CyanogenMod for All! ''A mobile revolution'' coming [UPDATE]

CyanogenMod for All! ''A mobile revolution'' coming [UPDATE]

CyanogenMod is one of our favorite ROMs and it's not just ours: the software runs on over 7.5 million devices worldwide. Many however may feel reluctant to try it though due to its ''complicated'' installation process, but this is about to drastically change. Today, the company behind the custom ROM announced an unexpected surprise: you'll now be able to install CyanogenMod with just one click, thanks to a brand-new application - the CyanogenMod Installer.

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Opening up the world of custom ROMs

The fact that CyanogenMod will come with a much simpler installation process will certainly broaden their Android audience and allow them to start making a profit. It's still in the works, but the recently formed Cyanogen Inc., the company's now official name, will soon launch the CyanogenMod Installer in the Google Play Store.

Despite the fact that this software is a great solution for many Android users who are looking to customize and personalize their devices, there is still a large number of people who fear the process of installing a ROM and do not dare to install CyanogenMod, which even CTO and founder Steve Kondik described as being ''still a daunting process for mere mortals''.

Custom ROMs (check out our Android 4.3 is now available without having to wait for the official version to arrive.

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That being said, ROMs aren't exactly a cakewalk and string along many complications, the first being the loss of the manufacturer's official warranty. There is also a very difficult step when installing this software and that is unlocking the bootloader: if done wrong when using your computer, this could brick your phone. Installing a ROM also always depends on the type of smartphone you have: there are different versions of the same ROM for different devices. The many involved risks is what makes many people back away from the ROM and mod idea. But now it looks as if all of the modification possibilities will soon be available to even the less daring and skillful users in the Android world.

What CyanogenMod Inc. is doing

Thanks to a group of investors (Benchmark Capital and Redpoint Ventures) who have provided CyanogenMod with a whopping 7 million dollars, the people behind the ROM were able to form the Cyanogen Inc. company. Now they can start planning a business strategy to simplify the installation of their ROM, which we should see in the coming weeks.

The CyanogenMod Installer will be loaded onto the Google Play Store and will ultimately allow the installation of the ROM onto compatible smartphones with a single click, though there are still some problems to be resolved, like the Gapps issue: when installing CyanogenMod like we are accustomed to, Google Play isn't included and users need to install the Gapps package separately. Another issue is that of locked phones: for the time being, the CyanogenMod Installer app would only be available for unlockable phones or manufacturer unlocked phones (like most Samsungs) via Download Mode. The company is tip-toeing their way around this in trying not to break any US laws.

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The purpose of the CyanogenMod Installer app would be to make it easier for users to install other applications, like the soon to come Windows, Mac and Linux applications which the company is also currently working on. Apparently, the Android app will prepare the device and ensure that it supports the incoming app, while the second app would then bring the files and take care of guiding the user through the installation process. Simply put: you would need to install both the CyanogenMod and the Windows installer (or any of the others), for the latter to work.

Ultimately, the company’s goals are as follows:

  • Organize, lead, and support our community
  • Create an amazing user experience centered around how YOU work
  • Security solutions that really work
  • Stay committed to building the features our users need
  • No junk
  • Constant updates
  • Available on everything, to everyone

I take this new development as a great change, though many hardcore users might scoff at the idea of something ''so simple''. In any case, these custom ROM goodies will now be available for more people who also want in on the fun.

What do you think of this news ? Is CyanogenMod selling out or are they going in exactly the right direction?

[UPDATE 21.09.2013]

And to further the news about CyanogenMod, Steve Kondik, the founder of CM, has posted an official video saying that they will be at the Oppo event scheduled at the end of September and that there will be some exiciting news! Think the Oppo N1 will be sporting CyanogenMod? 

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