Can Android compete with these iPhone 6s camera specs?

Can Android compete with these iPhone 6s camera specs?

The iPhone 6s camera will have high-end specs to compete with the latest flagships, according to clues found within the source code of iOS 9. If these iPhone 6s camera specs are accurate, this would represent one of the biggest hardware leaps the iPhone's camera has ever had.

androidpit iphone 6 galaxy s6 front camera
The Galaxy S6 (back) and iPhone 6s (front). / © ANDROIDPIT

The news surfaced after an iOS developer found source code text which suggested that the front-facing camera could capture 1080p video, shoot in 240 fps slow-motion, capture panoramic images and would have a flash. iOS developer Hamza Sood included the information in a Tweet sent yesterday, and while the iOS 9 code discovered certainly seems to be genuine, there’s no guarantee that these features will make it onto the iPhone 6s.

That being said, Apple will certainly improve its “selfie camera” technology, as the 1.2 MP front-facing camera currently in the iPhone 6 now seems grossly underpowered. With a 5 MP front-facing camera in the iPhone 6s, the rear camera is likely to pack 13 MP sensor.

While this would put the iPhone 6s front-facing camera on-par with the Galaxy S6 (and LG G4) in terms of raw pixel-count, the Galaxy S6 camera shoots in QHD (2560 x 1440 pixels) on its front facing camera, meaning it still beats it in terms of playback resolution.

We know from experience that these raw numbers don't count for much and there are many more factors at play which affect image quality. iPhone camera specs are often "mid-range" on paper, but have a reputation for producing high-quality images. With the iPhone 6s potentially coming even closer to the Android competition in cold numbers, there's every chance it could truly outshine the other 2015 flagships this year.

Do you think the iPhone 6s will present a significant threat to Android devices in terms of performance? Let us know in the comments below.  

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  • Who cares???
    I'm not gonna trade my unlocked n6 for apples anything!!!!
    When was the last time you printed any picture you've taken with your phone???????
    Take a picture of anything at all...does you absolutely no good at all if you're sending it to someone else with a lesser display....
    The picture is only as good as the screen its being viewed on !!!!
    1080p picture viewed on a 480p screen is still a 480p picture !!!!

  • HTC Desire EYE and flash for the front facing camera so nothing new there. And the Galaxy S6 cannot shot in 4K with it's front facing camera. The S6 has a 5MP from facing camera and you need 8 for 4K

  • Apple has always produced excellent shooters...I wouldn't doubt if they do the same again!

  • Of course this is huge. As mentioned, Apple has always had a reputation for producing consistently great images with its camera, and buy upping the ante in this sort of pixel count and resolution, it will most definitely have the best camera around (including its other updates). It will be interesting to see with the recent release of the S6 and G4, both of which sporting wonderful cameras.

  • If Apple can make it right with their low light performance then these upgrades will be a serious threat to Android manufacturers. Since Apple is boosting the megapixel count I seriously hope they work with low light performance since now each pixel will be smaller. That's why they've been able to do so good with their 8mp rear shooter. With most of the updates focusing on the front camera and things like slow-motion, it's bound to be great. This will be the first year that the money you put into an iPhone will get you something out of it.

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