This is the alleged LG G8 and well, see for yourself...

This is the alleged LG G8 and well, see for yourself...

LG has not announced its new annual flagship at the MWC in Barcelona, since the LG G6 almost two years ago. However, rumors indicate that the Korean company may decide to return to the Catalan fair in style.

LG G8 shown in renders with cover

Obviously. Where else? In the last few years we have witnessed continuous leakage of this kind. Cover manufacturers receive in advance the CAD models of the smartphones that are going to be presented and often some of these render end up on the net. Many cover manufacturers also allow you to pre-order such products by including images of these not yet released smartphones on their online shops.

lg g8 case matches previously leaked design 269 1
Why is that? No, seriously, why? / © SlashLeaks

This time it's the LG G8's turn and the renders come courtesy of SlashLeaks. In the images we can see a smartphone with a classic look, notch in the front and double camera in the back. On the right side we can see the power button and on the left side the two keys for the volume and the key reserved for Google Assistant already seen on the previous LG flagships such as the V40 ThinQ.

However, it is the camera module in the back that raises our eyebrow: why do you hate symmetry all of a sudden, LG?

Just what do you think is going on on the back of the G8? Let us know in the comments!


LG and Infineon: 3D and AR face unlock for G8 ThinQ

LG has the habit of presenting the most distinctive features of its top of the range smartphones weeks before the official release.

This time the front camera of LG G8 ThinQ is the subject of the press release. The Korean company has in fact entrusted the German Infineon for the production of ToF sensors (time of flight) that will accompany the selfie camera of the G8 arriving at the MWC 2019 in Barcelona.

ToF sensors can detect 3D images by observing the infrared spectrum. This allows for face recognition and 3D image scans in a very short time compared to the use of computational photography or to the combination of information coming from several cameras. This reduces the workload of the SoC and therefore allows for better energy saving.

Furthermore, all factors that could disturb an image (such as too much or too little light) do not affect the measurements of the ToF sensor.

LG G8 ThinQ ToF
The 3D render published by LG with the clearly visible G8 ThinQ logo. / © LG Newsroom

The sensor chosen for LG G8 ThinQ is the Infineon REAL3 ™ . It will not only make unlocking the smartphone faster, more precise and secure, but will also allow for the use of AR applications such as stickers and beauty filters.

"Infineon is ready to revolutionize the market," said Andreas Urschitz, president of Infineon's Power Management & Multimarket division. "Within five years, we expect 3D cameras to be present in most smartphones, and Infineon will contribute significantly."

LG could show up at the MWC in style

As reported by our colleagues from Android Authority, it seems that LG has big plans for the annual fair in Barcelona. The MWC, for years the world's leading trade fair for new products in the field of smartphones, is increasingly being snubbed by manufacturers who decide to present their new products at dedicated events, in order to grab the attention of the public and the press.

AndroidPIT LG G6 MWC 2017 hands on HERO
LG G6 is the latest smartphone in the G series presented in Barcelona. / © NextPit

The Korean company seems to want to use the Spanish stage again to present its new LG G8 (who knows if it will keep the wording ThinQ...). The flagship could, therefore, hasten the times compared to its predecessor, the LG G7 ThinQ, which was announced after MWC. These rumors also seem to contradict last year's statements by the company, which had announced that it no longer wanted to present new devices on an annual basis but "when ready to debut".

LG V40 03

LG V40 ThinQ surprised us, we hope well for G8! / © NextPit

It seems that Xiaomi also has an event in store on the same day chosen by the Korean company, which could take the attention away from LG's now dying mobile department. It is therefore not yet certain that G8 will make its appearance at MWC, although the large concentration of journalists, bloggers, YouTubers and fans in attendance could give LG the necessary boost to fight the new competition coming from Asian markets such as OPPO and the aforementioned Xiaomi.

No speakers in the LG G8?

The G8 is expected to be LG's first flagship smartphone of the year and will come with a very special feature. This is what Steve Hemmerstoffer, a well-informed tipster in the past, claims to have learned from his sources. According to them, the LG G8's big innovation is called "Sound in Display".

It's not the first time you've heard of the technology: With the Crystal Sound OLED TVs, LG already relies on the technology and does not install a traditional loudspeaker in the televisions. Instead, the sound is generated by a so-called "exciter", which uses the display as a loudspeaker membrane. This provides a crystal-clear sound corresponding to the name, but lacks bass, at least on the TVs. However, the vibration itself is not visible.

However, the vibration is noticeable, so it remains questionable how LG will implement the technology in the G8. In contrast to OLED TVs, the smartphone display is squeezed into a relatively tight corset, which means that the vibration is also transmitted to the housing and may feel unpleasant in the long run.

Will it even replace the normal loudspeaker or should the technology only be used for calls? For the latter, one could indeed eliminate the upper bezel, thanks to meanwhile various possibilities to accommodate the front camera. But does this require special technology? Because even in the narrow edges of the frame, more and more smartphones can easily fit the earcup.

Let us know in the comments what you hope to see from the LG G8!

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  •   25
    Deactivated Account Feb 9, 2019 Link to comment

    The most important feature in a smartphone at that high price for most people is the presence of good cameras, and LG certainly isn't a leader in that department. Ruling the camera department gave the once newcomer Google Pixel a worthy recognition, so is the case with current Huawei flagships. Personally I too would avoid LG flagship just because of the lack of best in class cameras. Delay in software updates is another reason why people avoid LG.

  •   25
    Deactivated Account Jan 10, 2019 Link to comment

    LG and Samsung, both the South Korean tech giants are suffering from a slowdown, and people have high expectations from their upcoming products to be showcased at MWC, let's see, only time will tell how practical and useful these innovations are.

  • storm Jan 4, 2019 Link to comment

    The tech itself is old. It struggles as you move out of the mid range frequencies. These are more commonly used on wall panels, windows, tables and such. It would be fine for phone call fidelity. And given the weak performance of most speakers on phones probably ok there too. I think something like it will be the evetual norm but there are some refienements still to come.

  • D. L. Jan 3, 2019 Link to comment

    As a long time Sprint customer, htc had been my device for nearly a decade, over 3 devices. Htc touch pro 2, htc EVO 4g LTE, and currently, htc One m9, which still has some great specs.

    So now, I'm happy to hear HTC and Sprint are going to be working together again. If this is true, I might yet get another HTC device. However, Sprint has mostly been pushing Samsung & LG. My current LG favorite is the V30 for numerous reasons, largely specs. Compared to the G7 thin Q, it's superior, and the V40 thin Q has certain specs missing that I want, but is a maybe purchase.

    But.... I recently purchased a new battery for my m9, intending to wait for the right phone model from either HTC or LG. I'm running nougat 7.0 and the phone is still fast, and side by side comparison to many newer phones, it still competes well. Since I only paid $1 dollar (older sprint plan discount) I'm in sticker shock these days.

    Also, I don't want to buy from a failing company, like Essential, nice phone, still well supported, but again, missing certain specs.
    And I'm NOT a Sammy fan at all. But, might ultimately get the sale, if Sprint offers something I can't refuse 😏 ?

    I know it's a competitor site, but has the best side by side spec comparison page out of all Android websites.

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