5 iPhone X features that all new phones will have soon

5 iPhone X features that all new phones will have soon

A long time has passed since Apple was known for pioneering new technologies. Other manufacturers do that now. But the Californian company has a strong tradition of assuming features used by other manufacturers, making them better and more suited for the masses, and then integrating them into their own devices. This is precisely what happened with the iPhone X and iPhone 8.

Not just the design is new with the anniversary phone. The iPhone X also includes breakthrough technology and features. By virtue of their association with the new iPhone, these things will also find their way into the wider smartphone market. 

Face ID

By removing Touch ID, Apple has taken the iPhone X in a radical new direction. The company invented the fingerprint sensor four years ago, claiming it to be the safest guard against unauthorized access. The technology initially drew criticism from Data Protection bodies, but soon became widely accepted. The case of facial recognition will be exactly the same. It has existed for a while on Android and even Windows. But we've come to expect that Apple will deliver a better performance than its competition. It'll be interesting to see how well the system can recognize faces in dark lighting. If needed, you can always revert to the reliable (but comparatively insecure) PIN entry. 

apple iphone x 05
The iPhone X can be locked with your face. / © Apple

Wireless charging

Apple has a justified reputation of preferring its own proprietary technologies over recognized standards. The fact that the iPhone still lacks a USB port is testament to this. But with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, Apple is changing its tune by supporting the Qi standard for wireless charging. Qi made headlines in 2012 when a deal was announced with Ikea to incorporate such wireless charging stations into furniture. The new iPhone will boost Qi and induction charging in general. Other manufacturers with devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3 or the Nokia Lumia 920 or the Google Nexus 4 couldn't do this. We hope that the industry will finally declare war on the issue of tangled cables. 

apple iphone x 10
Charging without cables. It doesn't get easier.  / © Apple

Augmented Reality

AR, VR and Mixed Reality were big themes at the IFA, and present at many stands. Against expectations, Apple hasn't introduced its own AR or VR goggles, but instead devoted itself to the software side of things with ARKit. At its presentation, Apple demonstrated various scenarios where the iPhone X could be used for AR and other applications. This enterprise from Apple will shake the industry, and many companies even outside the circle of hardware manufacturers will observe what happens closely.

apple iphone x 11
ARKit tries to make AR mainstream. / © Apple

(Almost) Bezel-less displays

The iPhone X hasn't earned the coveted 'bezel-less display' stamp any more than the Galaxy S8, LG V30 or Xiaomi Mi Mix 2. There'll always be a slight frame around the display. But it's clear to see there is a movement among manufacturers to increase the display surface area in relation to overall phone size. The iPhone X will lend this movement wings. Other manufacturers will also incorporate a notch or cutout at the top around the earpiece and front camera, as we've already seen with the Essential Phone. The bezel-less trend torch is already being taken up by Wiko, for example. At IFA 2017, the French manufacturer introduced the entry level Wiko View smartphone with even thinner bezels than before.

apple iphone x 02
Displays without wide bezels will soon become standard. / © Apple


"Animated emoji" are snappily contracted into the word Animoji. These can use the front camera to superimpose your facial expressions onto an animated symbol. But they won't only stay on the iPhone. Animojis have a great potential for fun that Android manufacturers will also want to capture. Whether this works just as well as the iPhone X, with its versatile front camera, remains to be seen. But in one form or another, we'll see Animojis soon on Android smartphones and on messenger apps like WhatsApp or Telegram. 

apple iphone x 07
Animojis are fun and will soon come to Android.  / © Apple

What do you think? Will these things really appear on most smartphones? Or have I missed something that the competition will definitely consider closely. Let's discuss in the comment section.

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  • djsat2 Sep 21, 2017 Link to comment

    The author is this article needs to check they are in the correct job, this is badly written and completely untrue in some areas. I don't come to an Android blog/magazine to read about iPhone, i don't care about iPhone. Make stick to the subject or go write for another publication.

  • All these gimmicks are old hat now and some have been going for a number of years so nothing new really. Plus everyone is going bezeless crazy? Maybe looks ok but severely weakens the phones strength as people will find out once they've dropped it you only need to ask S8 owners.

  • Apple is gonna reinvent older designs by others and then have you making faces at pieces of poop. Nice going Apple. That's so 2017 of you and just think it's only 1,000 dollars, what will they think of next!

  • storm Sep 20, 2017 Link to comment

    Except for AR, these are gimmicks, not features. And I'm not sure AR had progressed beyond the gimmick stage either.

  • Apple did not invent the fingerprint sensor.

  • What absolute rubbish, Apple has not invented anything new, granted it may be a possibility that Apple may have a slightly better QI wireless charging but it's a huge maybe..
    Face id - manufacturers were naturally moving away from fingerprint id due to bezelless displays.
    Bezelless display - again manufacturers were naturally moving to this design - regardless of Apple.

    Apple have clearly thrown out the design ethos in favour of copying other manufacturers designs, it can be said that they do things better, absolute rubbish.

    Apple appears to be a great designer device, but it is they're to serve those members of the public who are stupid sheep 🐑 and are happy to be completely ripped off just to appear "Cool & hip".

    It would be pertinent for you to have mentioned how much Apple paid you to write this article....

    Peace 🖖

    • D. L. Sep 27, 2017 Link to comment

      What's more hilarious, is any Android owner can make his phone look & act just like IPhone for half as much money!

  • ljhaye Sep 19, 2017 Link to comment

    The sad reality is that apple popularizes many individual Android features. Of course Android had all of these features ahead of Apple on one phone or another but who is going to buy 5 different android phones to get those features. The iPhone combines several features into one package as the world's best selling phone taking the niche feature from an obscure Android OEM mainstream. Google then creates Android API's for the now popular feature for the Android OS allowing all of the manufactures to get the same feature as the original Android OEM that tried to differentiate itself with.

    The best example of this is the obscure Motorola Atrix phone with fingerprint scanner (which sucked). Motorola was the first phone with the fingerprint scanner but literally no one (Android OEM's, Google, nor people in general) cared or even noticed. Apple then introduces touch ID & Apple Pay and now every Android manufacture cares about it and Google creates API's in the android OS for it. Not to mention that Google also drops Google wallet to create Android Pay.

    In Android land we are not going to buy every new phone with a gimmick but we will demand feature parity with the iPhone. Hence the overwhelming popularity of Samsung which unabashedly has stated that they will maintain feature and product parity with APPLE REGARDLESS OF GOOGLE'S ANDROID VISION.

  • Burcet Sep 19, 2017 Link to comment

    Most of the these features are already available. My 2.5 year old S6 Edge has wireless charging, Xiaomi Mi Max/Mi Max 2 has bezel-less design and phones like VivoV7Plus also comes with Face unlock feature. All of them are much less expensive than the iPhone X.

    • D. L. Sep 27, 2017 Link to comment

      Heck, my old 2012 HTC EVO 4g LTE, HAD facial recognition to unlock. I did a side by side spec comparison with iPhone 6 when our son got one, and it was very close, and HTC actually beat the 6 in several area's. Of course, I sent the results to the kid, with rows of Smiley faces!

  • So basically the improvements and advancements that Apple have created are features for if your a big kid, a $1000 for a phone that's doesn't even have a finger print scanner in it? Ridiculous, nothing new is created here, software wise, there is already apps online that do some of the features Apple is bragging about in this phone. But hey I guess this is good if I want to look like a ******** and send my mate an animated moving emoji!

    (Edited by staff for language)

  • Boring 💤 all features that you are portraying as new ideas because its an iphone have been out for a year or two, bet isheep will think WOW? 😂

  • NMH Sep 19, 2017 Link to comment

    "Other manufacturers with devices like the Samsung Galaxy S3 or the Nokia Lumia 920 or the Google Nexus 4 couldn't do this"

    Nice one, you're comparing the iphone X with 5 years old phones 😂😂

    • Absolutely right.. Android PIT and other such guys are comparing iPhone X with new phone on our beloved Android world. Though they should compare shitty iPhone X with 4 to 5 years old phones in android world which are now obsolete.

  • Why?should you have to pay extra for wireless charging, when you have already paid over the top for a phone, if it was offering fast charging it might be worth buying ,Apple and Samsung are going to make the rest over value there phones now,once you start a trend the others like to follow in the trend,so soon loads of Top phones will be not so successful because people can't afford to buy them,something needs to be done soon to stop them overpricing phones,we had this with tvs once they were way over priced,but as soon as people stopped buying them the prices became more affordable, so hope the phone produces do same with there Premium phones

  • As usual taking android things and making them there own.

  • I see the X is geared for 11 yr olds with emojis. That's the dumbest damn thing I've ever heard. Plus, no home button, no fingerprint scanner, no micro s/d slot, and what's with the black bar on the display? Wow all this for the cheap price of 999.00. Then the charging brick, 75.00 dollars added on to the 999.00. Yikes, I think I want to be X out! Good luck with this iphoneX!

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