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Bluetti AC240 Review: The Best High-End Solar Generator

nextpit Bluetti AC240 Review
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The Bluetti AC240 is the latest model in the famous AC range from the Chinese electric generator giant. Its power output of up to 3600 W, efficient battery, and capacity of up to 10 kWh look almost too perfect on paper. This comprehensive review of the Bluetti AC240 gives you a complete overview of what this solar generator is really capable of.

Bluetti AC240


  • IP65 certified
  • All outlets are covered
  • Expandable to 10 kWh
  • Cable bag is included
  • Good companion application


  • -
Bluetti AC240
Bluetti AC240
Bluetti AC240: All deals

The Bluetti AC240 in a nutshell

The Bluetti AC240 is the worthy heir to the famous Bluetti AC180. The manufacturer succeeded in eliminating the weak points of its former top-of-the-range solar generator while adding many useful and practical improvements.

The Bluetti AC240 is available from May 20, 2024 and can be purchased via Bluetti's official website or from the manufacturer's official Amazon store.

Bluetti currently has an introductory offer, retailing the AC240 for $1,399 instead of $1,899. 

Disclaimer: This review is part of a collaboration between Bluetti and nextpit. This collaboration has no influence on the editorial content and rating of this review.


The Bluetti AC240 might look imposing, but the design is practical enough to stow the IP65-certified generator in the trunk of a car whenever you travel. If you don't have enough capacity to use it as intermediate storage for your balcony power plant, you can connect extension batteries to it.


  • All outlets are covered.
  • IP65 certified.
  • Cable bag is included.


  • -

Bluetti remained true to its usual dark colors. To transport the solar generator around, there are two side handles to help you. The fact that the carrying handles don't protrude outwards, as on the EcoFlow Delta 2 Max (review), is a positive point. Apart from that, the Bluetti AC240 has a high-quality finish, just like how all other Bluetti power generators are built.

All power sockets in the Bluetti AC240 are covered.
The Bluetti AC240 is a large, elegant solar generator with a comprehensive range of sockets. You know what's even better? All the sockets are protected by a rubber cover. / © nextpit

In front, there is a small display and ten sockets to choose from:

  • 4x 230 V sockets
  • 2x USB-C ports
  • 2x USB-A ports
  • 1x 12V cigarette lighter
  • 12V/30A socket for your camper van or boat

The fact that Bluetti offers protection of all sockets from dirt with rubber covers makes the electrical generator, despite its dimensions of 41.9 × 29.4 × 40.9 cm, a good option for camping.

What's more, the AC240 is protected against water and dust with its IP65 certification. Bluetti also equipped it with rubber feet, ensuring the unit won't slip or slide when you're out on your boat. The bag that comes with the generator is also very practical.

Side handles of the Bluetti AC240 ensure it is easily transported.
Don't worry about transporting this solar generator. The well-positioned side handles won't give you a headache when stowing it. / © nextpit

On the right of the generator is the connector to hook it up to an additional battery. Thanks to the AC240's modular design, stacking Bluetti-B210 extension batteries is not a problem at all. On the left, you'll find sockets to charge the AC240 with electricity. There's also a grounding socket on this side.

The left side of the generator has sockets to supply power.
On the left side of the generator, Bluetti installed all the sockets to supply power. / © nextpit

Application and features

The Bluetti AC240 features a bright display so you can keep an eye on it at all times. The Bluetti app keeps you informed, even when you're on the move. The advantage of the app is how it allows you to temporarily increase the generator's power.


  • Clear and fuss-free application.
  • Legible display.
  • Numerous practical, connected functions.


  • -

There are two ways to control the Bluetti AC240. The first option is via the button layout on the generator in combination with the very legible display, while the other is via the Bluetti app. Adding the AC240 will take a minute. All you need to do is connect to a wireless network and Bluetooth.

You will not find yourself squinting when looking at the AC240's display.
The AC240's display is very legible and shows the most important information. / © nextpit

After setting it up, you'll see the same information in the application's main menu as on the screen. In addition to input and output power, you'll always know the remaining battery life. It's also useful to know how much longer the generator will be able to power connected devices.

The main screen shows the input and output power, and equally important, the remaining battery life.
The main menu of the Bluetti application shows you the input and output power. You can also see how much battery life you have left. / © nextpit

The advantage of the app is the diversity of its functions. In principle, you can control the AC240 as you would with the button layout. However, only the app lets you activate Power Lifting mode. This allows the generator to briefly increase output power up to 3600 W.

The settings let you activate the Power Lifting Mode, among others.
In the other settings, you can activate the "Power Lifting mode" and set the appropriate charging mode. / © nextpit

Bear in mind such power is only available for a fraction of a second. Alternatively, you can set the charging mode of the Bluetti solar generator in the app with three levels to choose from. The slower the level, the longer you can preserve the AC240's battery.

Battery and charging

The Bluetti AC240 powers appliances with 2400 W and can even hit 3600 W for brief periods of time. It also features a pass-through charging function and can be used as an inverter.


  • 2400 W output power, capable of rising to 3600 W for a short time.
  • Expandable to 10 kWh.
  • Reliable UPS function.


  • No wireless charging pad.

The Bluetti AC240 left us with an excellent impression in the review. The Chinese manufacturer advertised a nominal capacity of 1536 Wh. In reality, the AC240 consumes 1655 Wh at full charge. You can use 1262 Wh of the energy expended at full load.

This "wasted" power doesn't just disappear into thin air: the generator dissipates it in the form of heat via the fans. The AC240's 76% efficiency isn't the highest on the market, but it's right smack in the middle, and an improvement over the Bluetti AC180.

You get a constant 2400W of power with 3600W power briefly if required.
The Bluetti AC240 is a powerhouse with a maximum output power of 3600W. The generator delivers a constant 2400W. / © nextpit

With the help of B210 extensions, you can increase the generator's capacity by up to 10 kWh. Another advantage of the AC240 is that it can be powered by up to 1200 W of solar energy.

To put it plainly: you could connect the best folding solar panel on the market today, the Bluetti PV200 (review), to the AC240 six times and still not exploit its full potential. A cable with an MC4 connector for your solar panels is supplied with the AC240.

Bluetti PV200 solar panel with different installation angles
You can position the PV200 at an angle of 40, 45 or 50°, depending on your preference. / © nextpit

When it comes to power output, Bluetti's electric generator doesn't do too badly. In principle, it delivers up to 2400 W continuously, and can even go up to 3600 W briefly.

A socket for a B210 battery is located on the right, allowing it to be topped up to 10 kWh
On the right lies a socket for a B210 battery, which can be topped up to 10 kWh. / © nextpit

Wireless charging is not possible with this electric generator. However, the AC240 has a pass-through charging function. It also has a UPS function for backup power. This means that the AC240 can function s an inverter when it's plugged in between the device and the mains and you're out of power.

Bluetti's generator contains a LiFePO4 battery designed for 3,500 cycles. A quick-recharge function is also available. When connected to the domestic electrical grid, the AC240 charges with a power of 2200 W and reaches 80% after 45 min thanks to the fast recharge function.

If the regular charging speed is not fast enough for you, why not attach a solar panel to it?
Thanks to the fast recharge function, recharging doesn't take long. What's more, you can connect solar panels to the generator to further boost input power. / © nextpit


The power output of 2400 W for a capacity of 1536 Wh looks good on paper. It's better in reality, thanks to the LiFe-PO4 battery that Bluetti installed in the AC240. Only the 76% efficiency isn't as high as that of some of its competitors. Nevertheless, Bluetti managed to increase efficiency by a few percentage points over its predecessor.

In the end, the Bluetti AC240 is one of the best solar-powered portable generators on the market. The fact that it is IP65 certified for water and dust resistance is also a plus point. Of course, it's not the most compact generator on the market, but it's good enough for all its use cases. It's easy to transport for camping trips, has a wide range of plugs, and can be charged up to 1200 W using solar panels.

The AC240 can also be used as a back-up battery. What's more, you can increase its capacity from 1.5 kWh to 10 kWh using Bluetti B210 batteries. The solar electric generator will be available for sale from May 20 at $1,899.

If you'd like to find out more, please visit our page about Energy. You'll find a selection of tutorials and comparisons of solar generators, balcony power plants, and more.

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