Our top 5 Android and iOS apps to keep your New Year's resolutions

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To start this new year 2022 on the right foot and recover from your eventful New Year's Eve, I offer you every week my selection of the 5 apps for Android and iOS recently released that caught my eye.

This week, I have selected 5 applications to keep your good resolutions. Stop smoking, play sports or work on your mental health, etc. The idea is not to put unnecessary pressure on yourself by self-inflicting your smartphone and notifications. These apps are just a supplement, a little boost that can potentially help you reach your personal goals in 2022.

So I tried to bring you the best possible apps on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. I try to select apps that aren't personal data traps or microtransaction nests. To my own findings, I also add the pearls unearthed by the NextPit community and shared on our forum, which I invite you to consult. We publish this selection every week, you can also consult that of last week here.

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QuitNow! (Android and iOS)

QuitNow! is perhaps the best known app for tracking your smoking cessation and encouraging you to keep quitting. Well there is Tabac Info Service, the government app, but you don't need me or this selection to know it, I think.

QuitNow! simply allows you to track your progress when you decide to quit smoking. It first allows you to make your ex-smoker profile by confronting you with your actual consumption of cigarettes (I refused for a long time to admit that I smoked a pack a day, for example).

Then the app offers you a day-by-day follow-up, to take stock of your weaning step by step, giving you figures on the savings you have made, on the number of days, hours and minutes spent without smoking, "recovered" lifespan as well as a bunch of fairly general health data.

You also have the opportunity to take up challenges launched by the application in order to improve your withdrawal. In any case, everyone has their method and magic recipes do not exist. Personally, I quit smoking cigarettes two years ago and then vape almost a year ago on a whim, after many failed attempts. For what it's worth, I'm sending you strength by Genki Dama Anti-Smoking if you are planning to quit smoking this year.

  • Price: free / Ads: no / In-app purchases: no / Account: not required
5 apps week 52 2021 quitnow
Apps are not a substitute for cigarettes, and neither is the electric cigarette (really not!). / © NextPit

Pointagon (Android and iOS)

Pointagon is a productivity app on Android and iOS that I already told you about in one of my previous picks. With Pointagon, and with a Google account that the app requires you to use, you can create custom challenges to complete in groups with your loved ones. You can choose a start and end date and set a set of rules.

What's nice is that the app plays up the competitive aspect by displaying a leaderboard of the most productive members and a win counter. The app is supposed to contain ads, but I didn't see any during my short usage. An in-app purchase allows you to access the premium version of the app, which is simply to get rid of the ads.

I find the "gamification" aspect very enjoyable, and the fact of combining this system with a competitive dimension and the group effect makes it easier to motivate yourself. On the other hand, the interface could have used a little more love in my opinion.

  • Price: free / Ads: yes / In-app purchases: yes / Account: Required
5 pointagon week 52 2021 apps
Pointagon's interface is a bit too basic for my taste / © NextPit

FitNotes (Android and iOS)

FitNotes is a sports application on Android that serves as a training log to track your various exercises and your progress over time. An eponymous app also exists on iOS, with exactly the same functionality and a very similar interface.

Did I miss leg day again? Stop asking yourself this question and instead go check your FitNotes calendar to see if you trained your chicken legs or not last week.

You can add multiple exercise types for multiple body parts and enter the number of sets etc. to keep an accurate log of everything you did at the gym. You can also sort your calendar by exercise type and even create your own routines based on the exercises you do most often. The app is free, contains no ads, and does not require you to create an account.

  • Price: free / Ads: no / In-app purchases: no / Account: not required
5 apps week 52 2021 fitnotes
FitNotes serves as a training log to track your exercises and your progress over time / © NextPit

Fabulous Daily Routine Planner (Android and iOS)

Fabulous Daily Routine Planner is a wellness app on Android and iOS. The app is a bit of a gas factory of meditation exercises, to-do lists and planning. The idea is to get you to create a healthier daily routine geared towards achieving a wellness goal such as weight loss, better self-esteem, socializing or opening up to others, better sleep patterns, etc....

The application is paid and will cost you $49.99 per year billed in one go (no monthly subscription) and you have a free trial period of 7 days, which I find far too short to get a good idea of this application. Because Fabulous offers nearly a dozen "journeys" with several steps, each punctuated by several tasks to accomplish to establish this famous routine.

The app promises to help you change your life "in 19 days". Basically, it's an all-in-one app that will nudge you a bit or even pull you by the hand with push notifications to motivate you to adopt a healthier routine. The app contains ads in the free version, but no other in-app purchases except for the Pro version.

  • Price: free / Ads: yes / In-app purchases: yes (pro version) / Account: required
5 apps week 52 2021 fabulous
The first use of Fabulous is disconcerting because there is so much information to digest / © NextPit

Neo: Travel Your Mind (Android and iOS)

Neo: Travel Your Mind is a meditation application on Android and iOS. No statistics, no notifications and no subscription fee. Neo: Travel Your Mind is an invitation to introspection.

Let yourself be carried away by the inspiring landscapes, the original music and the inviting and soothing voice of your meditation guide. From the homepage, you tap one of the magic pebbles that will transport you to a special place that fits the mood of your choice, and then the mindfulness meditation exercise can begin.

I like this application because it integrates a notion of progression in the exercises that you can also visualize via a map, a bit like in a video game. The music is well-chosen and always coherent according to the virtual place of meditation that you have chosen. Neo: Travel Your Mind contains no ads and does not require the creation of any account. On the other hand, it contains in-app purchases to unlock additional music, for example.

  • Price: free / Ads: no / In-app purchases: yes / Account: not required
5 apps week 52 2021 neo travel your mind
Touch the magic pebble, go ahead / © NextPit

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What do you think of this selection? Have you already been able to test some apps on this list? What would your Android and / or iOS apps be for the week? And what are your good resolutions for this new year 2022?

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