Android Powered HTC Phones Can Leak Wi-Fi Passwords

Android Powered HTC Phones Can Leak Wi-Fi Passwords


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Whoops! Now this isn't very cool, especially considering that I personally own an HTC Sensation! According to reports, and now a direct confirmation from HTC, specific HTC phones are susceptible to an exploit that can steal Wi-Fi credentails and passwords, and send them to hackers.

Well poo. Apparently, this exploit depends on attackers creating rogue applications that take advantage of holes in the Android build that HTC uses on many of its devices. Security researcher Breta Jordan stated that the flaw doesn't allow access to the 802.1X settings themselves, but does allow viewing Wi-Fi credentials, which basically means that an app could get access to SSIDs of Wifi networks, along with user names and passwords.

So far, the affected phones are as follows:

Desire HD (both "ace" and "spade" board revisions) - Versions FRG83D, GRI40
• Glacier - Version FRG83
• Droid Incredible - Version FRF91
• Thunderbolt 4G - Version FRG83D
• Sensation Z710e - Version GRI40
• Sensation 4G - Version GRI40
Desire S - Version GRI40
EVO 3D - Version GRI40
• EVO 4G - Version GRI40

Jordan goes on to say that Google and HTC were told about the flaw in September, and are working on a fix together. He also went on to say that both companies are taking the issue seriously and are very responsive.

HTC's official statement regarding the issue was:

"HTC has developed a fix for a small WiFi issue affecting some HTC phones. Most phones have received this fix already through regular updates and upgrades. However, some phones will need to have the fix manually loaded. Please check back next week for more information about this fix and a manual download if you need to update your phone“.

It's good to see that the issue is being addressed. But just to be on the safe side, if your using any of the affected phones, it might be a good idea to change your Wi-Fi password. If your running one of the affected phones, you should head over to HTC's support site for software updates.

Source: ZdNet

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  • I know what you mean. But unfortunately, I think that day will come sooner than later.

  • You do make a valid point that there are apps which are not worth purchasing (I ended up accepting the free app from trend micron for now, but I am dreading the day we have to use a firewall where you need to acknowledge everything like an I,T,) ...

  • Well, in all honesty, I dont have protection on my devices yet, as so far, actual viruses for android arent in wide circulation...YET. A firewall will be just as important as an antivirus, and when a good bundle gets realeased at a decent price that ISNT a memory hog, I may consider getting one.

    But for now, most of these security companies are simply trying to make a buck, as its not to the point to where a security suite on Android makes much sense to have.

    That day will come though.

  • Best Buy was offering the 2012 Trend Micro Bundle on sale in February (it came with an Android Phone app to download), so far I'm protected & want to stay that way until HTC (& Verizon Wireless) can prove to me why I shouldn't have Virus Protection ...

  • NICE. It seems that in the very near future, that virus protection will be a MUST for mobile devices.

  • knock on wood. I've been lucky so far (& the Trend Micro Virus Protection alerts me whenever someone is attempting to do a no no to my HTC Droid Incredible) ...

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