LG steps up its game: the V30 is just plain fun

LG steps up its game: the V30 is just plain fun

The LG V30 not only sees LG presenting a new smartphone; LG emphasizes that developing smartphones is also a journey, and the V30 is the result of a journey that could take LG very far.

Whether it’s the G5 or V20: LG opted for a rather clunky appearance in 2016. As early as the MWC this year (end of February), LG has shown that it has new ambitions for 2017: The G6 flaunted a design that was different from those of smartphones in previous years... Elegant glass coupled with a metal silhouette featured as part of its image, but the G6 still had its faults. The curves on the edges were not optimally designed, and the border of the glass display was not perfect either. And although LG could hardly avoid using last year’s technology, it was a fatal decision for the public’s perception of the G6.

lg v30 g6 back
Similar but more elegant: LG V30 (left) and the G6 (right). © NextPit

LG V30: This is what the G6 should have been

Furthermore, not only is the V30 an entirely different beast appearance-wise, its guts are now impressive as well. On the one hand, LG now offers a high-end configuration in various parts of the world; on the other hand, it’s also because there are improvements in the most important points, such as the edges above and below the display: Unlike the G6, where they were asymmetrical, there is no longer any visual imbalance.

Now it’s hard to argue against the fact that the V30 is strongly reminiscent of Samsung’s design line, and although LG is forging its own path, the similarities are striking. However, you can tell from the details that LG chose its differences carefully, making it clear that they did not just take the copycat route to reach their goal.

lg v30 colors frontback
The LG V30 comes in many assorted colors. / © NextPit

When it comes to features, the V30 has everything you would expect in a smartphone. However, the Bokeh effect for portrait photography is missing, which is good news. There is also a wide-angle camera, which has been present for several generations already, offering a practical benefit with less blur now. Unlike the G6, the camera module on the rear has shrunk. Our photography expert, Stefan, suspected that the V30 may be using smaller image sensors, which could be the camera’s fatal flaw, particularly in bad lighting conditions. However, our photo reviews are still incomplete, so we can’t provide a definitive opinion on this yet.

LG V30: A magnificent phone, even if you use it actively

I have been using the V30 for a few days now. Whether it’s the camera, the performance or simply the feel: The V30 is just plain fun. Out of all the camera modes, I like the pop-out effect the best, and the wide-angle camera provides image frames, to which you can add extra effects, if desired, while the normal rear camera takes the picture for the center portion of the image. LG’s camera setup has been tailor-made for such image compositions.

There is one aspect where LG did copy Samsung though there are only a few aspects of the V30 that deserve any criticism at all. In the case of LG, it could be the RAM, even though this is a rather theoretical criticism. Instead, more substantial points of criticism worth mentioning are the lack of a removable battery and maybe the appearance of the user interface.

Well done, LG

Wherever I have pulled out my V30, whether it was at the office among the editorial staff or even to fellow journalist colleagues, they all unanimously agreed that the V30 has appealing craftsmanship and looks. There is a lot of competition this year to become the smartphone of the year, but LG has released a strong competitor this year with the V30.

What do you think? Would you get the LG V30? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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  • Weng's R Lapinig Sep 27, 2017 Link to comment

    Im Lg user i tell the truth Lg has LCD burn i like lg but the lcd i use the phone more than 5 month The lcd are suck some letters are burn at lcd now i have 6 lg phone but same problem
    And how about the lg v30 is it improve the lcd quality??? please sent me email to archay123@gmail.com thanks

  • Dean L. Sep 5, 2017 Link to comment

    The V30 certainly offers a lot and has caught my eye. I find it funny that everyone is criticizing LG about removing the removable battery and yet other companies have been sporting non-removable batteries for a few years. And guess what? People are still buying all those phones, which includes the likes of Samsung and Apple.

  • David Martrano Sep 5, 2017 Link to comment

    Even if the V30 is a great phone. They have lost many fans because of the unaddressed issues caused by bootloops. Losing consumer trust is gonna cost them plenty. Too late!

  •   10
    Deactivated Account Sep 5, 2017 Link to comment

    LG failed too many times with previous flagships and especially i had issues with the V10 and Nexus 5x with bootloops (no exchange of the phone or refund). So even if the V30 is a great phone, it'll be considered only if other phones (Mate 10, Pixel 2) might not be an option. Customer support of LG is absolute rubbish and therefore i'm not in the mood to shed out more money for that company.

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