What Samsung needs to do to win fans back

What Samsung needs to do to win fans back

We recently posed the question to our readers: what would Samsung have to do to really surprise you? We had some pretty interesting responses, but the one thing that would bring the biggest wow moment is something we've all been saying for years. Can you guess what it is?

Samsung has us spoiled for choice, but what would really wow us? © ANDROIDPIT

Removable bloatware

No prizes for guessing this was the one thing above all else that Samsung fans want. The interesting part is that we all know everyone would like to have removable bloatware – or rather, not have it in the first place – but this survey was about what would surprise you the most if Samsung actually did it. It seems that for all our hopes and dreams of a way to easily uninstall pre-loaded Samsung apps, we don't think it's likely to happen. Still, this is probably the easiest thing for Samsung to do, and it would have the biggest impact, so...Samsung? Are you listening?

  • Want to vent about too much bloatware?
google samsung apps
We all know Samsung likes to duplicate Google apps, but it seems no one wants them. © Ars Technica

New design

In second place we have a complete design overhaul. Again, not a particularly hard thing to do, but something we haven't seen from Samsung in a long, long time. If what we've already seen of the Galaxy Note 4 is any indication, the design overhaul isn't coming this year, and not everyone is a fan of the metal-clad Galaxy Alpha either. So what kind of design changes does Samsung need to make you happy? Let us know in the comments.

galaxy s5 concept
There's no shortage of crazy concepts for a Samsung design overhaul. © USwitch

Lower the price

In the land of Things That Are Never Gonna Happen, Samsung dropping their price is king. Not surprisingly, this possibility easily took the third spot of things that would seriously wow us if Samsung actually did it. Considering our list: removable bloatware, new design and a lower price, these all seem entirely possible, however unlikely. But if manufacturers want to know what their customers really want, lists like this should be a market research goldmine. Here's the full list of responses:

Our Samsung wow factor survey had some interesting responses.  © ANDROIDPIT

How likely do you think these wishes are? Will we ever see a bloat-free, newly designed Galaxy?

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  • Samsung is very good but I think there should be smaller phones as well. It's true that people are using them almost as computers or tablets but they're not and they shouldn't be bigger than mans pocket because I for example still fell most comfortable carrying them there since I don't like wearing bags and such things.

  • I think that samsung is great already but I would like to see improvements to the edge and I would also like to see and I would like to see more of the galaxy alpha's skin on future phones however title is less attractive it is more durable and I know I miggot sound crazy but they should get rid of the 7 in tab line an make a the note 5 have a 6 in dis play with the amoled edge in tired on both sides of the phone

  • Please let us write to the sd card without plugging in to the pc. I want to be able to d/l a movie and put it straight on to the sd card.

  • Considering the Note 4, I'm impressed that at least two out of three things on this list have been done. Well, one and a half anyway, with a partial design makeover. Even though there's still some Samsung bloatware there's waaay less than before. Now we just need to get the price lower...

    • My1 Oct 29, 2014 Link to comment

      seriously? that sounds nice. now we need to Kill the knox flag...

      • Did you read about the Knox PIN supposedly being easy to hack @Philipp? Not sure if it's true or what that means for modding on Android 5.0 but I'll be keeping an eye on the story.

      • My1 Oct 29, 2014 Link to comment

        But even if the password for the container gets hacked it won't kill the flag... Since you can't create a container in the first place, if you are 0x1...

  • The GS5 wasn't a big enough step up from my GS4 to bother. The GS6 should be 64 bit and at least have the option of different UI themes including AOSP (Nexus) theme. The GS6 should also have either 3 or 4 GB of RAM and a faster memory bus.

  • My1 Aug 27, 2014 Link to comment

    no New design just kill off the bloatware, lower the price and give us back our menu button...

    and make better updates

  • (With respect to all Samsung fans)
    (in my opinion)
    SAMSUNG never make me happy, because sammy have everything bad from all companies:
    Make costumers fool by features, like Apple.
    Make low quality devices like no-name companies.
    Doesn't care about costumer support like Sony (smartphones).
    and they never change their strategy like already DEAD Nokia.
    and finally sell smartphones with high price and spend that money on advertisement.
    The gadget which I spend 4-5 hours worth of my day on it, must be RELIABLE.

  • Curl up and die? Now to the point of liking even an iphone better !!! Go back to care about customers .... Impossible .. They did become fat and mean

  • Give the option to install a clean "nexus like" rom.

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