How to Watch the Olympics on Your Android, No Matter Where You Are

How to Watch the Olympics on Your Android, No Matter Where You Are

If you're outside the U.S. and U.K., trying to watch streaming video of the Olympics can be a profoundly frustrating ordeal. Thankfully, the open nature of Android allows you to bypass borders, restrictions and the Queen of England's laser cats, so you can watch all 5,535 streaming hours of the Olympics on your mobile device, wherever you are. How? Read on to find out!

Step One: Root Your Device

First, you have to have a rooted device. Yeah, I know, that can be a pain in the ass. But it's worth it just to be able the following awesome app. Rooting guide here.

Step Two: Make Sure Flash Is Installed

If Flash isn't installed, you won't be able to watch video on the BBC app. If you've installed Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, this could be a problem, as Flash no longer is supported on versions above 4.0. You'll have to sideload the APK from another source and hope for the best. 

Step Two: Download "Market Enabler."

The app, which tricks Google Play into thinking your in a different country than you actually are, was taken off Google Play, but you can download it directly by clicking here. We promise it's the real deal.

Step Three: For Country, Pick the U.K.

That way, Google will think you're a biscuit-munching Brit.

Step Four: Download the BBC iPlayer from Google Play

Just make sure you have already installed Flash on your device, and you now have access to the best Olympics coverage around. 

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  • red Aug 4, 2012 Link to comment

    Special Thanks to you, Steven!! I FINALLY, got my SGS4G rooted.

    The problem I was having was SuperOneClick wasnt responding. The solution was to stay at the PC, reading and watching the links you gave me, while my phone was connected to the PC in debugging mode. This allowed the PC to search and install for the correct drivers - three of them. Took a while, but I was already glued to the screen and I might as well let the thing keep searching for those new device (the smartphone) drivers. I feel like such a dumb, but better that I might share my finding with those who might be stuck, like I was.

    I want to thank you Steven for your helpful hand and support in that I wasn't alone. Android Pit is known to me as a warm community, which is sometimes hard to find.

    OK, so now I get to do rooting things. :-D

    Thanks again!!!

  • red Aug 4, 2012 Link to comment

    Thank you Steven. Give me a couple of days to watch, read and try and I'll report back. I really want this. I can't stand maps and drive smart data connecting (and others) automatically.

    Talk to you soon!

  • Super One Click might just not work with your device.

    This thread looks promising, and I would recommend taking a look at it:

  • red Aug 3, 2012 Link to comment

    Heya Steven: I would be ever so grateful for help. I accept your kind offer.

    I get stuck at the PC very soon after I launch the "root" button on Super One Click. It appears to be working, but it's actually not responding according to Task Manager.

    I will watch the youtube link you posted.

    in the meantime, where will I communicate? This thread? I will return here shortly to find out.

    Thank you so very much!

  • Red, where are you getting stuck? Perhaps we could give you some personalized rooting instructions.

    Also, check out this video "How to root Samsung Galaxy S I9000"

  • red Aug 2, 2012 Link to comment

    I'm sorry to be such a dumb, the rooting guide vid series links seem to be broken for me and I am stuck - never could get the rooting to work. Can someone confirm the link to the 2nd vid is not broken? Thanks guys!

  • kss imkum, I'm sorry it's doing that to you, but it's working over here. Are you sure Flash is enabled and everything?

  • it gusses the location. after everything. root/market enable / downloading iplayer. the player itself checks for location!

  • If you're running Jelly Bean on an un-rooted phone you can't even watch it in the UK.

  • Funny, I'm watching it right here in Germany. Did these steps not work for you? Tell me why, and I'll tell you what you did wrong.

  • bugus . time wasted! bbc iplayer only works in uk

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