Is Samsung's Galaxy S3 Promo Video Attacking Apple Owners?

Is Samsung's Galaxy S3 Promo Video Attacking Apple Owners?


As expected, Samsung has unveiled a teaser video for the Galaxy S3 that doesn't give anything away about the device. Instead, the video includes lots of jargony marketing terms like "Truly Smart technology becomes a natural part of life...your view of the world grows ever wider, as you gain the power to explore it freely and swiftly.....with this new technology you can stand out from everyone else." Pretty standard script, no?

Except the sheep part.

Yes, at the end of the latest promo vid for the Galaxy S3, the "rest of the pack" is portrayed as sheep. This is a not so subtle dig at iPhone users, some are saying, and continues in the vein of Samsung's campaigns that portray Apple fans as clueless hipsters. But does the latest campaign go too far? Just minutes after Samsung posted the Galaxy S3 ad, Engadget's editor in chief Tim Stevens tweeted: "Does anybody actually like the wooly Samsung campaign? I have a Sammy phone in my pocket and even I find it a little distasteful."

Another editor named Daniel Cooper Tweeted "Samsung's 'iPhone users are sheep' campaign doing a great job of alienating its target market.' 

Do you agree? Certainly Samsung has taken Apple attacks too far in the past, but I don't know if the dig was necessarily directed towards iPhone owners. And even if it was, it's not as if Apple has been playing friendly with Android all along.  Are people just getting too sensitive about the platform wars or has Samsung gone too far? 

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  • This is not just aimed at Apple. This seems to be aimed at maybe more than Apple.

    I liked it but it does push the envelope a bit.. In terms of anyone who is not using Samsung could be considered a Sheep (HTC, Nokia, LG, Sony, Apple)

    Wow, I am using the SGS2 so I made it through this one ;-)

    Samsung is showing much confidence here... Let's see what May brings --- :-0

  • Ped Apr 23, 2012 Link to comment

    I am slowly ditching all my apple stuff I have got totally fed up of the apple attitude to its customers I am going back to windows for now there is a wider choice of open source for it and I will be looking at heading into linux in some way other than the Android asus transformer. I am even contemplating an android phone next now I have grown use to android on the asus . Only the sheep will bite people with a modicum of intelligence will just smile and stay out of the fray!

  • Lol seriously I know the likes of Tim there and Android pit have to be PC etc but be honest as Android fans we all love the digs at apple or any competitor for that matter, I honestly think it's great that a company can straight up call it's competitors out like this, and let's not forget Steve jobs straight up declared war on Android, and that eliteist toss that recently denounced instagram for going main stream, so Apple fans have no high place to stand in this one.

    Plus, to further stir this delicious pot, it's no secret that there's a fairly large group of iPhone owners who are just following the crowd and have one coz its kool our because they are a hipster and there fore must own ieverything, same goes for Android a large group of us own Android Soley because they are the technically better google spawned anti Apple

    The digs at apple aren't designed to steal Apple customers that's why they are so hidden they are there to cement in the current fans

  •   8
    Deactivated Account Apr 23, 2012 Link to comment

    I think the teaser's ending is hilarious :-)

    And, gee, if Apple users really don't see themselves as iSheep, then they have no reason to feel slighted or alienated by the teaser? Right?

  • I don’t have a problem with Apple or the iPhone. At the end of the day consumers will buy a device that most closely fits their needs. What I object to is the elitist opinions of certain phone owners who are more than happy to preach to those who are uninterested or throw a tantrum when exclusive apps are made available to another platform.

    The sheep are simply a non-specific metaphor but I am going to enjoy watching what group of consumer’s put themselves into the ‘sheep’ category and air their objections. I'm no psychic but I am happy to lay money on who will bleat the loudest.

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