The best FPV drone kits for flying at home

The best FPV drone kits for flying at home

Flying a drone outdoors isn’t always easy. First, the majority of countries have restrictions on flying this type of device. Second, you’ll need a bit of practice, so you don’t crash it within the first two minutes. Lastly, there’s the price, which is usually pretty high. However, there are drones of every size and price out there. So, we’ve put together a list that solves all three of these problems: the best drones with FPV to fly in your house.

What is an FPV drone?

There are a ton of drones with cameras, and they come in all ranges, but not all drones support FPV cameras (First Person View). The options are narrowed down even more if you look for a small drone that you can fly inside. True FPV drones can be flown with a headset linked to the drone’s camera, and so it makes it feel as if you were actually inside the drone, flying it.

Plus, there are two types of FPV:

  • One where it transmits the video via a radio signal, and you need an FPV headset (some receivers allow you to use your smartphone as an FPV headset, the link is below).
  • The other transmits video via Wi-Fi, and you’ll need a smartphone that you put into a virtual reality headset.

Best indoor FPV drones

Parrot Mambo FPV (for smartphone)

The Parrot Mambo is the smallest drone from Parrot. It’s been on the market a while, and now it’s sold in a combo pack that includes a camera, to clip on the drone, and a 3D headset to link to a smartphone and control the drone in FPV.

TRNDlabs SKEYE Nano 2 FPV (for smartphone)

A mini-drone that’s only slightly bigger than your thumb, but that can be flown like a real helicopter. It’s controller actually acts like a box for transportation, and it comes with a stand to connect your smartphone in display mode. It also supports FPV mode if you put your device in a VR headset.

Potensic F181WH FPV (for smartphone)

This is another quad-copter that can transmit video to your smartphone and use a VR headset to fly it in FPV. The camera is 2MP, and it comes with 6-axis stabilization.

Potensic Drone F181WH
Controller and two batteries included / © Potensic

Blade Inductrix FPV (headset)

This is one of the smallest drones you can find but with some of the best steering out of any of them. It comes with a remote control and 4.3”-inch display, but to fly in FPV, you’ll need a UVC headset.

Goolsky KINGKONG TINY6 (headset)

This small drone from Goolsky is pretty similar to the last one, but the battery is 50mAh bigger, which makes it 250 mAh in total. The camera resolution reaches up to 800TVL.

Goolsky NIHUI NH-010 5.8G FPV (headset)

This Goolsky is a bit bigger than the last one with 82 mm between axes, and it comes with a 1 MP camera. The video is transmitted by the antenna on top. Plus, it can automatically return to where it took off from.

REDPAWZ R011 5.8G 40CH Micro FPV (headset)

The R011 is a little larger with a bit more than 8 inches between axes. It also comes with a controller and its own FPV headset.

Eachine E010C camera set (headset)

This is one of the cheapest options you can find if you want to fly a drone in your house. You can easily connect a camera to the Eachine E010C to transmit video and fly it in FPV. All you’ll need is a headset.

FPV Headset Eachine Mini VR-006

Adjustable headset with built-in antennas to receive UVC. The display is 3 inches wide with a resolution of 500 x 300. It comes with a 500mAh battery.

UVC video receiver for Android smartphones OTG XCSOURCE 5.8G

With this receiver, your Android smartphone, and a cardboard virtual reality headset, you can make your own low-cost FPV. The antenna is linear and doesn’t have much reach, but it would be perfect for flying around your house.

Have you ever tried a drone like this?

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