Boost your battery in your Galaxy Note 2

Boost your battery in your Galaxy Note 2

With the final announcement of the Galaxy Note 3, there are still some people who are still not ready to jump right on the bandwagon of the new device. For those who are sticking with their Galaxy Note 2 for the time being, we’ve got some good news. While the Note 2 already has a very impressive battery, there’s always room for improvement and this time it’s in the form of the Seidio Innocell 4500 mAh battery.

seidio battery galaxy note 2 01
Looking for a boost in your Galaxy Note 2 battery life? The Seidio Innocell battery to the rescue! / © Android Central

While the Seidio battery is definitely going to give you more bang for the buck when it comes to juice, it comes at a price. The battery itself is about two times are thick as the stock unit that comes with the Galaxy Note 2. As such, the battery also comes with a replacement back plate so that it can actually fit in the device. Asides from the extra bulge, the back plate actually fits well and looks a lot like the stock plate.

seidio battery galaxy note 2 04
A trade-off for that extra power is a thicker battery. / © Android Central

The Galaxy Note 2 comes stock with a 3100 mAh battery, so bumping it up to 4500 mAh bumps it almost up 50 percent from its original capabilities. If you’re finding that 3100 is just not enough for you, you’ll find that the Seidio is going to give you a nice boost in battery life.

seidio battery galaxy note 2 11
When you buy the Seidio Innocell battery, it comes with matching back plate to accomodate that extra bulk.  / © Android Central

The battery is available from for $64.95 and comes with either a black or white back plate for your device. 

Source: Android Central

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  • My Zero Lemon battery keeps my note 2 going for 2days with moderate use.

  • Disable Samsung Push Service to increase battery on Samsung Galaxy Note 2

  • I think if I was going to spend money on a battery like that. I think I favor what Zero Lemon battery has to offer. IMHO I think they have the better extended battery.

  • My1 Sep 13, 2013 Link to comment

    you dont need to post the same thing with different words twice. anyway it is technically very hard to increase it even further...

  • adii Sep 13, 2013 Link to comment

    no put some juice in the battery power in the same size. thats called innovation. this is a complete no brainer

  • adii Sep 13, 2013 Link to comment

    I really which they could put in more power in the same size, as I really dont want the note 2 to look ugly with bulky covers. as I have my iwn set/ customised covers of battery back.

  • This you may get after increasing few inch of thickness of your Note 2!
    Admin edit: **links are forbidden**

  • @George. That's great information. Thanks for creating an account to share that with us!

  • Just excuse me if it added extra weight and size

  • My1 Sep 8, 2013 Link to comment

    depends on how fat. 1.5cm (NOT inch) would be OK if Sasmung would have used that for a bigger battery in Note 2...

  • OMG gross! Talking about phones, the one thing that really can turn me off is a fat phone.

  • @george: with the knowlegde of now.. :-) I bought mine together with Note2 when it came on sale. I think I would have made a different call at this moment... Allthough I must say that only now i'm starting to use the spare battery more often.

  • I just made an account so I could comment on this topic. You can get a pack of TWO 9500mhz WITH a battery charger so you can charge one while using the other and the bundles sell for around $50-70 and that's including a back case that fits the battery. I'm just not sure why someone would spend the same amount of money on 1 battery that's less then half as powerful without a charger or anything?... Well either way, I love this site and I'm sure there's some good reasons to back it up you guys are genius when it comes to the word "android" anyways so who am I to say anything? :p keep on being you ap. Much love <3

  • If your going to double the thickness... You just as well go with the zero lemon 9300mAh battery for $40...triple the power. It's an insane amount of juice, but I like it. Doubles the thickness but also feels better in the hand. Though it does get heavy after awhile.

  • My1 Sep 7, 2013 Link to comment

    oh yes indeed, i have one of that and another battery for note2 so triple power. nice for long train trips...

  • easier to buy a spare battery with a charger, costs about 3/4 of the above and double the capacity instead of only 50% more. And it doesn't make your Note2 any thicker...

  • My1 Sep 7, 2013 Link to comment

    but quite weird that "only" for 50% more battery we need to double the space...

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