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Dreame X40 Ultra Review: A Robot Vacuum Cleaner in its Own Class

nextpit Dreame X40 Test Review
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Dreame's latest flagship model, the X40 Ultra, boasts the highest suction power and a main brush with integrated blades to prevent unwanted tangled hair. Moreover, the side brush and mop have been extended to revolutionize corner cleaning. All these are just a fraction of what this robot vacuum cleaner and mop can do. In our detailed review, we reveal what other advantages the Dreame X40 Ultra has and why even Roborock is envious of this robot vacuum cleaner.

Dreame X40 Ultra


  • Great suction power
  • Good mopping performance
  • Automatic cleaning solution supply
  • Impressive app support


  • -
Dreame X40 Ultra
Dreame X40 Ultra
Dreame X40 Ultra: All deals

In a nutshell

The Dreame X40 Ultra is the best robot vacuum cleaner with mopping capability. How do we dare say that in our opening sentence? The Chinese manufacturer has installed tons of practical upgrades to last year's review winner, the Dreame L20 Ultra, which make the X40 Ultra so unique that even robot vacuum cleaners from Roborock are amazed.

We think the Dreame X40 Ultra is the best new robot vacuum cleaner.
The best new robot vacuum cleaner with mopping function: The Dreame X40 Ultra. / © nextpit

The extendable side brush and the extendable mop help the Dreame X40 Ultra to clean almost perfectly, even when it comes to corners. With the Complete Edition, you also get an absurdly comprehensive spare parts set, including a cleaning solution for the cleaning water tank in the base station. The Dreame X40 Ultra costs $1,899 based on its recommended retail price.

Design & Build Quality

This robot vacuum cleaner is a real eye-catcher. However, the technical innovations of the Dreame X40 Ultra are much more than just eye candy. Dreame has integrated more technology into the robot vacuum cleaner than what we could imagine. Even the all-in-one base station has a positive surprise in store.


  • High-quality design, available in two colors.
  • Cleaning solution in the base station.
  • Extendable side brush.
  • Extendable mop.
  • Insanely comprehensive "Complete" box.


  • -

Dreame offers the X40 Ultra in a shade of white with gold accents and a black version. The white color model was made available to us for the review as the "Complete" version. The complete edition contains a box with many spare parts:

  • 1x cleaning brush
  • 2x side brushes
  • 12x mop pads
  • 3x dust container filter
  • 3x dust bag
  • 1x cleaning agent

Dreame brings out the best in the X40 Ultra. The X40 Ultra can extend its side brush to better vacuum in corners. To prevent pet hair from getting tangled up in the main brush, there is even a hair shredder inside the robot.

The Dreame X40 Ultra is stylish to look at and works great!
The X40 Ultra from Dreame is a really stylish robot vacuum with practical technical features. / © nextpit

Apart from that, Dreame installed a extendable mop. The fact that the robot also has a 300 ml dust container and an 80 ml water tank is quickly forgotten. However, you don't need to worry about this, as the all-in-one base station is used for this purpose. Dreame not only focused on the robot vacuum cleaner in this refresh, but also made the right adjustments to the base station.

The Dreame X40 Ultra's base station is complete with a pair of water tanks, a suction function, and a container.
The Dreame X40 Ultra station includes two water tanks, a suction function, and a container to store the cleaning solution. / © nextpit

First, the base station does not have an angular design like the Dreame L20 Ultra. It is much more reminiscent of the look of the Dreame L10 Prime station, which we think offers great price-to-performance ratio in our best robot vacuum cleaner list. In addition to the more compact design, Dreame focused on new functions for the base.

You get a cleaning solution that helps keep your robot vacuum cleaner clean each time it docks.
Probably the best innovation in the Dreame X40 Ultra's base station: there is a cleaning solution container. The cleaning solution is added automatically. / © nextpit

Finally: As with the Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra (review), the base station of the X40 Ultra also includes a tank that holds cleaning solution next to the dust bag. In addition, there is a 4.5-liter tank for fresh water and a 4-liter dirty water tank in the base station. Once you have connected the base station to the mains and pushed the robot vacuum cleaner inside, you can set it up via the Dreame Home app.

After establishing a Wi-Fi connection, you send the robot vacuum cleaner off to map its surroundings. The mapping worked perfectly for us. The X40 Ultra recognized and separated all rooms accurately. What's more, the robot vacuum cleaner recognized the direction in which your floor is laid for each individual room. To avoid causing scratches, the robot vacuum cleaner always moves along the laying direction when cleaning.

As if that wasn't enough, the Dreame robot vacuum cleaner immediately recognizes obstacles and displays them on the scanned map. This even works when there are cables lying around. If you're all excited, calm down, that's just the beginning of what awaits you in the Dreame Home app.

App and Functions

The Dreame Home app has many functions, if not too many. In addition to the usual settings relating to plans and cleaning settings, it is the new, exclusive features that set this Dreame robot apart from cheaper ones.


  • Logical, structured layout.
  • Ingenious carpet settings.
  • Many options for intensive cleaning.


  • -

The Dreame Home app offers countless options to customize the cleaning process. While there are five suction levels to choose from, there are no "fixed" modes for the mopping process, but 32 moisture levels. We will talk more about the moisture levels in the next section.

You also have an absurd number of options for the self-cleaning functions in the base. You can specify how thoroughly the mopping utensils should be rinsed and how much time the mop takes to dry. You can activate the automatic detergent supply in the same menu, too!

You will find numerous self-cleaning functions in the app itself.
Many self-cleaning functions, including numerous setting options in the app for all of the station's smart features. / © nextpit

The app has many smart functions in store, especially for households with lots of carpets. For instance, you can specify whether the robot vacuum cleaner should set down its mops in the base station before moving onto carpets. There is also the option to select a more 'intensive' carpet cleaning mode. With this feature, the X40 Ultra moves particularly slowly on carpets.

Need cleaner carpets? The Dream X40 Ultra can fulfill your desire.
The app offers extensive settings for carpet cleaning. There is even the option to select more intensive carpet cleaning. / © nextpit

The highlight here would be cleaning the washboard. The app guides you through a step-by-step process. Have a brush ready, because after a certain amount of time, the base station will move on to the next step. It really does perform based on each step here. The entire cleaning process takes just a few minutes. The best thing is how you don't even have to worry about the dirty water left behind as the base station will pump all dirty water into a separate tank.

Even the extendable side brush can be programmed.
Practical: You can set how effectively you want the robot vacuum cleaner to use the extendable side brush. / © nextpit

Suction & Mopping

The Dreame X40 Ultra can do it all. Whether it's the suction or mopping performance, navigation or obstacle detection, or even dealing with long human or animal hair, the Dreame X40 Ultra has an answer for everything. If there's anything to complain about, it's the storage volume of the robot vacuum cleaner.


  • Suction power of the highest level.
  • Great mopping results.
  • Flawless navigation and obstacle detection.


  • It can get quite loud.

We could summarize this section as follows: This robot vacuum can do everything, and so much more. First, there is the suction power. Apart from a few fine details on carpets, the X40 Ultra doesn't leave a speck of dust behind. For households with numerous carpets, we recommend selecting the setting for more intensive carpet cleaning in the app.

You get data like where the Dreame X40 Ultra has been and how much work it has done.
The app shows where the robot vacuum cleaner has been, how much area has been cleaned, and how long the cleaning process took. / © nextpit

On smooth surfaces, parquet, and tiles in the test, the X40 Ultra vacuumed so well that you could eat off the floor afterward (although we do not recommend you doing so). The fact that corners are just as free of dust and dirt is not at all surprising due to the extendable side brush.

  Test volume (g) Suction volume (g) Efficiency (%)
Oat flakes (tiles)
  • 10 g
  • 10 g
  • 100 %
Sand (tiles)
  • 10 g
  • 10 g
  • 100 %
Sand (carpet)
  • 10 g
  • 9,9 g
  • 99 %

Tangled hairs in the main or side brush are not worth mentioning as the X40 Ultra cuts them up in the so-called "TriCut brush". This is attributed to the pair of blades in the main brush that cut the hair.

It is remarkable how Dreame continues to exploit the potential of higher suction power in such a small appliance. Just to illustrate this: the Dreame L10s Ultra (review), which topped our best robot vacuum cleaner list for most of 2023, has 5,300 Pa suction power on board. Less than a year later, we now have the Dreame X40 Ultra, a model with an absurd 12,000 Pa, i.e. more than double the suction power.

No less impressive is the fact that the battery life of the X40 Ultra does not suffer from the massive upgrade. After 30 minutes of cleaning and scrubbing, the X40 Ultra still has a whopping 80 percent left.

You cannot view the blades in the main brushes.
A look at the underside of the X40 Ultra reveals the means the robot vacuum and mop fights dirt and grime. The blades in the main brush are not visible. / © nextpit

As described in the previous section, there are 32 moisture levels to choose from. However, level 32 is simply a marketing gimmick because it would be akin to flooding your home. In reality, the 16th level is perfectly adequate for scrubbing away slightly dried ketchup or coffee stains effortlessly. No residue will be visible after the second run at most.

You don't need to worry about damp carpet edges. You decide whether the robot vacuum cleaner should set down its mops in the base station or lift the mops by 10.5 mm as soon as the appliance moves onto carpets. After the entire cleaning process, the robot vacuum cleaner will return to the dock. Here, the mops are rinsed using hot water at 70 degrees before being dried with hot air.

To mop or not to mop? The choice is yours.
You have the choice of either the robot lifting its mopping utensils or leaving them in the base station from the outset when it comes to cleaning carpets. / © nextpit

Much more fascinating is how well the Dreame robot vacuum cleaner gets under furniture. So simple and yet so ingenious, the X40 Ultra swivels under furniture at regular intervals with its rear end, or rather with the side where the extendable mop sits. Speaking of furniture, the X40 Ultra's obstacle detection and navigation functioned flawlessly. The robot vacuum cleaner recognizes new obstacles immediately and does not see furniture in the way as a danger.

You will find the Dreame X40 Ultra not wanting at all in terms of navigation.
The Dreame X40 Ultra navigates using LiDAR and an RGB camera. Navigation and obstacle detection worked flawlessly in the review. / © nextpit

In addition to LiDAR navigation, Dreame also installed an RGB camera. This allows the X40 Ultra to act as a surveillance camera if you want to catch your four-legged friends in the act as they scratch the cupboard looking for treats.

Patrol your house with the Dreame X40 Ultra's RGB camera.
The Dreame X40 Ultra has a surveillance camera function, letting you use it as a moving CCTV. / © nextpit

Key Features



Dreame has developed an impressive piece of technology with the X40 Ultra. The side brush arm, the extendable mop, or the self-cleaning functions of the base station, no matter how we look at it, the Dreame X40 Ultra is almost revolutionary.

The Dreame X40 Ultra is the best robot vacuum cleaner to date.
The Dreame X40 Ultra is a true all-rounder. / © nextpit

No robot vacuum cleaner in the market offers more than the Dreame X40 Ultra (Complete). No robot vacuum cleaner is as low-maintenance as the Dreame X40 Ultra. Is the Dreame X40 Ultra the best robot vacuum cleaner with mopping function? Yes, and it holds a lead over the Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra, as pet hair that the Dreame hoovers up will be cut in the main brush. This means tangled hair in the brush is a thing of the past!

The X40 Ultra costs a whopping $1,899, which is how much the Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra costs. However, with the Complete Edition, you have a huge collection of spare parts the robot vacuum cleaner can use for even more years of work than it is already capable of.

The best robot vacuum cleaner for every budget

  Editor's choice Price tip 3rd place 4th place 5th place 6th place
Image Dreame L10s Ultra Product Image Xiaomi X10 Product Image Ecovacs Deebot X2 Omni Product Image Narwal Freo Product Image Ecovacs Deebot T20 Omni Product Image Yeedi Cube Product Image
Review: Dreame L10s Ultra
Review: Xiaomi X10
Review: Ecovacs Deebot X2 Omni
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  • $700
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  • $700
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