World War™

World War™

The year is 2012 and nuclear war has just broken out across the world. Much has been destroyed, but 5 nations remain in the fight for world supremacy. The USA, China, Russia, the UK, and Germany are locked in a bitter battle against each other. It’s a free for all – everyone against everyone. Your country needs you! Guns loaded, equipment checked, and ready for war? Which country are you going to fight for?


Reviewed version Latest version
1.0 1.6.3

Features & Use

World War is what is known as a MMOWG (Massively Multiplayer Online War Game).
The main objective is to build-up the largest possible army and alliance (a group of real friends) in order to be able to attack enemy armies and alliances (only virtually, of course). To get started, you need to choose a specific country: USA, China, Russia, UK, or Germany. Every country has its advantages; Germany has good infantry units and the UK performs well on sea.

As soon as you’ve made your selection, you can start the actual game. At the top of your game screen, you’ll find a status list with all the most important information:

  • Money
  • Experience
  • Level
  • Health
  • Energy
  • Ammo

You can increase your money, experience, and level through several different ways. Completing missions or winning battles earns you money and experience. As soon as you’ve got enough experience you advance to the next level, which gives you access to new unites, buildings, and missions.

Health, money, and ammo are expendable goods. During every mission your energy gets used up and you lose health and ammo during every battle. These can be replenished with time and you’ll have to wait around if you’ve completely used them up.
Every time you reach a new level, you receive skill points that unlock new attributes for you.
At first you have to accomplish a number of missions and advance in the level, before you have full access to all of the menu options:

• Missions (starting at Level 1)
• Battle (starting at Level 3)
• Units (starting at Level 3)
• Buildings (starting at Level 7)
• Vault (starting at Level 5)
• Restore (starting at Level 5)
• President (starting at Level 2)
• My Profile (starting at Level 4)
• Alliance (starting at Level 6)

Missions – You don’t have to interact during the missions. Just allocate the necessary recources to earn money, experience, and war loot.

Battle – In battle you’re up against real opponents to see who has the larger army. So far I’ve only been able to fight opponents from my own respective level. The bigger your alliance, the more units you have at your disposal, which makes you even stronger. As a result, you basically don’t stand a chance of winning a battle by going at it alone. Make sure to join an alliance.

Units – Units make up your offensive and defensive forces. There are several different types of units: infantry, ground, water, and air. During battle only the best units are automatically selected; so make sure to place an emphasis on quality rather than quantity when purchasing additional units

Buildings – Buildings are useful investments since different buildings fulfill different purposes. Some buildings bring in an hourly income. Others improve your defense or add to your energy levels.

Vault – This is basically your treasure chest. You can store your money there without running the risk of losing it in battle. You do, however, need to pay a 10% fee on every deposit.

Restore – You can restore your health in exchange for money here.

President – You can receive rewards from the president. You can’t do this without honor points that are only available through purchase. This is the only way the developers of this no-cost and commercial-free app earn their money.

My Profile – Here you’ll find your account information. You can also give away your skill points, check out your loot, and read comments.

Alliance – Invite friends, look at your alliance, and display your alliance’s entire statistics using the menu button.

Basically, this is all the game’s about. It’s only fun if you have a large alliance, many friends, and a lot of victories, naturally. Try finding new allies in our Android Forum!

Screen & Controls

The controls are really the best. The back button attempts to close your game every time and there’s no real way to navigate back. The small buttons are difficult to press, especially with chubby fingers. Finally, the game is can only be played vertically, which can be a problem on devices with built-in keyboards.

Otherwise the game looks nice and is extremely detailed. The graphics are sweet and very well-integrated. All the buttons and functions are self-explanatory

Speed & Stability

This app also performed will in terms of speed and stability. There were no crashes during the entire test even on the fairly out-of-date G1. There were a couple of short lags, but nothing to write home about.

Not the best speeds on older devices, but nonetheless impressive graphics and game.

Price/Performance Ratio

World War can be downloaded for free from the Android Market.

An internet connection is needed to play this game.

No ads – how amazing! The app is financed through the purchase of honor points that can be used during the game. The honor points don’t give you a real advantage, so you can do well in the game without contributing any money.

Well done!


World War™ World War™ World War™ World War™ World War™

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