3 ways Apple could make Android better

3 ways Apple could make Android better

You may recall recently that Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, said that there's nothing really keeping Apple out of the Android market and that there's no reason why Apple couldn't play in two markets at once. While it's pretty unlikely Apple would ever release an Android device, the idea is interesting. Of course, Android's open platform means Apple are entirely welcome to do so if they wish. So, if Apple made an Android phone, how would it be better than a current Android phone? Here's what I think.

iphone5s android teaser
What could Apple do better on an Android device than Android does? / © Apple, Google, AndroidPIT

Updates would be instantaneous

Because Apple only have a small handful of devices to update, when they release a new version of iOS the update is pretty much instantaneous. So if Apple made an Android phone, it stands to reason there would only be one or two of them and perhaps a tablet or two, so when a new Android update was released by Google, it's highly likely that once Apple were done with their tweaks to it that it would be rolled out to pretty much everyone all at once, meaning instant uptake across the board of Apple-made Android devices. I'd like to see that with an Android OEM.

Android Update Support Chart
Say what you like about Apple, but they certainly update their devices better than Android. / © Fidlee.com

Android would run smoother

Call me an Apple fanboy if you like, but the truth is that iOS generally runs smoother than Android. Sure, Android openness makes up for any instabilities, bugs or crashes for most of us, but when you compare the general polish of iOS releases to Android ones, including apps, you'd have to admit that Android could use a little more refinement (Apple could too, of course, but just think back to the Android 4.3 update provided by Samsung recently and the millions of unsatisfied customers waiting for months for a fix. That would never happen at Apple). And refinement is what Apple does best. Android done by Apple's industrious software engineers could be a seamless, polished product like Android has never seen on its own. Android that runs as smoothly as iOS? I'd like to see that too.

iphone5s galaxys4 teaser
What kind of Android skin or forked version would Apple do with Android? / © NextPit

Apple tech in an Android device

As our recent comparison between Sony's Xperia Z1 Compact and the iPhone 5s clearly showed, Apple have some serious hardware on their hands. The optimization of their software and hardware is seriously impressive, whether you're talking general usage or benchmark testing. We're happy with the Z1 Compact as by far the best small-screened Android device out there, but if you could get an iPhone 5s running Android there would no comparison whatsoever. Plus, Apple make very nice looking and well built devices, so that's also a bonus, and if Apple's app store eligibility checks and design standards were spread across the board too, suddenly you'd have a polished, integrated user experience on Android too.

sony z1 compact iphone 5s
We had high hopes for the Xperia Z1 Compact to be a solid iPhone 5s competitior, but the reality is it's not even close. / © NextPit

If this all sounds terribly unlikely just think that Samsung had Tizen ready to roll before deciding to play nice with Google recently, so why couldn't Apple fork Android and make their own app store and so on? It's worth a thought, and considering Android prices just keep getting higher and higher, the price differential between Android and Apple is starting to diminish also. Still, there's some things Android fans have become very attached to, like removable batteries, customization tweaks, microSD expansion, NFC, USB OTG and so on. What could you live without? What could Apple bring to the table?

What can you imagine from an Apple phone running Android? Would you buy one?

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  • Coda Mar 1, 2014 Link to comment

    This blogger and this post to me only come across as uniformed. IPhone users waited how long for the maps fix? Is it fixed yet? What about the ip4 radio fixes?

    The writer has never compared an iPhone to a Nexus device or did so with the Apple beer goggles.

  • Don't compare apple devices to Samsung devices on time between updates and update stability, you should compare them to a true android stock phone such as Nexus devices that get stable updates as soon as this ones get available

  • The only thing I think Apple might bring that users would really appreciate if they did this is the higher memory capacity in recent iPhone models, going all the way up to 128GB, if I had this much memory in my phone I might not need a micro SD card. Although I'd still want USB OTG capability in both a phone or tablet with that much memory, for both flash drive use and use of other peripherals.

  • iMaC74 Feb 13, 2014 Link to comment

    lol Apple can't even make there own iOS better let alone Android 😏

  • The build quality would be a major selling point. The price probably wouldn't be though.
    The reason iPhones seem smoother is to do with iOS rather than spec; an apple-built android wouldn't be any smoother than an equivalent spec phone from any other maker. I'd definitely contemplate an apple gpe phone though.

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