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The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a big hit, and that means accessory firms have been falling over themselves to offer compatible cases and accessories. In your yet to invest in a little extra for Samsung's favorite phablet, these are the best ways to protect, enhance and expand your Galaxy Note 4. Here are the best Galaxy Note 4 cases and accessories any owner of this Samsung phablet marvel will love, now, for Christmas or anytime of the year!

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AndroidPIT Galaxy Note 4 Flipboard teaser
These are our favorite Galaxy Note 4 cases and accessories. / © ANDROIDPIT

Protect your Galaxy Note 4 from knocks

Samsung's S-View cases enable you to see the screen. / © Samsung /

Big-screened phones are brilliant, but they can lead to fairly big bills if you accidentally drop them and smash their screens - and let’s face it, Samsung’s design is functional rather than funky, so you’ll probably improve the Note’s appearance by putting a decent case on it. We’d suggest starting with Samsung’s own S-View Cover (42 USD) which enables you to see what’s on the screen, activate the camera and reject calls without having to open the cover. Samsung also makes an S-View cover with integrated wireless charging for the Galaxy Note 3, but it hasn’t been updated for the 4 just yet.

androidpit galaxy note 4 slim armor case
Spigen's Slim Armor case for the Note 4 definitely isn't subtle. / © Spigen

As you’d expect, there are stacks of third party cases to choose from ranging from the cheap and rather crappy-looking to expensive leather options whose hides came only from the world’s happiest cows. For purely aesthetic reasons we’d suggest staying away from the very cheapest cases - they look rubbish to begin with and only get more rubbish as they age - and checking out cases such as Spigen’s excellent Slim Armor cases, which you can pick up for as little as 16.99 USD.

androidpit galaxy note 4 hybrid clear case
i-Blason's clear cases offer protection without sacrificing the Samsung style. / © i-Blason

If you’d prefer something a little more subtle, i-Blason’s Hybrid Clear Case offers decent protection and a transparent cover for 14.99 USD, and if you’d like a case that doubles as a wallet Spigen’s Case Wallet looks pretty good. Just make sure your pocket or purse is big enough: the Note 4’s a big device at the best of times, but the Case Wallet makes it considerably bigger. One word of warning, though: this case has a magnet in the back cover that can interfere with the operation of the S-Pen. If that’s a deal-breaker, Tuff-Luv has a gorgeous vintage leather wallet case available for pre-order: it’s 49.99 GBP and ships worldwide. 

Leather and luxury

Mont Blanc's stylus is pretty and pricey. / © Mont Blanc /

If you really want to push the boat out Samsung has teamed up with the legendary Mont Blanc to create a pair of black resin styli and a pair of leather covers. Don’t expect to bag a bargain, though: the Meisterstuck Selection case is 245 USD and the E-Starwalker stylus 525 USD.

Harder, better, faster, stronger

There’s more to Galaxy Note 4 accessories than pens and cases, of course. A second battery’s a great idea if you do lots of travelling - expect to pay around 30 USD - and if you’d rather type on keys than tap on a screen there are lots of good Bluetooth keyboards to choose from. You needn’t lug a full size one around if you don’t want to, though: ultra-tiny ones such as the TOP (29.99 USD) are barely bigger than your phone and run for 30 hours of use or 30 days of standby between charges.

Wave goodbye to wires

Wireless charging adapters are cheap and cheerful. / © Yootech /

One of the most useful accessories you can buy for your Note 4 is a wireless charging adapter. As the name suggests it means you can charge your Note using standard Qi wireless charging points, which we’re starting to see appearing in coffee shops and other public places, and you can add Qi charging to your Galaxy Note 4 for around 15-25 USD or 44 USD if you want to go for the official Samsung add-on. It’s worth pointing out that if you want to add wireless charging you won’t be able to use a metal case with third-party adapters, and the Samsung option actually is a phone case.

So far we’ve looked at Samsung-specific accessories, but of course there are lots of non-device-specific accessories that will make your Note do more: wireless speakers such as Bose’s excellent SoundLink Mini, car kits and fitness armbands, smart watches and in-car chargers and hands-free kits and all the other goodies available to every Android phone user. 

What would you recommend? Is there a Galaxy Note 4 add-on you couldn’t possibly live without?

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  • Daniel Westerdale Jan 3, 2015 Link to comment


    Sound advice. You have prompted to do a lot of searching for the types product you mention. They are all seem good.

    Tigerbox® Premium Tempered Glass Scratch Proof Crystal Clear Screen Protector (0.4mm Thickness) For Samsung Galaxy...

    Ultimate Shield Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

    PLESON® Screen Protector Premium HD Clear Film for Galaxy Note4 [ Tempered Glass ] / Ultra High Definition Invisible...

    iloome Galaxy Note4 / Note 4 ScreenMate Flex Flexible Glass 8H Hardness Premium Screen Protector with Oleophobic Coating

    • Daniel Westerdale Jan 9, 2015 Link to comment


      Went for the PLESON which takes a few attempts to get it on and free of bubbles but the result is stunning like native Note Glass and NO BUBBLES.. Thanks for the tip mate as I will never go back to those awful plastic screen protectors...

  • Jimmy LightspeeD Jan 3, 2015 Link to comment

    Yes. I got a glass screen protector for the Note4. It sticks on well, no bubbles and is pretty thin, considering it's made out of glass. No scratches to my screen ever now with it on. I highly recommend it. Quite expensive tho, roughly $40 AUD

  • Daniel Westerdale Jan 2, 2015 Link to comment

    I picked up a fairly flip down case from eBay which is really good but the screen protector it came with isn't the best - seeing loads of bubbles. Any recommendations / tips and tricks on getting the ultimate screen protector for a note 4 . I want it to look as clear and as air bubble free, as possible

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