Why the Galaxy Note 8 needs to be a success

Why the Galaxy Note 8 needs to be a success

The Galaxy Note 8 is highly anticipated around the smartphone community. Its planned launch is on August 23, in New York, where we’ll find out exactly what Samsung has in mind for the new generation of its phablet, and this time, Samsung can’t repeat its past mistakes. If all goes well, in my opinion, the Note 8 has everything it needs to be a huge success.

The Note 7 is a thing of past

The Galaxy Note 7 was presented for the first time on August 2, 2016, and it was soon thrown into the spotlight. With a design that was elegant and ergonomic, despite having a 5.7-inch screen, the device rapidly became a dream phone for many people. The design was inspired by the Samsung Galaxy S7, but the look was more symmetrical and even more attractive.

It wasn’t just a pretty face either. It came with a Super AMOLED QHD display with HDR10 support, an iris scanner, USB Type-C, Nova S-Pen and software with new commands, a strong processor and other updates. The path to success is there, if only it didn’t have that little mishap with the battery.

After the first few explosions, Samsung announced a recall, and that was the beginning of the end for the Note 7. It was taken off the market and, despite there being a limited edition for fans in some countries called the Note 7 FE, the recall cost 2 billion USD, and it ruined the brand's reputation with its users. However, after the success of the Galaxy S8, it's starting to look like that whole mess is behind us.

AndroidPIT samsung galaxy note 7 review 7616
A flop, but still a memorable model   / © ANDROIDPIT

Note 5 owners are waiting for a successor

The Galaxy Note 4 was launched at the IFA 2014, and it made a lot of users happy around the world. Obviously, they’re all waiting for a substitute that’s just as powerful as it is. It’s a device that’s ideal for games, productivity, multitasking and high performance. Its battery life is actually a strength.

It’s been three years since its launch, and there are a lot of users around the world who are waiting for a decent substitute. The Note 5 is sold in quite a few countries, like Brazil, however, in the European marketplace, Samsung decided to launch the Galaxy S6 Edge in its place. Note 5 owners were expecting to get a new and improved version with the Note 7, so can you imagine what it’s like for people who are still using a Note 4?

androidpit Samsung note 4 tips and tricks 2
There are still a lot of people using the Note 4. / © ANDROIDPIT

There are some other phablets available on the market as well, like the Galaxy S8+, but none of the other models really stand out as they don’t offer as many different features as the Galaxy Note line.

The old rivalry with Apple

It’s not easy launching a smartphone in the second half of the year. The majority of companies show off their newest tech in the first few months of the year during tech fairs like the MWC and CES. In 2017, Apple’s planning on revealing their tenth iPhone, which promises to rattle competitors like Huawei, Xiaomi, and even Samsung.

In the Android camp, besides the Note 8, we’ll have other highlights as well, like the Zenfone 4, the successor to the Huawei P10 and the LG V30. It’s clear that none of these devices, including the iPhone 8, will come with a pen like the S-Pen, which means Samsung is betting on software features to make it stand out, in addition to powerful hardware of course.

AndroidPIT iPhone SE 4162
Besides Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and LG will also release updates in the second half of the year. / © ANDROIDPIT

Like those models mentioned above, the Note 8 will probably be expensive, but honestly, we’re used to expensive. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was released for around 1,500 USD.

The Galaxy Note 8 has everything it needs to be a huge success

Samsung has clearly made an effort to release two major devices onto the market this year. Plus, the brand has improved its quality control process and security to guarantee that its products don’t have the same defect as the Note 7. Financial reports of the second trimester show that the South Korean company is reaping the benefits of this transformation, as to be expected.

Samsung’s pledge with the Note 8 is massive: renew the confidence of its users, investors and the market in general. Personally, I’m really looking forward to the Note 8 and think that it’ll be a huge success. What about you?


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  • Mart L Aug 16, 2017 Link to comment

    The Note has never featured much different to the Galaxy S series other than size and an S-Pen, depending on the timing it can feature some minor hardware differences but that's usually it.

    With the Galaxy Note 8 we have a secondary camera and an S-Pen and that's pretty much it vs a Galaxy S8+ which has a larger battery.

    The Note series has had it's day, it's mostly redundant now and far too expensive for what it offers.

  • Peter Harwood Aug 16, 2017 Link to comment

    It's a bloody expensive note pad! I'll stick to me pen and paper and a normal phone.

  • Greg1100 Aug 15, 2017 Link to comment

    In reply to Mark's post, I have said on this forum many times before that the continual BLEATING about so called premium looks by so called journalists has lead to the latest batch of phones being hugely over priced and fragile.
    There was never anything wrong with the Note 4's plastic back. It was superlight and strong-affording access to the battery. There are actually people out there that have no access to a powerpoint in their working day, so the spare battery, which is lighter and takes up less room in a pocket or bag than a charging bank, is an instant full charged up phone.
    Plus the fact that I would never use a £600+ phone without a case for some protection. So the plasatic back will not be seen. Glass backs are a crazy idea-too easily shattered.
    Samsung are on about putting a case in with the Note 8. Never offered before. Probably realised just how fragile these phones are.
    Just bought a new phone- a OnePlus 5. It has nearly all that Samsung offer, but 200 + quid cheaper.

    • Mart L Aug 16, 2017 Link to comment


      No Wireless Charging
      No Water resistance
      No MicroSD Card.
      No QHD+ display
      No HDR Support
      No OIS
      No Dual Pixel
      No Iris Scanner

      Glass backs are fine, if you drop your phone with enough force to shatter the rear glass, it's going to be enough to shatter the front as well. The lesson here is don't drop your phone or at the very least protect it with a case.

      Metal, especially aluminium backs scratch just as easily as glass, probably more so, they've soft metals so they need just as much protection from general use. if you want them to remain pristine.

      • Greg1100 Aug 18, 2017 Link to comment

        NO- NOT RUBBISHby any means
        Battery on this OnePlus 5 far better than my old Note 4
        I never let any electronic device anywhere near water--common sense
        I don't need any more than 128 GB of extra memory- not now
        The display is better than my Note 4- and I was happy with that
        HDR support- not fully there then
        I don't do video stuff much, so IOS is wasted on me
        Dual pixel _ whats that all about ?
        May not have Iris Scannner, but fingerprint reader is virtually the fastest reader out there.
        Got a case and Tempered glass screen on it- something very hard to fit to S8 because of the dozy slanting glass sides

        Plus there will be no famous Samsung app lag- less bloat, more speed, NO knox, unlockable bootloader AND nearly £200 less than Sammy S8 or Plus ( the PLUS is a crapple term)
        |Your choice matey- certainly not mine.
        PLUS-- no chuffing bixby or button -

  • Andrew Burgin Aug 15, 2017 Link to comment

    Do we really need dual cameras on phones?because all it is doing is making the cost of phone more unaffordable, consumers soon will staying more loyal to there current phones ,because the can't afford to buy any current phone coming up,o.k people use there cameras now and again,so do we need dual cameras ,some regulation will be needed to be brought in to stop phone produces charging over the top prices for phones,Chinese phones will becoming more popular again as they will become more affordable for consumers

    • Mart L Aug 16, 2017 Link to comment

      Nope, it's a gimmick.

      Phones are used for point and shoot, that's all most users will ever want to do with them.

      I have an old Camera here with 5X Optical zoom, it's nice to play around with but ultimately not that useful. Unless that second camera can produce equally as good shots as the primary camera it's going to be a trade off in many situations.

      On the OP5 the second camera is often not used due to poor light.

  • Faisal Salipada Aug 15, 2017 Link to comment


  • storm Aug 15, 2017 Link to comment

    I don't see it setting a sales record for the note series. They won't lose money on it probably. Note 9 will be smaller and simpler is my prediction.

    RothmanDeactivated Account

  •   46
    Deactivated Account Aug 15, 2017 Link to comment

    Three things that bother me about this article.
    1) A " little mishap with the battery" It was an example of a company to caught up with beating it's competition to the market place and rushing a product that was untested to the market.
    2) I as Note 4 owner am not looking to the Note 8 as a device to upgrade to. I want and need a removable battery for my life style. A phone which was designed for the business or power user needs a removable battery. I am not always at power sources and I personally do not like a brick in my pocket a spare battery is much lighter and more convenient.
    3) "It has everything it needs to be a huge success" Just the price and size will scare lots people away. The curved display, all glass construction and lack of a replaceable battery scare me away.

    Sadly I do not think there will ever be another new "Flagship" phone that I will buy. The LG V20 will most likely be my last flagship purchase I will ever make because of non removable batteries and all glass construction.
    Thank you, ( not) all reviewers that have destroyed the smartphone industry with Premium materials baloney.

  • Andrew Burgin Aug 15, 2017 Link to comment

    People might want the Note 8 to be successful to put more trust back into Samsung,but its going to be the pricing of the Note 8 that might stop it becoming successful,Samsung might have changed the design of the Note 8 as people are just going to say its the S8 Plus but just more squarer in shape,if Samsung would have brought back the Removable Battery Option on the Note 8,then more might spend the extra money to buy the Note 8

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