They're one the worst when it comes to the NSA. In my personal experience, they went even further and excessively pinged my device to the point that it bugged up my entire system and caused my device to eat up data 10 fold. This would start from the very moment I'd turn my device on. I wouldn't be using the internet and had no apps that go out on the internet on their own. I never used Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, chat rooms, or any other form of social networking either.

    After about a month of suspicion, installing a neutral data management program and a firewall to track what happening over a 1 week period, I found out Google hit my system over 500 times (this doesn't include system processes like Antivirus boot up or emails syncing either)! For the life of me, I haven't got the slightest idea what they thought they were going to find. I don't do anything!

    When I contacted my cellular provider and showed them the logs, they admitted that appears to be malicious behavior. When I contacted Google Technical Support, they claimed it was having to do with "Security". It's quite apparent that Google had an ulterior motive.

    I solved the problem by going to ** prism-break.org ** and using the information they provided on their site. I also blocked and disabled Google in every way possible without ever needing to root my device. I recommend any Android user who lives in the U.S. to do the same if they are running into this same situation.

    If anyone is curious, this is why I'm an Android user who won't use Google.