Winner and loser of the week: artful keynotes and boiling blood

Winner and loser of the week: artful keynotes and boiling blood

An exciting and busy last week of June lies behind us. The news was full of visions of the future and exciting fairy tales: Apple and OnePlus outlined a "new era". Marc Zuckerberg's company Facebook has suffered a defeat. These are the winners and losers of the week.

Last Monday, Apple made the leaker's Crystal Ball obsolete and presented its future innovations for its first-party software and future hardware. The way Apple designed this keynote could only elicit an incredible head shake from me. The image projected into the world cried out for attention: incredibly attractive camera art paired with a colorful storyline and insights into Apple's empire that never existed before raises the question of whether we even want the classic keynote formula back at all in the future. Those rascals.

Winner of the week: Apple and its rosy future

But let's be honest, I have seen Porsche driving over stages and trapeze artists flying around in a balancing act on the keynote stages of the world. These kinds of shows usually serve to distract the hypnotized audience from the thin content of the presentations. Apple's keynote was attractive, sexy, and had substance.

There was something in it, you could feel it; just like with the iPhone itself, which will be a lot smarter and more interesting thanks to Apple's iOS 14 software this fall. Let's hope that the presentation of the iPhone 12 will be as rich and entertaining.

If Apple hadn't set off these joyous fireworks in me on Monday, OnePlus would have been a good candidate for the winner of the week. Thanks to an ingenious marketing strategy and a tricky detective story on Instagram, the leakers battle it out for discovered clues and facts about the new OnePlus Nord. Almost daily the Chinese company feeds the tech world with puzzles, new visuals, and info tweets.

There's a good chance for the visionaries of OnePlus to take Apple's place next week. Whether the whole hype train will bring results in a decent smartphone is still in the stars. Next week, the soft thriller will become an official press release.

Loser of the week: Marc Zuckerberg and his cursed empire

"Mirror, mirror on the wall: who is the most powerful man in the whole country?" The strawberry blonde boy asked his distorted image. His eyes sink deep in their tired caves, streaked with fine red lines that insomnia has tattooed painfully on his eyeballs. And in the dull old mirror his light, almost transparent skin distorted into the globe he so desperately wanted to dominate. And an angry, red fire spreads over the fine outlines of Brazil. The red lines began to boil.

Either way, Disney should have probably made a movie about Marc Zuckerberg and the Hexed Empire. Facebook has not only one problem, but several. While on the one hand, it is struggling to get a grip on hate speech and racism on its network, whilst things are going rather badly with other products.

The WhatsApp Pay service in Brazil that was almost instantly banned. / © WhatsApp

I reported last week that the WhatsApp Pay payment service was rolled out in Brazil. The country is the most important market for Messenger, next to India. After India with its whopping 200 billion users according to current statistics, Brazil is the second most important country for the Facebook subsidiary with 120 million WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp Pay's vision of the future "for everyone" fizzled out within a week and the mirror shattered into a thousand pieces, at least for the time being. Because Brazil has abolished WhatsApp's payment service after only a week. According to media reports, the central bank and antitrust authorities are concerned about the creation of a monopoly that could exclude other competitors from the market.

And so he knelt down, the loser of the week, and with his long, thin glass fingers, and picked up every shard one by one, in which his madly distorted smile was reflected in a reddish color. He clenched his fist and his boiling, pulsating promise seeped thickly and sluggishly into the expensive parquet floor: the last word had not yet been spoken.


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  • Serress Jul 5, 2020 Link to comment

    Why would anyone calling themselves a "journalist" support censorship? And why would a tech-blog dive into politics, in a rather incompetent way at that?

    Facebook is better than the rest in many ways, and at least has the pretense of being impartial. You do not.

    You also don't understand the danger of declaring opinions you disagree with "hate speech". Who decides what is "hate"? Is your silly opinion "hate" speech against FB and its fans? If I think it is, would you take it down?


  • Sorin Jun 29, 2020 Link to comment

    For about 2-3 months I applied for deleting my Facebook account and I can say that I don't miss it. Not at all. Basically, for me the messages posted were a burden to read, because each of the posters wants to show how smart and intelligent they are. In fact, he copies from other sources, adapts quotes, and tries to fool others who have come to draw philosophical conclusions. I think that a monkey could do something like that, selecting various images with bananas and other fruits! It is possible that a parrot can make philosophical quotes.
    So I gave up. Now I have more free time to focus on what interests me most, and I don't have to waste time on empty words.
    Now, it depends a lot on those who post, on the group of friends, on their quality, on mutual respect, I suspect that there are well-organized groups that discuss important things, scientific, educational, cultural, etc. It's just that I haven't found such groups yet. I didn't look too hard, but others didn't look for me either.
    That's why I considered TIME to be a resource far too precious to waste on less important things. I can say that I am HAPPY now. In fact, "a little happier"... than before. But still Happy!

  • marco sarli
    • Admin
    Jun 29, 2020 Link to comment

    Facebook should be closed. It is evil.Apple always finds a way to show a positive face (before showing it's real intentions).

  • storm Jun 29, 2020 Link to comment

    I could do with a whole lot more of defeating Facebook.

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