LG G3 battery beats Galaxy S5 battery: the best there is?

LG G3 battery beats Galaxy S5 battery: the best there is?

Does your world revolve around battery life? Did you recently purchase the Galaxy S5? Throw it in the trash immediately…a new warrior has entered the ring. According to Phone Arena, the LG G3 has taken the crown for the best smartphone battery life currently available. Through extensive hardware and software optimizations, LG has managed to beat the Galaxy S5’s stunning endurance by a further 30 minutes.

g3 vs s5
The LG G3 donates a ball of extra electricity to the Galaxy S5. / © NextPit

When the LG G3’s groundbreaking ‘Quad HD’ display spec was leaked, the internet erupted in concern about the sure-to-be poor battery life. The screen was destined to be a hinderance; a silly marketing gimmick with no perceptible difference. It would drain a battery faster than a thirsty kid with a juice box! The armchair engineers were proven wrong this time – LG has come through with the goods.

The remarkable improvement is due to intelligent power management and better battery technology. One of the energy-saving measures involves dynamically adjusting the framerate of the screen to match the content. When viewing static images, the power consumption is reduced - giving you extra time to stalk your ex-lover on Facebook while away from a charger. The battery also makes use of graphite, the wonder substance that is seeing increased popularity each year in the tech industry.

battery tests
Will our phones eventually power us? Probably not. / © phonearena.com

One couldn’t help but notice the Apple iPhone 5s’ subpar stamina against the next-generation Android phones. The old complaints about ‘poor battery life’ on Android in comparison to iOS have no credibility these days. At this point, we’re seeing huge gains over iOS in the flagship Android phones. The removable battery in the LG G3 is another advantage for those seeking extended running time.

It seems that the manufacturers are paying close attention to the consumer desire for longer-lasting battery life. Samsung and Sony recently blew minds with their power advances and now we can add LG to the mix. How long will it be until we have a phone that can last an entire long-haul flight? Is battery life important to you?

It should be noted that the Phone Arena battery test results are being hotly debated around the web. Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments. 

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Source: Phone Arena

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  • I can get 4.5 DAYS out of my Xperia Z2; that's with WiFi, Bluetooth & GPS on 24/7. Also that's connected to a Sony SmartWatch 2 and I use Bluetooth audio (A2DP) some 3-4 hours a day. Seems good to me :)

  • The problem is that except phonearena and couple more sites, everyone else is saying the battery is not that good and some have even given it B+ in terms of battery.
    I dont know why but I always feel HTC's battery like lasting forever lol.

    • I was also surprised by these results, but I trust Phone Arena for making accurate tests. I think it really depends on how you use the device and if you making conscious efforts to save battery (like turning off WiFi, Bluetooth and other settings when you don't need them, among other small tweaks)...

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