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Best Android file managers: top apps to explore your phone's storage

NextPit File Manager
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File managers are part of the basic repertoire of equipment when it comes to every Android smartphone, whether it is an entry-level device or a flagship model. Without a file manager app, it can be tough for you to have an overview or additional control over your files. We have decided to hunt down and pick a list of recommended file manager apps on Android, with which you can easily copy, move, delete, split or compress files.

Write it, cut it, paste it, save it,
Load it, check it, quick, rewrite it
Plug it, play it, burn it, rip it,
drag and drop it, zip it, unzip it.

What is a file manager?

As Daft Punk mentioned above: An application to manage files, alternatively known as a file explorer, allows you to access your local files. You can use appropriate file manager apps for Android to move, copy, delete or archive files. Some of the candidates mentioned here also offer features like:

  • Cloud integration (Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.)
  • FTP (for server access)
  • WebDAV (OwnCloud, NextCloud, Synology, etc.)
  • Samba (for Windows shares)
  • Two-column view for fast copy/move (Total Commander style)
  • Zip + Unzip
  • File transfer between smartphones via direct connection

Some smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung or Huawei already include a file manager app, which is sufficient for basic functions. In other cases, the native file manager in the Android operating system is able to handle the simplest of tasks. But let's focus on dedicated file manager apps and their respective additional features in this article.

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File Manager +

What File Manager + has in common with many of the other similar apps would be a very generic name. However, this does not detract from its popularity, as more than 50 million downloads on Google Play cannot be wrong, can they?

File Manager + is able to access all files that it comes across, regardless of whether they are stored in your device's internal memory, on a memory card, in the cloud, or elsewhere. Apart from that, File Manager + also tries its hand at being an app manager and lets you kill or uninstall apps as well.

It certainly lives up to its name in a rather simple design which is quite conducive to use, because you can find your way around very quickly. But you can also help yourself out a little and decide to settle on a preferred view.

Of course, this app does just about everything that you would expect from such a tool and packs/unpacks files, moves, copies, deletes, and renames them as you so desire. There are even other similar tools on board like an image viewer and music player, of which they can be disabled.

File Manager Plus
Simple, tidy, does what it should - File Manager + / © NextPit

File Manager + is not only easy to use but also free of charge. However, if you don't like ads or miss the dark theme, you should opt for the premium version. For a monthly fee of $0.99 or a one-time payment of $7.99, you can disable both of which I consider a reasonable price point.

Astro File Manager

We've included the Astro File Manager in this list as a new addition, but in reality, it is a very old file manager app. The app comes across as very simple, making it a good choice for those who don't want to or cannot afford to spend a lot of time digging into the different levels of a file explorer app.

Of course, it has all the basics that the other recommendations in this list have, it supports local files as well as cloud storage, compresses and extracts files, and also wants to help you free up storage space on your smartphone by determining just which files and apps take up the most space. You'll also be shown apps that you haven't used in ages as well as exceptionally large videos.

Astro File Manager makes me painfully aware of how many unnecessary apps I have installed / © NextPit

Astro File Manager is also worth a look because it's free and has no ads.


Many readers have pointed out MiXplorer to us in the comments, which is why we included it in our list in the previous update. This file explorer app has proven itself to be one of the most versatile apps in this list upon closer inspection. Not only does it offer all the additional bells and whistles mentioned above. MiXplorer also opens PDF and ePub files, text documents, and HTML websites in various formats natively.

mixplorer 2020 03 12
The Android file manager MiXplorer has by far the largest feature set / © NextPit

MiXplorer opens and creates archives in a number of formats, accesses exotic file systems (which you can connect to via USB OTG), and networks with network and online storage of all kinds. We can even enable the two-column view for landscape format in the file manager settings.

Screenshot 20200312 140210 com.mixplorer
MiXplorer offers a two-column layout in Total Commander style / © NextPit

The free variant of MiXplorer has unfortunately been discontinued. In the Google Play Store, we only find the paid variant MiXplorer Silver at a price of $4.99. A free full version was published by the author in the XDA-Developers app store, but unfortunately, we are no longer able to find this offer there.

Solid Explorer

The popular Solid Explorer app also has all the important features that we expect from a file manager app. This file manager also creates an index of the files in your file system, allowing quick searches to be performed speedily. You can copy or move files from folder to folder using a simple drag and drop movement. You can also stream pictures and videos to compatible recipients using the Cast plug-in.

Solid Explorer
Like most file managers, Solid Explorer has a dark theme / © NextPit

However, Solid Explorer is not free: The free version is just a demo version that works unrestricted for 14 days. Via in-app purchase ($4.99), you are able to unlock the full version.

File Explorer

Simply known as File Explorer, this Android file manager offers all the features mentioned above. Its specialty is the ability for you to quickly share files wirelessly between PC and smartphone via the drag & drop web interface. Cloud services, FTP, WebDAV, or Samba are only available in the premium version.

File Explorer
If you'd like, you can also switch to a two-column design / © NextPit

Another unique selling point is the password protection feature before opening your cloud storage (this is a premium feature), the execution of shell scripts, and the opening of binary files in a hex editor. Moreover, FX File Explorer offers to share files directly with other devices.

Amaze File Manager

The open-source Amaze file manager is free, to begin with, but it does not support cloud storage management. You can set up file shares as FTP servers. However, WebDAV or SMB are not supported.

You can also choose between different themes here / © NextPit

Amaze also offers an app manager that quickly uninstalls multiple apps and AES encryption support. You can open APK files like zip archives, read databases, and edit text documents with Amaze.

Total Commander - File Manager

The classic file manager app known as Total Commander also offers all the above-mentioned features. Additional features thrown into the mix are plug-ins, including fast direct transfers from device to device.

Total Commander
Total Commander: Not a beauty, but very functional / © NextPit

Total Commander can manipulate text files and run shell scripts to boot. Best of all, this file manager app is completely free!


The only file manager app with built-in SSH transfers is X-Plore. It goes without saying that it also offers all the other features mentioned above; only WebDAV is unfortunately not mentioned in the description. X-Plore treats Zip archives like normal directories.

X Plore
X-Plore is similarly extensive as MiXplorer / © NextPit

In X-Plore you can transform your smartphone into a network server and share files for fast transfers. The user interface is not pretty, but it is intuitive enough and quick to use.

Google Files

Google Files, formerly known as Files Go, finally receives its own file explorer after an update. The app is primarily about cleaning up your internal storage. Files regularly reminds you to uninstall unused apps, delete already saved photos from the device, clear the cache ("junk files") or empty the download directory.

Google Files
Google Files wants to make room for you on your smartphone / © NextPit

In the second tab (below, "View files") as the last entry, you will find the Internal storage option, through which you can browse the same. The rudimentary file management here cannot keep up with specialized file managers for Android. At least you can unzip ZIP files, but unfortunately, you are unable to create them.

In addition to the simple clearing up of your smartphone storage, Google Files also has a second special feature. With Share, you can easily connect directly to a second device running Google Files and transfer large files over the fastest available connection. Hence, if both devices are capable of 802.11ac WLAN, the transfer will go ahead at several dozen MByte per second.

Which file manager do you use? Does your smartphone have a good pre-installed file manager that is good enough for you? Let us know of your opinions and tips in the comments! This post was last updated and expanded in January 2022, so certain comments may appear out of context.

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  • 49
    storm Jan 7, 2022 Link to comment

    X-Plore has been my long time favorite.

    Rubens Eishima

  • 2
    Goldug Sep 11, 2020 Link to comment

    I'm quite surprised that you don't have Total Commander on this list. It's completely free, no ads, supports basically everything (built-in zip-functionality, text editor and more) and has free plug-ins for FTP, SFTP, LAN (including smb), Google drive, one-drive, Dropbox and other things too.
    You can even use it to manage your apps to a degree. And full root functionality. And dual folder display.

    Rubens Eishima

  • Scott Pi 1
    Scott Pi Nov 3, 2018 Link to comment

    I use the ES File Manager remote manager to move files from my Amazon fire stick to my laptop, over my router. What other file managers would also let me do that, via ftp using FileZilla? And firestick does not have a swipe screen like a phone, so I need a program that the stick remote to navigate. It's awkward.

  • sunirmal das 2
    sunirmal das Apr 20, 2017 Link to comment

    Hello, Adam!
    I was looking for an external file manager, thanks for this amazing guide,
    Can you please tell which one will take less space(i mean less MB) and will work perfectly?

  • David W (XbooX) 2
    David W (XbooX) Dec 23, 2016 Link to comment

    Absolutely do not use ES File Explorer Paid or unpaid versions. Supposedly sends to Chinese IPs and unpaid is now absolute garbage.

    ElfynAndy Bookmatch

  • 11
    chayusiro Dec 2, 2016 Link to comment

    Nice article. Such Android file manager can help us easily manager data on our Android phones. With it, we can Backup, Edit Contacts and Text Messages on Computer, Manage Media Files (Video, Music, Photos, etc.) on Your Desktop PC, Install/Uninstall Apps from Computer to Android Phones.

  • 3
    Shannon Grace Nov 27, 2016 Link to comment

    I've been an ES File user for probably a decade. So I was distressed to learn abt the reprehensible actions of the developers, especially since my S Note 4 has had increasing problems. I appreciate the advice & link abt how to clean my phone. Now my dilemma is, which app do I use instead? I guess you could say I'm old school, in that I learned file mgmt from MSDOS & still think in that style. I don't use cloud services much - I have an SD card that is my go to. I need an app that will move easily between internal & external. I also used the download mgr in ES as my default bc it used to work seamlessly w/the SD card (what a mess it is now!). I also want to have a recycle bin as a safety net, having been badly burned w/o it. Can someone PLEASE direct me to the best file app for me? Or tell me if I'm too stuck in the 90s & I need to change. I've been told I'm fairly sophisticated in my dealings w/the files on my phone, which currently is not rooted (my last one was). I've tried Astro & find it inadequate. It doesn't use the SD card well, I can't scroll from pic to pic w/o returning to the individual file in between & there's no download mgr. Sorry to be so wordy. I'd appreciate any advice given. Namasté
    P. S. My phone is my only computer.

    • Shivam Rai 1
      Shivam Rai May 24, 2017 Link to comment

      I'm a die hard Es (pro) user and I've surfed all at play store and google to find a better and competitive alternative to Es but believe me...this is the best to have (at least, until now). Since you are used to Es... I think it's best to be with it. Using new file manager will be a hassle..(from my experience) THANKS!

  • 2
    Hhjsdh Nov 17, 2016 Link to comment

    Yeas , you can transfer app ,data, ,contacts,messages ,photos,music,....from android to computer,you will be able to simply edit ,add,deleted ,export, which has brought lots of convenient to people ,

  • 1
    Gnscdvn Nov 17, 2016 Link to comment

    I know that a good method to manager you android messagea , you can tranasfer messages from android to computer,at the some time , you can manage them by using computer,

  • 1
    Gnscdvn Nov 17, 2016 Link to comment

    You can transfer you android data to the compter, the phone and computer is sync operation ,

  • 6
    Sneha Capoor Jul 13, 2016 Link to comment

    The list given above for file manager apps is perfect to the best of my knowledge, the apps shown above are very nice and very popular. Along with file manager people also need to clean there phones to boost speed of their smartphone so to know the best android cleaning apps visit-

  • 8
    Werf Abb Jul 6, 2016 Link to comment

    good share

  • Cgvmellii 5
    Cgvmellii Jun 15, 2016 Link to comment

    Speaking of android file manager , Samsung Backup will be the first thought. Using it edit ,add,manage phone data fast and easily !

  • Erich Espinosa (Pvmpkin) 1
    Erich Espinosa (Pvmpkin) Jun 4, 2016 Link to comment

    I highly recommend Gira Mobile's File Manager. Best way to browse and organize all of your files On-The-Go. You can download the app here:

  • Dave Pollatta 1
    Dave Pollatta May 28, 2016 Link to comment

    I'm looking for an app that will let me transfer pictures and movies to a usb OTG drive. I've tried several file managers and non of them are very intuitive. There isn't much information on the apps. I've tried three or four and have not been able to figure out how to do this transfer.

  • 2
    Scott B May 20, 2016 Link to comment

    Can't believe ES is still listed as a favorite here after it has been outed as installing adware. There is an article on AndroidPolice about it. I can't post external links yet but you can verify via Google.


    • 1
      IM Tanuki May 21, 2016 Link to comment

      I can believe it - they obviously paid the reviewer. What a total POS - just littered with ads.

  • 1
    Alex M. May 16, 2016 Link to comment

    I am using FBBlack - it is much smaller in size and I think it is faster. Also free app

  • 11
    Thomas S May 15, 2016 Link to comment

    I'd like to change what I said: since last updates, ES File Explorer has become total crap. Before that, there were few useless stuffs but now, it's full of it and of course, full of adwares too.

    So I tried Solid Explorer (2 weeks of trial) and it does pretty much everything ES File Explorer does and much more. It's beautiful, highly customizable, no blootware or adware,...
    I bought it after 2 days of trial

    Peter Jacobsen

  • Mark G. 28
    Mark G. May 11, 2016 Link to comment

    Well about time you finally mentioned the fabulous X-plore File Manager, though your review misses the excellent features - dual pane makes transferring files super easy, wifi sharing makes swapping files between devices super easy - DLNA support - full cloud storage integration makes it super easy to swap files between device and cloud storage. Full integrated media player - open apk files as zip - LAN network - SSH file transfer - Picasso support - FTP - hex viewer - full App management

    I've been using X-plore since the days of S60 and without doubt it's the best and only File Manager app you will need.

    Peace ✌


    • 13
      Pat Apr 29, 2019 Link to comment

      I've been using it for several years and for some reason it's not often included in articles recommending good file managers. I originally started using it for the convenience of the dual pane but it easily does everything I need and a lot that I don't, but you have covered everything it does much better than I could.

  • CJ Brown 29
    CJ Brown May 11, 2016 Link to comment

    Thank you for taking the time to publish this article

    While I am fine with the file manager that my ZTE comes with? I I'm willing to replace it with a better app -- if I can remove the file manager app (why have more than one?)


  • 1
    paul t May 10, 2016 Link to comment

    Hey just recently ES file Explorer added some malware called DU CHARGER BOOST. Now I can't for the life of me disable this. Every time I charge my Galaxy Note 5 or my Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet it overrides the sleep screen so when charging I'm charging both devices when they sleep I have a malware override on the screen and it's not the Natural Devices regular charge screen. It has adds and bull crap on my sleep screen now. It's annoying and not cool. Recently I think ES company has combined forces with android malware apps like DU/ Battery Booster/Charge Booster/App Cleaner/AntiVirus/Launcher/(And Other DU brand apps)

    I loved this app because you could access multiple dropbox accounts in the cloud and easily transfer files. And you still can do all that. But now there adware and malware all over my devices so this apps Gota go.. I'm sorry but you really should investigate this more and possibly remover this app from your future lists..

    • Paul Tracey 1
      Paul Tracey May 12, 2016 Link to comment

      Ok further research on the ES file EXPLORER shows it does have DU apps embedded in it. And a scan at this site proves DU is all malware and nothing else really. You have to see the reasults. I can't post scream shots here but goto this site to scan any apk.

      In any browser type this and then click the select file button, you then have follow the file structure, to find where you have placed the apk in your file system.

      The results were horrifying!!!!
      DU Battery Saver is full malware go see for yourself

  • surya kumar 16
    surya kumar May 10, 2016 Link to comment

    ES and root explorer pro;-)

  • 4
    Aron May 10, 2016 Link to comment

    Used to love ES. But then it got ad infected and bloaty. Plus I installed ES App locker and THAT installed an unwanted Adware lock screen. Not OK. No I use only Solid.

  • 4
    Saurabh Kharsikar May 10, 2016 Link to comment

    es is best

  • Yannick Olivier Orounla 2
    Yannick Olivier Orounla May 9, 2016 Link to comment

    Cabinet is also a great file manager. You should take a look at it

  • 1
    D Mc May 9, 2016 Link to comment

    I like Total Commander, especially for drag and drop for files

  • Olumide Adeosun 2
    Olumide Adeosun May 9, 2016 Link to comment

    I use FX.


  • 11
    Thomas S May 8, 2016 Link to comment

    ES File Explorer for me too. It's really easy to use, loads of useful features,...
    And they started to clean some of the junk (folders on the internal memory, like dianxin)

    I wanted to purchase the pro version, but it looks completely different, like it hasn't been updated for a while

  • Parvind Chahal 21
    Parvind Chahal May 8, 2016 Link to comment

    this is bad idea updating old blogs bcos everything messed up.....pls change this theory


  • 10
    Kunal Narang May 8, 2016 Link to comment

    I have switched to Solid Explorer from ES File Explorer and absolutely love that material designed UI.

  • Kenny Sigat 7
    Kenny Sigat May 8, 2016 Link to comment

    For me... ES file Explorer is the best file manager.

  • Rajeevan A. 12
    Rajeevan A. May 8, 2016 Link to comment

    It would be more helpful if you could classify the apps ( though free) with and without ads when introducing them

  • Alex 17
    Alex May 8, 2016 Link to comment

    Es filemanager is the best I have been using ESfile manager pro for years now

    Emris Joseph

  • CJ Brown 29
    CJ Brown Apr 24, 2016 Link to comment

    I am surprised that Google still hasn't come out with its own File Manager app, as it appears every smartphone manufacturer comes with its own (what came with my ZTE does a fine job of managing what is in cloud storage, what is on my smartphone, and what is on my SD card).

    I would consider taking a look at these File Manager apps, provided it does not take up too much space, and would take the place of the app I am currently using (thank you for taking the time to research and publish this article) :)

    SorinEmris Joseph

  • Alex 17
    Alex Apr 18, 2016 Link to comment

    I think ES File manager is the best!!of all File Managers ,I have been using it for years now.

  • Георгий Тимофеев 7
    Георгий Тимофеев Apr 11, 2016 Link to comment

    I use classics — X-Plore… Good ol' filemanager with history. My favorite from the SymbianUIQ on Sony Ericsson M600i ( hxxp:// )
    And you forget about one of the oldest filemanagers existed — Total (ex-Windows) Commander.

    Mark G.

  • Adarsh Janpure 3
    Adarsh Janpure Apr 10, 2016 Link to comment

    ES is my favorite.

  • Albin Foro 30
    Albin Foro Apr 10, 2016 Link to comment

    I'm with ES - if there's any knock it's that it does so many things you have to go school to learn about them (there's a good article at How-To Geek site.) I add the ES Task Manager and Chromecast plug ins to the free app. Many users install unneeded extra apps that are redundant to ES functionality.


  • Warren JB 10
    Warren JB Apr 10, 2016 Link to comment

    "ES File Explorer: our current favorite"

    Mine too! Is... is this what it feels like to be trendy?

    Georgian Stanescu

  • 6
    Ahmad M. Cnx Apr 10, 2016 Link to comment

    I use the ES file explorer PRO, It is very good, but I would recommend the normal ES file because there wasn't a BIG difference that actually worth paying money for.

  • Aurel Jared Dantis 2
    Aurel Jared Dantis Apr 10, 2016 Link to comment

    Been using X-plore back when I was on a Nokia XpressMusic (man, remember those resistive touch screens?). Still using it now with my HTC.

    Mark G.

  • Carmelo Rivera 20
    Carmelo Rivera Apr 10, 2016 Link to comment

    I put off searching for a file manager for a long while, because the default one that comes with your phone sucks. So, when I finally couldn't take it anymore, I tried quite a few and chose 'Solid Explorer'. Done!

  • 16
    Viktor jovanović v. Apr 10, 2016 Link to comment

    For me is ES File Explorer the best.

  • 8
    Deactivated Account Feb 29, 2016 Link to comment

    I have to admit, Es is good, i used it before. And now I am using this,, which can help me back up the data, tansfer data between device and pc, manage files on computer, which provide me a better way to manage my phone.

  • 18
    Deactivated Account Feb 19, 2016 Link to comment

    Nice & descriptive article but there is one problem that all third party apps works well for while but after some time they don't work up to the mark.

  • 2
    Kishor Jena Feb 19, 2016 Link to comment

    ES File Explorer

  • 4
    Toin Feb 18, 2016 Link to comment

    i like Amaze file explorer. skipped es. Amaza runs better.

  • Kevin Maloney 3
    Kevin Maloney Feb 18, 2016 Link to comment

    FX is the one I always come back to. It does it all, simply and reliably. Highly configurable and very versatile. I only wish we had such a plethora of excellent file managers for our computers.

    ElfynGints K. Kulikovskis

  • 1
    Tariq Khalil Feb 18, 2016 Link to comment


  • 7
    Wallambok K D. Feb 18, 2016 Link to comment

    ES File Explorer

  • surya kumar 16
    surya kumar Feb 18, 2016 Link to comment

    I'm a very loyal user of ES file explorer.But I can't find any difference between pro and free version

  • Raindance Rob 6
    Raindance Rob Feb 18, 2016 Link to comment

    for me ES File Explorer/Manager PRO has everything that i need & is even better if your rooted.

  • 49
    storm Feb 18, 2016 Link to comment

    I've always liked Xplore.

    Mark G.Sorin

  • Justin Song 1
    Justin Song Feb 17, 2016 Link to comment

    Anybody know N File Manager. Lots of features. Nice UI. It's really good, too.

  • Scott K 2
    Scott K Feb 1, 2016 Link to comment

    How about Astro?? I've been using it for years, does everything I need it to do and I think it's excellent! Can anybody tell me why the file managers mentioned above are better?

    Bill Brown

  • 6
    Emi Chang Jan 15, 2016 Link to comment

    Thanks for sharing, an mobile phone manager app can be very helpful.

    Deactivated Account

  • 7
    zxcv qwer Dec 31, 2015 Link to comment

    Thanks for sharing, saving too many files on mobile phone really need a file manager app to help.

    Deactivated AccountDeactivated Account

  • 4
    bong salvador Nov 14, 2015 Link to comment

    Es is the best..nothing else.

  • Mark G. 28
    Mark G. Nov 10, 2015 Link to comment

    It's a shame that you always forget about the best rather than ones that you are paid to promote.

    X-plore is by far the best File Manager app. It is split into two panes which makes copying files between folders easy. You can have full directory access to your cloud accounts (Dropbox, Drive, OneDrive, Mega to name but a few)
    You also have full access to your Google back up photos.
    It supports DLNA folders, WiFi sharing, LAN, FTP & SSH.
    It supports app directory with the option of viewing apps as a zip file & uninstall feature.
    Also supports full root access.

    I could continue but I think I've made my point, this is the best File Manager app available.

    Peace ✌

    PatSorinPaul StregevskyYuli Dionisov

  • Yuli Dionisov 3
    Yuli Dionisov Nov 10, 2015 Link to comment

    X-plore File Manager. Lots of features. Nice UI. Musthave app for everyone.

    PatMark G.

    • 4
      bong salvador Nov 14, 2015 Link to comment

      I'll try this.

  • 18
    Juan López G. Nov 9, 2015 Link to comment

    My favorite is Total Commander. For moving/copying files is the best.

    JanuszScott Adam Gordon

    • 4
      bong salvador Nov 14, 2015 Link to comment

      This too.

  • Ricardo Martínez 2
    Ricardo Martínez Nov 9, 2015 Link to comment

    Yeah, the best isn't in this list, Solid Explorer!

    Scott Adam Gordon

    • 4
      Dave Elkins Feb 18, 2016 Link to comment

      Solid is #1 in this list now!

  • Matthias Roleff 1
    Matthias Roleff Nov 9, 2015 Link to comment

    Used FX for a while, but I'm always going back to Total Commander. It's free and a no brainer.

  • 4
    Rizon Nov 9, 2015 Link to comment

    You forgot about the really best: Solid Explorer - In my opinion that Explorer bypasses every of those above (don't said they are bad!). It has Split Screen actions and a good Management for Clouds/External Drives etc. and can Stream to Dongles and also to the Device itself... and its really fast & smooth.

    Scott Adam GordonMohammadAmir R

    • Scott Adam Gordon 31
      Scott Adam Gordon Nov 10, 2015 Link to comment

      Thanks for the comments I'll check it out :)


    • 4
      Dave Elkins Feb 18, 2016 Link to comment

      Solid is #1 in this list now!

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