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The best weather apps and widgets for Android

Update: New for 2019!
The best weather apps and widgets for Android

There are literally hundreds of weather apps out there. Yet, as is often the case on the Play Store, how do you sort the wheat from the chaff? That's why we've scoured the market to bring you our top picks. Here are the best weather apps and widgets available for Android in 2018!

Some provide data on the UV index, some warn you about storms, others warn you about allergens and a few even give you a choice on who should provide the weather data. We have tried out the best candidates to find the main pros and cons of each of them.

See our top 3 weather apps in this video!

Google Assistant

One of the best weather apps is not really an app at all. The Google weather app is baked into the latest Android software as part of Google Assistant, and this AI helper can handle a lot of your weather concerns if you interact with it. You can ask Google Assistant something like: "OK Google, what will the weather be like today," and get a mini report read back to you.

This works especially well if you are using Google Home Speaker and want to get a hands-free weather update while you are getting dressed or packing a bag in the morning. You can also ask Assistant things like: "what should I wear in Berlin" to get weather-related answers or even check air quality. You won't be able to set alerts for weather changes throughout the day, however. Still, did you know you already had the Google weather app on you Android?

best weather apps 2018 assistant
Google Assistant can give you weather reports. / © NextPit

Today Weather

One of the simplest weather apps, and one of the cleanest in terms of user interface, is Today Weather. It's not been on out for that long but it has made a big impression already. The app pulls weather data from a source of your choice. There are five to choose from, including Weather Underground, AccuWeather and Dark Sky. Our favorite, however, is Norwegian forecasting service, Yr.no. You can also set alerts to let you know when it is going to rain or if you'd just like a daily update in the morning. It still annoys me that it's not called 'Today's Weather', though.

best weather apps 2018
Today Weather can pull data for multiple cities and has a lot of detail. / © NextPit

Weather Underground

Weather Underground is a hyper-local weather app, able to show the weather and temperatures in your area. To do this, Weather Underground uses its own network of around 180,000 private weather stations. With the help of this database, the app can make very accurate predictions and warn you of rain in the surrounding area - and most importantly, Weather Underground has a pretty good record for accuracy.

Weather Underground even has advice for your hobbies. / © NextPit

Weather Underground is free of charge and displays ads. This can be deactivated for one year through a $1.99 in-app purchase.


Windy focuses on clear wind maps. The app has a technical presentation and is aimed at real professionals (and hardcore enthusiasts). Its ability to compare different types of forecasts directly with another other is truly unique.

Windy has plenty of details for weather enthusiasts. / © NextPit

However, you will not find information about the UV index here. Instead, there are wind diagrams that can be useful for gliders, paragliders or balloon pilots. Windy is both free of advertising and free of charge, which is a big plus in its favor.


“Watch weather with pleasure,” says YoWindow when you first load it, and it truly lives up to this promise: it's a great looking Android weather app. Instead of using simple icons to represent clouds, sunshine and rain, YoWindow displays a cartoon landscape which reflects the real-time weather in your current location.

The light level and conditions are accurately represented in the app and you can scroll through the hours as if scrolling through an online video to see changes over time. It’s a unique and well-realized weather app, which not only looks good, but is also incredibly easy to use.

It's available for free with ads or paid ($2.99) without ads. When you get bored of looking at a field, you can select from 20 different backgrounds. The latest updates to YoWindow even have added widget support.

AndroidPIT weather apps 2
Want a free weather app that looks great? Get YoWindow. / © NextPit

Dark Sky

Dark Sky is a somewhat controversial app to include in the list, but it's long been a favorite with many users. Its strength lies in the granularity of its minute-by-minute predictions that give you useful information in a simple way, like saying it'll rain in 13 minutes, rather than giving a vague indication of the chance of rain. 

However, the main downside is that if you want to use its most useful features you'll need to pay - and if you don't, well, there are better free weather apps available you can consider. One of the major drawbacks of the free version of Dark Sky is that it doesn't include any home screen widgets at all, but you get three if you pay for the premium version. You also get the option of having a daily digest of weather sent to you each morning. 

We wouldn't be averse to that perhaps if it was a one-off payment instead of a recurring $2.99 per year, but if incredibly precise weather updates are useful to you, it might be worth considering. There's a two-week free trial available which allows you to test it out first. 

androidpit dark sky
Dark Sky has some powerful features, but they're not free. / © NextPit


Morecast sells itself with its great-looking and intuitive interface: its vertical list layout is easy to use and interpret. At the top, you’re greeted with the current weather and the 'real feel'. Scroll down and you'll see a more detailed view of the day's weather.

Another swipe and Morecast will reveal what’s happening tomorrow; down again and you’re presented with a simple seven-day view. This streamlined UI is good for beginners and experienced weather app users alike, because it provides access to all of the information you could need, but doesn’t throw it all at you on one screen. 

Morecast is full of small details, such as webcams that show the weather at different times of the day across the globe, and a weather navigation feature to help you plan routes around the best conditions.

AndroidPIT weather apps 5
The Morecast interface is very intuitive. / © NextPit


WeatherBug excels in both the design and user interface department. It is able to pinpoint the weather forecast, not only to your city but also to your neighborhood. In addition to forecasts and severe weather warnings, the developers have incorporated a traffic camera section to avoid jams and the ability to share photos and albums.

You can customize it to suit your lifestyle, so for example you can find out if you can run to the gym on a specific day, as well as personalize your home screen, language, and save multiple locations.

It also now offers multiple radar views to take into account different countries around the world, and can even connect to your smart thermostat to automatically set the temperature in your home and save you money. 

AndroidPIT weather apps 6
WeatherBug has some social features, including the option to share pictures. / © NextPit

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is the go-to free weather app for many Android users, with up-to-date and accurate weather information. It includes hourly, 36-hour and 10-day forecast options, as well as the usual gamut of weather conditions like wind speed, humidity, UV index, visibility, dew point and pressure. There's also a weather-related videos section that features clips from around the world.

It’s simple and intuitive to use. It doesn’t contain all of the necessary info on a single page like some other apps do, but you do get extras such as ski conditions, flu and pollen count data. You also can tap on most items to receive more detailed information or check out the Radar or Hurricane Central views. 

It also offers four simple desktop widgets that display the weather and time at your chosen location. It's free to download and use, but you will have to put up with a few ads.

androidpit weatherchannel
The Weather Channel has a lot of features, but the overview is simple. / © NextPit


Accuweather is one of the staple free weather apps on Android. It's usually accurate and is filled with great information, including the awesome RealFeel index (which suggests what the outdoor temperature feels like, rather than where the mercury stops).

Accuweather comes loaded with graphs, maps, radar and even video weather forecasts for your region, and now also includes minute-by-minute precipitation predictions to avoid you getting wet in a freak shower. 

You get the option of two different three-day weather forecast widgets for your home screen too. Like many of the others in this list, it's free but funded by ads. 

AndroidPIT weather apps 4
Even if you never stop thinking about the weather, Accuweather has more than enough info for you. / © NextPit

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather offers tons of information without ever feeling cluttered, and features ever-changing backgrounds from Flickr, so it always feels fresh.

There are many sizes and types of widget for your home screen, and you’ll often get notifications in your status bar. It has everything an average user would need without going overboard on professional features. You do still get wind speed and pressure measurements though. 

AndroidPIT weather apps 9
Yahoo Weather uses background images from the huge image database Flickr. / © NextPit

Carrot Weather

Carrot Weather features one of the slickest UIs in the weather apps for Android space. The developers have tried to give this free weather app a bit of personality, and thus, you'll find language here that you wouldn't expect from app in the category.

carrot weather app
Carrot is easily the most fun weather app, that's for sure! / © Google Play Store

There's also a Premium Club tier with some nice features such a time travel mode that lets you view the weather for any location up to 70 years in the past, or even 10 years into the future! Want to get a weather forecast for the 2028 Glastonbury Festival? No problem! You will also need to be a premium member in order to add the customizable widget to your home screen. Carrot Weather is the most fun free weather app on Android by far.

Which app would you say is the best weather app for Android? Let us know in the comments below. 

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  • I don't know what app or service that the LG G4 had for weather - but it was a fantastic phone that really alerted you to changes in weather etc.

    Many times I got a weather "alert" from it and thought - what, no way. But it was right every time. And it worked out of the box with zero configuration. It didn't beep every day or bother you at all. But if was sunny and a heavy shower was on the way - you got pre-warned by an hour or two!

    As some here have mentioned - I too used AccuWeather at one point - it had a very nice widget for a start - but after some months / years it's syncing / updating broke, and that never got fixed.

    I currently have the Samsung Galaxy A50 - and the weather app(s) / services on it are awful. It shows weather per 4 hour segments - so the widget only shows the weather for like the next 16 hours - well I really am more interested in the outlook for the week (i.e. Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday etc.) - not what it is going to be like at 10 pm, 2 am and 6 am!

    Also it is awful too because it beeps and alerts just to tell you it has updated etc. - not that the forecast has changed or anything or that a storm is on the way. No. Just alerts you to remind you how brilliant it thinks it is. :0)

    Oh, the last thing that was also really cool about the weather app on the LG G4 was that the lock screen would have a weather effect applied to it to reflect the current weather - so would have water / raindrops on it if it was rainy weather, or have flashes etc. if a thunderstorm was expected. Was a cool feature.

  •   25
    Deactivated Account May 12, 2019 Link to comment

    I am using Today weather Pro and AccuWeather weather Pro. I also have 1 weather Pro.

  • Are there any android weather widgets that have cool animations? Like clouds sweeping past?

  •   25
    Deactivated Account Feb 27, 2019 Link to comment

    I have two paid weather apps, 1 Weather and Accurate weather, but these days I don't use any of them.

  • Since it's buried three years ago, I'll repeat a recommendation for "Canada Weather" Dewey Dunnington's great Environment Canada app. The only fairly reliable weather service for giant Canada is the government's, but it took this bright young Maritimer to make a slick Android app for it. Ad-free and a nice little widget.

  • When I'm in a hurry for a "quick" look at precipitation, I use Raindar. If I want a detailed look at precipitation, along with tracking storms, velocities etc, I use Radarscope (a paid app). For weather forecast, I use the "Sense 2.0" widget...if you remember the old HTC PDA days, the flip clock, with a weather widget built in.

  • The first three years with Android I used AccuWeather, until there were too many bugs and glitches, so I switch to WeatherBug and have never looked back (FYI I don't use widgets)👍

  • Mike Aug 30, 2018 Link to comment

    Sometimes in life, there are too many choices. This is one of those times.

  • Here mentioned all apps are good. But if you are looking for the best weather app for India then I want to suggest you Prkruti app. Prkruti can be used for agriculture, air quality monitoring, data science and smart city solutions.

  • WeatherBug - I have used this app consistently for the last 4 years (previously it was AccuWeather), and no I do not use a Weather Widget - perfectly fine with Temperature Display on status bar / lock screen.

  • elin Jul 30, 2017 Link to comment

    I use Weather Wiz. it's free, accurate (because of using IBM weather data) and so reliable. All the essential info related to the weather is available within this weather app, such as: Current temperature, maximum and minimum temp, current weather condition, wind speed and direction, precipitation, sun status and more.

  • Mark T May 22, 2017 Link to comment

    I'm unsure how accuweather gets anywhere near the top 10. It's currently telling me it's 14º in London. It's 25º. The forecast for the next 24 hours never goes above 15º but all of the tv weather forecasts predict similar to today. It's a waste of memory space

    • Maybe it's a refreshing issue in the app, because accuweather (web site) reports London right now as 24º. That's the same as what is shown in the Meteogram app mentioned below (Meteogram Weather Charts by cloud3squared) when you choose accuweather as the weather data provider... i.e. pretty close to reality.

      • After investigation, if I allow it to tell me my weather via Current Location, it is always wrong (even though it locates me accurately as a specific neighbourhood within London). However if I select London by 'add city' it is accurate. So I can get an accurate weather for it, however it means I won't trust the app when I travel elsewhere in Europe. I'd rather one that was accurate using my current location, rather than having to manually add specific places I arrive in

    • This is why I switched to WeatherBug (more accurate weather / conditions that are consistently updated)

  • Meteogram Weather Forecast (the one by cloud3squared... search for Meteogram Weather Charts cloud3squared) gives a detailed yet easy-to-read view of the weather... choose from a number of different data sources, and customise the chart almost limitlessly to create the look you want. You can even plot a tide chart, wave height and/or direction, sun and/or moon elevation, sunrise and sunset times, and much more.

  • My personal favourite is Forecast. It has lots of features like alerts, time travel, a dark theme, a tablet specific design, a quick settings tile, a dashclock widget, and a lot more. It uses Openweathermap/Dark Sky and has a material design. Search 'com.bunemekyakilika.android.weather.pro' on the Play Store.

  • I came to this article to find a replacement for AccuWeather which came with my Samsung phone. The problem with it is that it is not consistent within itself, so I never know what number to use. Right now it says the temperature is 44 F (1:04 pm). The hourly forecast says 50 deg at 1 pm. And if you click to go to the website it says 43 with a "real feel" of 33. And that is closer than it usually is. It might be accurate for the current temp, but it's pretty useless for predicting what it will be like in a few hours.

    • I switch to WeatherBug 4 years ago when I had problems with AccuWeather (thank goodness I don't have bloatware involving a weather app on my smartphone).

      Of Interest, my Google Now launcher offers an accurate display of weather daily (do you use a launcher with built-in weather?)

  • After trying many...Weather Timeline is perfect. Well worth the small fee of $1.69 (Canada). I had previously been using Weather Bug which was good also..but found the advertising annoying with no option to stop.

  • I use Weatherbug the most out of these and have found it to be somewhat unreliable in the radar and forecast, unless that's just Florida weather for you.

    However, I am curious and this is why I made an account here - Will Weather Timeline give you alerts for weather you're looking for? Like if you are wanting to get an alert when it's 90F outside, will it let you do this? I'm trying to find an app that will give me something like that and Google's let me down. I don't want something for severe weather, my service provider and Weatherbug both will give me that.

  • NOAA Weather Radar & Alerts got me interested, however you only post a link to the free version. I cannot find the paid version in Google Play Store. So, after downloading the free version from Apalon Apps, I see one 4x3 widget in the "NOAA Weather Radar" category. Phones with a raster width of 5 have been available since 5 years. I always want a weather widget on my home page, and if you've ever tried widgets with the wrong raster width - they look ugly on a modern smartphone. Do I need to wait another 5 years before I might see a 5x2 or 5x3 widget?

  • Not all of these apps work properly. The best one, to my mind, is Morecast (now I use it). It has a great-looking and intuitive interface. Morecast is full of other, kind of, special things, such as webcams that show the weather across the globe, and a weather navigation feature to help you to lay out routes around the bad conditions. Another good one is The Weather Channel ( I tried it. All the information provided is accurate but the widget is bad, settings sometimes cannot be saved). Other apps also have its own pluses and minuses.

  • If you in Australia or NZ check the UVIMate UV Index Widget. It's focused on UV Index data and sun's radiation and protects you from sunburn and skin cancer.

  • gg g Jan 11, 2017 Link to comment

    All weather apps in this article are not accurate, please suggest the best, if any

  • For accuracy, I've long preferred Weather Channel over ANY other weather forecasting; my only discontent with them is the opaque background of their widget. I have the Accuweather widget on my main screen just because it's clear, you can still see the background wallpaper; for a quick view of temp and local conditions, it's ok, but their accuracy of forecasting isn't great. Do any of the apps in this article, other than Accuweather, offer a widget with a clear background? I don't want to mess up my home screen with someone else's idea of a good background color.

  • I personally like Yr.no www.androidweather.net/download-yr.html . It is probably the most accurate weather app.

  • MORECAST is undoubtedly the BEST for its mix of great-looking interface, disposition and amount of weather data, even with nice graphs, and its great variety of customizable widgets for home screen, plus a small temp indicator in the notifics bar. My favourite by far

  • hi i am waseem ,,have any idea about unreal engine

  •   46
    Deactivated Account Nov 27, 2016 Link to comment

    NOAA is the best because it is so diverse. You can normal city or state forecast, plus marine weather forecast, and data from off shore weather buoys.

  • Just an FYI but there are a few links in this article that are not working.. I clicked on the following and got a dead page.

    Weatherbug, Weather Underground, The Weather Channel, Accuweather, and Yahoo Weather all have a link as the first word in the review that are dead.

    By the way, I am partial to an android weather app called F-Chops WeatherPod myself..

  • I'd like have a try~

  • In articles such as this, I would really like to see comments on the widgets that each program has available. And whether or not the data in a widget is persistant when applied to a tablet that is not always connected to the internet. I hate programs with widgets that show all blanks cause it hasn't had a recent update.

  • Radarscope is my app of choice. Best radar app i have seen.

  • I find the best weather app to use is you're local TV station weather app. Most stations have one

    • I agree, but after you install your local station's app, how do you connect it to a widget so the desired weather info displays on your home screen? My local station's app (KSTP in Minneapolis) doesn't appear to have a widget built into it.

  • I vote to include Weather Bomb. It's visuals are stunning & much more useful than the basic % numbers everyone else uses.. (i.e precipitation : When might it Actually rain, etc..)

  • E Weather hd for me great widget customization, accurate, a great radar, emergency alerts.....

  • Mike Aug 29, 2016 Link to comment

    1Weather and Dark Sky for me

  • Dark Sky by a mile. Only an old farmer is better. Yesterday evening the dragon (sorry, mother in law) was planning a dog walk. It'll start raining in 1 minute says I. Rubbish she replied, walking outside, returning 45 seconds later. How did you know? Private line to the Almighty, I replied. You may go out in 30 minutes. She did. She's still confused, but polite and malleable. At 87 she's not taking any chances......

  • Rideau Aug 28, 2016 Link to comment

    The best weather app is... the window. Not very expensive, offline mode and it works for Android and iOs users.

  • Maybe you guys can help. I had a weather app widget on my screen but it vanished and I don't remember who/what the app was. I'd click on it and I got my local weather, daily, hourly, radar, etc. I have a Galaxy S7. It was a small, blue, rounded square with a white circle with a point on the right side of the circle. The icon/widget was on the left side of the screen. The icon could be moved up and down the screen. It would appear on any screen you were on, texts, FB, websites, email, anything/anywhere. I uninstalled/installed 3 weather apps; Weather Channel, Storm, and a local one, Fox10AZ. Don't see it on any of those app's widgets. Anyone recognize it?

    • Hi! I have a Galaxy S7 and I LOVE that widget! It's not actually an app, it's a widget. To find it, long press on your home screen then select "Widgets". Scroll through them to the "W's" and it's listed under "Weather". I believe there are 2 or 3 different styles to chose from. Hope this helps! Good Luck!

  • Google Now is 'simply best'. For me 1Weather, Yahoo Weather and The Weather Channel are the Top Weather Apps.

  • I'm not a big yahoo fan in the least, but for some reason I've allowed it to be my widget for the past few months. I do like the simple yet attractive look, easy access and ability to see multiple cities just by swiping over. However, I somehow had my city in twice and noticed that, while similar in temp, not actually the same temps. At all. So... that feature is what I don't like. I'm off to try others. Well written and informative article!

  • It's a complete shame that somehow none of the 3 I'd recommend even got a nod on this list... Go! Weather, 1Weather, and/or Dark Sky... *tisk, tisk*

  • Cannot find an app with weather systems and fronts. These apps designed for simplicity are not what I need. Now and intelligent were a bust. Weather underground is poor.

    • "Storm" provides Fronts , Storm tracks, Hurricane tracking with projected paths as well as standard info without having to drill down through pages like weather channel. 1 widget available with app maybe more.

  • Hanna Jun 13, 2016 Link to comment

    Thanks for sharing. Btw, first photo made my day :D Very funny :D

  • Well done article.

  • Not only had Google got the Now weather cards, if you ask in Google Now what the weather's today, you will get a Google result with a card type thing. It has a button to add it to the home screen which is a shortcut to an app inside Google Now. This is I think the best overall and in Material Design.

  • Been using Weatherbug since the BB version and I had a BB Storm.

  • I am the author "Pluvia", an innovative 3D weather radar viewer.
    Please search for it on the play store.

  • Transparent Clock and Weather is the winner for me, hands down. It does what it says and is highly configurable in all aspects. Best of all, it is very accurate on location without using GPS and this means a very, very, low impact on battery usage. A must for all those that need accurate, updated, weather forecasts and conditions.

  •   18
    Deactivated Account Feb 19, 2016 Link to comment

    Nice article!

  • K2K Feb 19, 2016 Link to comment

    You completely dropped the ball by not including Weather Timeline - Forecast. This app has a well deigned UI, clear and informative information and a choice of weather providers, since some tend to work better in some areas that others. At $.99, it's money very well spent.

  • I always throw in a recommendation for Fish&Whistle's great Environment Canada app - the only reliable weather service for Canada is the government's, but it took this bright young maritimer to make a slick app for it. Ad-free and a nice little widget.

  • An alternative is to use your phone's browser and visit a weather site. Weather Underground has a good site but the chart has a poor layout. I try not to install an app that has unreasonable permissions.

  • Amber Weather is the best, just give it a try!

  • The best weather widget is Weather Timeline Forecast. It provides incredible features. For instance, the widget colour would be different for each weather. Along with temperature it also displays humidity and air pressure right on the widget.

  • Weather Timeline FTW. Also it has great android wear integration

  • My vote for eWeather by Elecont. Nothing can compare with eWeather.

  • Luka Nov 19, 2015 Link to comment

    The best weather app is Weather Underground hands down. The best widget app is XWidget, as you can have or create any widget you want.

  •   31
    Deactivated Account Nov 19, 2015 Link to comment

    weather timeline needs adding to your list, its simple but detailed with a very nice design, some nice widgets, great choice of icons and a choice of providers, if I had to choose one simple weather app this would be a very close call along with yahoo.

  • storm Nov 19, 2015 Link to comment

    I've been a long term weatherbug user. I use it when I want detailed forecasts. I also have my preferred recreation locations stored so I can monitor weather there for my outdoors fun. I don't use the widget nor keep live updates running.

    But in daily quick use for current temp and quick forecast, Google Now gets more of my eye-time.

  • Im partial to WTFweatherPro myself..

  • Hi Loie... Am desperately looking for an equivalent of the mFlows Dev (I THINK that's the name of the developer! ) widget for animated weather - absolutely LOVED it but it simply doesn't appear to work on my new Android Xperia Z3...All the others seem to either have too much info or no animation or ugly or crammed with ads... Help!

  • Thanks for sharing this article. Was searching similar contents on search engines for a case study. Many thanks.

  • Hi. You could test: The Weather 14 days. A faster Material Design app with nice widgets.

  • K2K Sep 26, 2015 Link to comment

    Weather Timeline is by far one of the best out there and certainly worth of this list

  •   31
    Deactivated Account Sep 25, 2015 Link to comment

    Yahoo, Google now ,BBC and looking outside.... Yahoo has a lovely simple ui, I got a little ocd with the widgets tho, so I use Zooper widgets with Yahoo as weather provider. You mentioned Yahoo,s location issues, I find a slight difference between my home forecast and location forecast, even tho both have same location name when I'm home, a difference which I actually like and find useful, like not relying on one provider......

  • Thanks for sharing this article. Was searching similar contents on google for a case study. Many thanks.
    http:/ /www.mobile.provab.com

  • joost Sep 24, 2015 Link to comment

    "best"..? to me the best wheather app is the one that predicts most accurate..
    but I cant read anything about the reliability of the above mentioned apps.

  • Whether apps drains battery true or false please tell

  • WeatherBug has been my favorite for 3 years
    Google Now seems built into the Google Now Launcher (can you toggle it Off?)
    Transparent Clock / Weather Widget (that doesn't suck up Battery Life) is something Android Users have enjoyed that iPhone Users wish they had (its the ONLY Widget I use)

  • Weather apps are very useful especially if you are always on the go. It gives your the present condition of the place and become prepared when there's rain or storm coming.

  • check weather360, it really worth to be in the list

  • Elecont's Eweather for me too, hour by hour weather is very useful. That along with rain alarm is usually an accurate combination (uk)

  •   11
    Deactivated Account Jul 17, 2015 Link to comment

    I wish scott was my weatherman

    Deactivated Account

  • Eric Jul 16, 2015 Link to comment

    My favorite is eWeather by Elecont. I keep 3 widgets running. An hourly weather clock, a five day forecast, and their GPS linked radar.

  • sorer Jun 15, 2015 Link to comment

    check my weather app

  • I think Amber Weather is one of the great weather app to be mentioned.

  • I wish the developers of WeatherMate gear themselves up for android as well. It's really a cool app with accurate weather updates and a number of other features including weather maps.

  • I have yahoo Weather installed on 8 out of 9 Androids I own (1- is due to incompatibility). It is elegant without all the unnecessary statistics and infomation that cluttered the screen. It has very good background photography collections. That is all I need. 3 day weather forecast? what the hell for?it is never accurate anyway.

  • You could also try Meteogram Widget and App (search for cloud3squared in Play Store): good-looking and informative weather forecast at a glance in a widget, with an interactive app too

  • 1Weather has everything I need... and that says a lot. I appreciate the very accurate forecast and location. I also believe that the UI for the radar is excellent.

  • Can't fault Arcus. Seems to be the only weather app that accurately predicts Scottish weather...

  • Weather Foreseer is a Android weather Widget with new unique features that are introduced for the first time in a weather widget.
    I would appreciate if you would include it with your review :)

  • I use Weather Bug (use to use AccuWeather til that app stopped working properly for me). Its nice Google has weather feature in its Google Now , if you use Yahoo Mail ? Yahoo Weather is ported to it (and opens quickly) and is worth dowmload of the app extension.

  • I've been a long time user of Weather and Clock Widget, but it has been broken even after several recent updates: it won't update the weather and the list of providers is reduced to one, which is greyed out. I came here to see what other app to try, but am discouraged by the inclusion of this nonfunctional app in your list. Did you really test these apps? How recently??

  • Go Weather for me.

    • It would have been really nice to have had a comparison of accuracy, or even compare what gave more conservative information and what not. Weather accuracy is very important to me. I've been using The Weather Channel for the last year, but I'd be interested in how it compares in accuracy, unless they all get the same info from the same place.

  • Weather apps are very useful especially if you are always traveling. It helps you know the current weather in a specific place and therefore, have the idea on what to wear and what to do.

  • Arcus gets listed twice? Must be really good.

  • Intellicast is my favorite weather app on my phone and tablet!!!! I like weather radar here in Florida!!

  • Lee Dec 18, 2014 Link to comment

    I find looking out the window can give you a more accurate weather report 👍😊

  • In Australia I like weather Australia. Simple easy to use and links to the B.O.M.

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