The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel

Forgot your umbrella on your daily commute to work? Didn’t wear gloves on your morning jog? With The Weather Channel app you’ve got the latest weather forecasts right in the palm of your hand. The app provides you with important information for any location, including weather trends, maps and more.


Reviewed version Latest version
2.3.22 Varies with device

Features & Use

The Weather Channel is must have app for just about every Android phone. With its help, you can always stay on top of the current weather as well as check the latest 36-hour or 10 day forecast. You can also add multiple locations to a list that includes the current temperature and precipitation. Get more details about a specific location by clicking on it and viewing additional information such as wind speed, humidity or even the “feels like” temperature.
For those of you that need more accurate forecasts, you have the option of determining your precise location with the built-in GPS. This can come in handy if you are outside a populated area camping, in the country or sailing out at sea.

By clicking on map, you get a picture of the entire surrounding area. You can customize your map by selecting different map layers:

  • Traffic
  • Radar
  • Clouds
  • Clouds/Radar
  • Curr. Temperature
  • 24hr Rainfall
  • 24hr Snowfall
  • Curr. Windspeed.

Pushing the little car icon opens up a live picture from nearby traffic cameras.

You can access the following options via the menu button:

  • Search (Search for places by name or zip code)
  • Add New (Add new locations)
  • Video (Watch a Weather Channel Report).
  • My Location (Pinpoint your exact location using GPS or wireless networks)
  • Map (Go into Map Mode)
  • Help (A thorough guide on how to use the app)

The short video played is the Weather Channel Report, which displays the weather for the nearest large city. When I was in Upstate New York, the video weather forecast was for New York City (about 2 hours south of where I was actually located).

In general, the app is much more in-depth and detailed than the built-in HTC Weather app on my Hero. It is also more precise and works well in rural areas. The incorporated traffic report is also a cool addition.

The app also includes a neat little widget that you can place on your desktop. The widgets vary in size from large, small to wide. In your widget settings, you can set up an audio/vibrate notification for severe weather alerts.

Bottom Line: The Weather Channel is an extremely practical app for the Android phone. The features included were extremely useful, especially for people that need to know the weather in multiple locations at once, especially commuters and travelers.


Screen & Controls

Weather Channel is a really well structured app that is a pleasure to navigate around. All the pages are clear and concise: not too much text, no clutter and a decent design. The app is extremely intuitive to use.

Speed & Stability

Nach dem Klick dauert es 3 Sekunden bis die Einstiegsseite erscheint. Danach erfolgen die Seitenaufrufe bis auf die Kartenansicht augenblicklich. Aber auch bei der Kartenansicht ist die Verzögerung verständlich, muss hier das Kartenmaterial online nachgeladen werden.

It took about 3 seconds for the app to initially load. After that all the screens loaded instantly, except for the map view. It takes a little moment for the app to load the map data from the web.

Price/Performance Ratio

The Weather Channel app is available to download for free. The app does include a small ad banner at the bottom of the screen.


The Weather Channel The Weather Channel The Weather Channel The Weather Channel The Weather Channel

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  • steve Sep 28, 2016 Link to comment

    Love a weather forecast when they get it right.

  • Peter Long Feb 2, 2011 Link to comment

    I'm pretty satisfied with the built-in weather widget with the HTC clock. I enjoy the on screen animation.

  • Patricia S. Feb 1, 2011 Link to comment

    Pretty good weather widget. I've found it to be accurate and simple to use. allows you to enter multiple locations. I work 70+ miles away from home so I can monitor the weather there, here and at my mom's. However, a friend has a Blackberry and his weather app is fabulous. Haven't found one to compare for android. HTC Hero

  • Silas Shafer Sep 25, 2010 Link to comment

    Three times this week rain wasn't in the forecast. I took my motorcycle out and got soaked. I don't find it to be accurate.

  • FalcoN Sep 21, 2010 Link to comment

    Cannot find it in market.why?

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