iLost: 5 Hilarious iOS6 Map Mistakes

iLost: 5 Hilarious iOS6 Map Mistakes


Suddenly, a new airport in Dublin

When we first heard that Apple was planning on ditching Google Maps in the latest version of iOS for their own home-brewed mapping service in iOS 6, we were concerned. It seemed as if Apple had taken their feud with Google to a ridiculous level by denying customers access to their preferred mapping app simply out of spite.

More than that, we were doubtful that Apple would be able to compete with Google in the mapping arena. Lacking the millions upon millions of Google searches performed in Maps, Apple had a lot less data upon which to build maps of various cities around the world. To try to take on Google at a service they'd offered for the past seven years seemed like a recipe for disaster.

But oh boy how we were wrong! With the latest Maps app for iOS 6, Apple has literally changed the world! Just look at how many things have changed since iOS 6 Maps have been introduced. New airports have been created! Cool, wavy bridges are suddenly appearing! It's the kind of radical global makeover Steve Jobs would have loved!*

Here's what's happened since Apple introduced Maps in iOS6:

1. The Sears Tower has shrunk.


2. Manhattan is now in Brooklyn.

3. Kiev changed its name to Kylv.

4. Helsinki built a train station in someone's backyard:

5. Someone else built a really crazy new bridge:

Also, now when you search for London, you get the city in Canada, not the capital of the U.K. Berlin has been renamed Schoeneiche, the British town of Hadley is now named Debly, and there's a new airport in Dublin. You've gotta wonder how Apple secured the money for all of this fancy new development!

Seriously, though, the number of mistakes in Apple's new iOS6 Maps should mean some serious "restructuring" at HQ. It appears as if Apple employees didn't even compare their own Maps to Google's version. There are so many mistakes, and tons of instances of missing data. And of course there is! You can't simply build a mapping client overnight. But by taking on this challenge, and giving Google Maps the boot, Apple set themselves up for a failure of epic proportions.

#iOS6Maps is now trending on Twitter and thousands are complaining about the changes. Apple Maps has become a laughingstock. You've got to wonder what the company is going to do to get out of this jam. Worse than that, this represents a major inconvenience for iPhone owners who want to get anywhere. 

When the Maps client isn't plain wrong, it's often missing important information. In fact, staring into Apple Maps is like staring into an abyss. Everything you once knew about the world is gone, from street names to buildings to parks and playgrounds.

What. A. Mess.

*Sike, it's a disaster.

UPDATE: Look what they did to the Statue of Liberty

Aaaand Berlin is now in Antarctica...

(Thanks for the tip, Nick!)

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  • Lol . Antartica is now a country with capital as berlin.
    If you ever had a chance to have holiday in Antartica, make sure you visit the lost apple garden in berlin, Antartica.
    And london is in canada, New york in texas , And a lake in India is on a mountain.

  • p.s.

    Even WIRED magazine did a write up on how the iOS6 software screwed up most iPhone users wifi settings .... granted, iPhone users figured out the solutions on their own (because APPLE support offered no solutions) but it makes me ask "why offer an update if the update in question is not 100% ready?"

    C J

  • LOL

  • I guess its ok to release a new iPhone (which isn't 100% ready for consumer purchasing in my opinion) to cash in on the holiday (xmas) shopping with a Mapp app that's soooo bad it does not come free for iPhone5 users (the list of potential consumer complaints is growing, even though I know Apple Cult Consumers don't care - as long as it says "new" it could be iPoop in a Bag & they'd buy it (lol) ....

    Solution? Well, unless APPLE buys Yahoo and attempts to make use of Yahoo's Map - Search Engine (never mind, even Map Quest is better then Yahoo Maps, maybe APPLE will try to buy Map Quest from AOL because I don't see how anyone can make a competing Online Map / Mobile Map app against what Google offers without purchasing what exists as competition already) ...

    Facepalm? How about a Tea Bag across APPLE's chin? (lol)

    C J

  • I hope the app center app allows for clickable(?) or tapable(??) links.

  • Hahaha

  • started my new iPhone and run maps and found this :)

  •   8
    Deactivated Account Sep 21, 2012 Link to comment

    Berlin, Antarctica:

    Says it all, really.


    < takes deep breath >


  • iOS6 Maps: The best way to get lost. It's just fun. Just tap it. It just works...

    Seriously though, I am sure Apple will eventually fix this. I am sure in the near future Twitter and Facebook will be filled with praises for Apple Maps. I am just disappointed that apple released a half baked feature. I hope this is not indicative of what we can expect from apple in the future.

  • UI bears a striking resemblance to google maps. prior "art"? no patent issues when it comes to UI? come to think of it, the whole concept is someone's other than apple. I guess it's alright if apple copy other ideas. when all is said and done, google and android ARE open source after all. just helps to appreciate all the time and work google have put in to date to what has become a GREAT product, and keeps getting better.

  • Lurker Sep 20, 2012 Link to comment

    There is a new site to showcase all the awesomeness of iOS6 maps :D

    And then there is a new Twitter Account @fake_iOS6maps who is hilarious. Here are a few sample tweets :
    "Hey, it's my first day on the job. I can't help you get around, or search for things, or tell you where you are, but look how pretty!"

    "After extensive market research, we found that people spend 87% more time admiring vector graphics than catching trains and buses."

    "Look, we left out transit directions because only losers take public transport. All iPhone owners drive BMWs, everyone knows that."

    "At Apple, we strive for clean, uncluttered user interfaces. The new Maps removes unsightly place names, buildings, roads, and POIs."

  • "Tactical Facepalm!" [When a normal facepalm just dont cut it.]
    Maybe this is what Apple was talking about when they said they were going to change the world lol

  • a redefined concept for nightmare! could you imagine the blame department size in apple's culture?

  • @Steven - Any word on the email situation? It said something about the more I post the more access I'll have but I don't see how I can post more than I do now :D
    Still says I've exceeded the limit.... the limit must be zero.

  • Perhaps its a view of how Apple would like the world to be. Im sticking with iOS5 on my ipad. Good thing all my other devices are android!

  • Haha, that's what I was trying to get at, Dvoraak.

  • But maybe.... just maybe.... Apple's vision of the world reflects what it COULD be. I, for one, love that crazy bridge!

  •   9
    Deactivated Account Sep 20, 2012 Link to comment


  • and ipeople are still "shut up and take my money"

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