Galaxy Note 2 Android 4.3 update misses the mark

Galaxy Note 2 Android 4.3 update misses the mark

You may recall just last week that I reported that the rollout of Android 4.3 to North American Samsung customers with a Galaxy S3 or Galaxy S4 was almost complete, even though many users had not yet received the OTA update. Those with the Galaxy Note 2 seemed to be next in line and yet so far only Sprint has rolled out the scheduled update with the other major carriers having nothing to show as December 2nd came and went.

Note 2 Android 4 3
Jelly Bean may still look to be far away, but it is on the horizon. / © Samsung; AndroidPIT

International versions of the Note 2 have been getting Jelly Bean for weeks now, while in the US only Sprint customers have anything to show for their patience. Verizon were scheduled to release Android 4.3 to the Note 2 on Friday last week, but that date came and went with nothing happening and no news as to why. T-Mobile, US Cellular and AT&T are all expected to release the update this week, but no one got off to a fine start on Monday, and customers continue to wait.

While it may be frustrating to wait longer than expected, if the update happens without any of the problems that have plagued the North American Canadian carriers continue to push out the update, with some smaller carriers getting it out successfully before the big guns to the south.

Are you waiting patiently for the Note 2 update? What is your feedback on the carrier response to the update?

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  • Israel. Nexus 7 received OTA 3 weeks ago. Note 2 still waiting. Can't remember if I had 4.1.2 or I had one update in past year

  • Samsung Note 2 on Telus. Found the upgrade from 4.1 to 4.3 was more of downgrade in functionality. Quick Navigation toggle button for Mobile data is now gone. Need to turn on mobile data to text multi-recipients. Battery life has dropped. Read text to speak is now gone. I am PO'd! How do I rollback to 4.1.

  • I have the Note II on Sprint and woke up to an OTA update this morning (Indiana), but I see some bad reviews on the web. My phone works fine the way it is, and I don't want to use Galaxy Gear or Knox. Stories of lock screen issues, decreased battery life and charging times are all over the place.... A factory reset is suggested to fix issues but who wants to do that? That is time consuming! Has anyone updated and had a good experience?

    • Hey @Chris, from what I've read, the Note 2 hasn't had half the problems as the S3 and S4 (in that order), but if you're happy with your current version then I'd suggest sticking with it, at least until all this blows over and everyone is happy that the update is stable and working as expected.

  • Samsung really dropped the ball here....I switched from Apple thinking that Samsung had their sh-t
    Together. ....its obvious that these big companies strive for market share, then turn their backs on the very customers that help make it happen.
    Shame on you....all Samsung will get out of this....helping LG, HTC, etc...
    Get better market share!!! Congratulations Samsung on your latest marketing strategy.

  • My phone works fine...didn't need 4.3 upgrade and it doesn't seem to improve much on an already better-than-perfect phone (Galaxy Note II). So how much of a whiner do you have to be to make noise about a delay in the rollout of this update? Also, how much free time do you have to have to be out researching when the next update is due so that you can know when to be upset that you haven't received it yet? It showed up on my phone, THEN I decided to find out what it was and became annoyed by the whiny tone from the online media and such. I'll bet most of the whiners never debugged a line of code in their lives. Sure there are plenty of legitimate things to complain about out there, I feel this wasn't one of them.

  • Running 4.3 on Sprint Note 2. East coast USA. Did not wait for OTA. Used Kies and it recognized need for update. Worked for Note 2 and S3 on Sprint network. 4.3 working good on both devices. Improvements are difficult to see.

  • This delay is pretty timely for me. I've been waiting for the Nexus 10 2013 to be released. Got tired of the wait (overdue by a month) and decided to look at the Note 10 2014. Almost purchased it until I realized my Note 2 hasn't received it's update and probably would never had gotten one if it wasn't for Samsung wanting more devices able to communicate with their watches (aka wearables).

  • Ive just been so anxious waiting for this update and I feel pretty let down by this delay. I mean I would be absolutely fine if I just had "Hey we have delayed the update for technical difficulties but we are working on fixing them immediately" or something line that but with nothing at all is pretty frustrating

    • Hi @Xavierr, you're right: no response is insulting to customers. It's not hard to say: ''we're sorry, there's problems but we'll let you know as soon as we fix them'', but to hear nothing is not very good customer service. Maybe you can stop paying your bill and when they ask for it tell them it's because they never told you anything about when the update should arrive. If everyone did this... ;)

  • I have the galaxy note 2 on Sprint. I still have not gotten my update.....

    I'm thinking about just rooting and installing CM10.2 or something...

    I'm tired of waiting

    • Scott... Did you try update on kies and not ota? Ota did not work for me but kies worked for me last week. I am on East coast.

    • Try the tigra rom. Not only do you get a very stable rom 4.3, but you also get about 95% of the Note 3 funtions and apps! I have on mine it it is phenominal. Only catch is you need a n7100 international version or it won't work. Your must also be rooted.

  • Maybe I'll purchase a Nexus phone next year when my contract expires, that's the only way I'll get all the software updates

    • Not a bad move @Jason. I never knew why everyone buys other devices (especially if they hate waiting for updates) when Nexus are cheaper, just as good specs-wise and get immediate updates and all of Google's attention if there's a problem. I don't need eye tracking and air gestures, I just want a speedy cheap phone that gets firmware updates! A nicer camera and speakers would be nice though...and expandable memory and removable battery...ok, now I remember why people buy other phones!

      • My1 Dec 4, 2013 Link to comment

        I dont need exe-tracking either, but I rly like my S-pen on Note 3 and the best, I just payed 104€ for my Note 3 (NOT on contract) on 1st Nov when buying it since I got my money back from the Note 2 in September. (the second tome)

  • im tired of waiting Samsung has really let its customers down this time

  • It might be "rolling out", but it has not reached Canada yet!!!!!

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