Why I will never buy the Galaxy Note 7

Why I will never buy the Galaxy Note 7

Major flagships have been presented in recent months, yet Samsung stands alone under the spotlight. You’ve probably noticed that the new Galaxy Note 7 is the star of the moment. But you know what? I won’t be buying one.

Before you stop me in my tracks, I’d like to clarify one thing. The following argument is my personal opinion. Some AndroidPIT editors, mainly my colleague Pierre, probably disagree with me. That's a good thing because one strength of AndroidPIT is that our editorial team shares differing opinions on the same subjects.

Another thing I want to say – I’m not one of the Samsung ‘haters’. Sure, I don’t like everything it manufactures but, to be honest, there is no smartphone manufacturer that impresses me 100 percent of the time.

1. The price is nasty

We shouldn’t pretend here. The main reason why people would not buy a Galaxy Note 7 is the price. At a time when bargains abound, Samsung insists on offering smartphones at exorbitant prices. After all, the price of Apple's smartphones is also high yet people continue to buy them. This premium price loop just seems to work for some.

But it’s the law of supply and demand. Obviously if people are willing to pay such sums to buy the device, Samsung's shouldn’t stop them. The problem here (and elsewhere) is that manufacturers – and society at large – create/exploit our desires. Once a person becomes a customer, convinced that they must buy a particular phone, he or she will be ready to fork out cash, thinking that the end justifies the means. Samsung finds the right balance in order to keep these customers: find the maximum price that people are willing to pay without making them feel ripped off.

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy Note7 event 5163
The Note 7 stylus in action. © NextPit

My point here is that I do not want to invest $850 in a smartphone. This is a hefty price and seems excessive to me. I feel that the standard today is that we feel compelled to buy anything that’s better or newer, with a focus more on desire than need. That said, everyone is free to buy whatever he or she wants.

Some of us just want to have fun buying a super smartphone, which brings us to the second point.

2. The Note 7 outperforms my needs

While reading the previous paragraphs, many of you probably thought that the design and specs of the Note 7 justify its price. In absolute terms, this is true. The device is excellent in many ways, and I must admit that grasping it is an experience worth trying. In terms of performance, it’s true that some points are open to criticism, as XDA’s Eric Hulse did in a recent article.

I absolutely do not question the technological offerings of the Note 7. What bothers me is that for many users this is superfluous. Maybe you heard of a GfK study which produced some interesting results about how much time smartphone users spend doing different things:

  • 22 percent dedicated to fun (videos, music, surf, games)
  • 22 percent dedicated to instant messaging
  • 22 percent dedicated to calls
  • 10 percent dedicated to social networks
  • 10 percent dedicated to emails

Of course, these figures are not 100 percent accurate, so it is possible that your usage might be a little different. That said, this shows one important thing: the daily business of many people does not involve extensive use of their phone’s capabilities. Of course, you need good hardware to run games, but is it necessary to have the best equipment if a less powerful (and cheaper) component does the job? It's a bit of a ‘buy a tank to kill a fly on the window’ situation.

This does not include the Galaxy Note but all flagships – paying for so much untapped performance is not something I'd do. In my case, I use my smartphone mainly for calling, listening to music, messaging and even some apps, so I have no big expectations of performance and, therefore, don't really need a flagship. But the Note 7 has unique features: a stylus and an iris scanner. This may be a good selling point but is not useful for my needs.

Also, I appreciate the larger display because it's nicer to use, but I'd stick to a maximum of 5.5 inches, making the Note 7 too big for me at 5.7 inches. That said, the Chinese love large screens (up to 6 inches in some devices) so it is not impossible to see more and more manufacturers offer increasingly large behemoths of 6 inches.

3. TouchWiz...

This is purely a matter of taste. In my case, I'm not a big fan of TouchWiz. That said, TouchWiz has evolved. Do you remember the Galaxy S5 and the garish blue color? At that time, TouchWiz had a hideous interface and a mix of colors that was totally chaotic.

androidpit samsung galaxy s5 06
Love that turquoise blue and neon green combination... © ANDROIDPIT

Fortunately, things have changed and TouchWiz has been greatly improved. We could already see the difference with the S6 and the S7, and things have changed again with the Note 7. Graphically, it is prettier to look at. And on the Note 7, menus have been reworked.

The effort is there, but for me TouchWiz remains TouchWiz. Color associations are always strange (a white icon on a bright yellow background, all in slightly rounded form...). We always find preinstalled apps (which have also been reduced in number, thankfully). As for Android Nougat, do not expect to have it for a while...unless Samsung decides to provide updates more quickly, of course.

For all these reasons, I find the Galaxy Note 7 very interesting but not enough to tempt me to buy it. How about you – do you plan to buy it?

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  • Discodan Aug 29, 2016

    Iphone 6s 128gb is $1000 + nobody complains. Note 7 $900+ much better phone and get more for the money then 6s and people are cry about the note's price. Smh

  • Aztecgod106 Aug 28, 2016

    Well, it's like they say..."No money, no honey" ... I'm tired of these reviews and frankly they are not informative. The NOTE 7 is a Beast of a phone. Haven't had issues, and while there are some things I don't like or care much about. This phone has brought nothing but joy to me. I use Nova Launcher and find there is nothing better. Plus, the battery life is great for me...22 plus hours is fine for me. I came off the NOTE 4, couldn't upgrade to the NOTE 5 for micro SD reason. We lost IR blaster but then again didn't really use it. The S-Pen is Fantastic to use and again, I find myself using it more and more. If you guys don't like it then get an S7.

  • Paolo Aug 29, 2016

    This article is hilarious. I just installed an all black theme for Note 7 from the GALAXY Store, and it looked absolutely amazing. There's another one that makes it look like a Google product, and it looks mighty fine as well. So already your whining on the turquoise and cartoon aesthetic is now invalid.

    Also, losing your marbles on the price, but folks are more than glad to accept the iPHONE pricing?

    Also, if it wasn't single-handedly for Samsung, multi window wouldn't even be a thing you'd take for granted with your Nexus 6P!!!

  • Aztecgod106 Aug 29, 2016

    I'm sorry you don't know how to use your Note 7. Samsung did a fantastic job with Battery optimization. You should try it instead of blasting this Awesome phone. If you don't really care for bright colors, you can always go for grey scale to give you even more battery life.

  • Karl Gephart Aug 28, 2016

    1) It depends on your carrier and your budget. At Sprint, I just paid sales tax and about $36/mo on a 2-year installment.
    2) It's a WORKHORSE that keeps you superbly organized and entertained. That's what you're paying for.
    3) If you don't like Samsung's Touchwiz, install Nova Launcher Prime or another launcher! It's very customizable and pretty light on resources.
    Now, a valid complaint would be the scratch resistance and fragility. Yes, there's Otterbox Defender (which I'm STILL waiting for), but if enough customers complained, the smartphone companies would have to comply.


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  • harsh vardhan Sep 20, 2016 Link to comment

    How many dollars you receive to give this nasty review not expected from androidpit this type of authores who can give such harsh review to a smartphone which is absolutely fabulous in all terms wheteryou talk about design ,performance anything and everythinh on this smartphone is above excellence i phone 7 arrives with nothing new instead of lacking headphone jack adm with stereo speakers which already many smartphone have no one complaines about it's price and when samsung comes with a phone withsuch perfromance and areasonable price these people .................

  • Michael Cook Sep 6, 2016 Link to comment

    Geez, people are acting like the author insulted their sister's honor, it's like an Apple cult site. These are phones, THINGS, they're not worth the anger and bad feelings.

    • Omar Hamwi Sep 6, 2016 Link to comment

      The Note series is very important to a lot of people, so I can understand why they take this topic very seriously. Personally, I also see the opposite side of the coin and know that there's more to the topic than personal phone tastes. Benoit has done a good and fair job of going through his own ideas on the Note 7 topic, and he's generated a (mostly) healthy debate around it.
      Notwithstanding the Note 7's exploding battery issues, this is a very good phone with one of the best designs I've seen so far. Samsung didn't get it right though, and they've now upset a lot of customers and created more problems than any of us expected. The plot thickens...

  • Heather Wahlquist Sep 4, 2016 Link to comment

    Pth, Benoit. Your article was, like.. a Logician comedy. The mathematic-type principles you used to make your point, did exactly the opposite. You actually proved yourself -wrong, and now have left yourself no other choice but to buy the Note7 for yourself -giggle. You say people desire newer+better (groundbreaking observation, btw), stating though, that, "some of us just want to have fun buying a super smartphone." What does that sentence even mean? If it means the superest of phones, then you’d have fun buying the Note 7. No? Plus, isn't the Note 7 is cheaper than the $1000+ Apple competitor? Plus again, with all the new plans, the price of the phone is near irrelevant. No? You say, (sic) "....the design and specs and technology of the Note7 absolutely justifies it's price...", your own words, sir. Doesn’t that cancel out the point you're trying to make, since the Note7 outperforms your needs for $150 less than it's opponent. And, it's opponent doesn't have a stylus -a main reason for buying the Note's. One last thing: You say a "larger display is nicer to use", but, to a max of 5.5, the 5.7 is too big for you. Is a .2 difference that intolerable (speaking of too big in your hand, of course.)? That .2 difference is = to the width of capital letter T in font size 14 Ariel. Geezy-weezy, Mr. Pepicq. You’re probably just sensitive. Smiles

    • nightflyer2131 Sep 5, 2016 Link to comment

      Say hay those r my word HOW did never mind. Hear hear totally agree !

  • nightflyer2131 Sep 1, 2016 Link to comment

    I have been holding off making a comment but yea price is hefty no more than a iPhone. But yea it's packed with all I mean all the right bells and whistles, all the tech stuff out there is it not supposed to have all that a phone can. Wait if u want a phone just buy a simple phone but if you want to compete with the likes of Apple Hello u I have to bring it all. And my friends Samsung has just done tht that this is Samsung answer to why this phone is that is full of all I mean all the tech stuff . So im not hating on anyone but this is my feeling to wht those people like me want. If you don't like it ok but this is worth it price and all !

  • Rolf Hu Aug 31, 2016 Link to comment

    Fully agree with the writer. I will not buy any Samsung product anymore,because they have a super bad service and support. My last Samsung product was the Note 10.1 2014 Edition. Top hardware but never got an OS update . Super hardware for half the price you can get today from many other manufacturers. Then I don't care about regular OS updates.

  • itprolonden Aug 31, 2016 Link to comment

    OMG, manufacturers making what customers want and people buying them of their own free will!! It's just not fair that manufacturers who put money in to R&D and Marketing recoup their money!! It's just not fair!!! smh....Millennials.....

  • Biga 173rd (Biga173rd) Aug 31, 2016 Link to comment

    I agree the price is over the top. Sammy needs to get off the Apple pricing bandwagon because it will hurt sales. Shoot even at a 2 year contract offered by best buy the phone sells for $350.

    • itprolonden Aug 31, 2016 Link to comment

      Nope, it does not. You're paying the rest through the contract.

  • shafat imam Aug 31, 2016 Link to comment

    All the Samsung galaxy phone has the same theam even wallpapers are same.
    They are only improve camera and screen quality. Can not think about unique and flexible software.

  • Alex Moroni Aug 30, 2016 Link to comment

    Would never buy a samsung smartphone if con Custom Rom is available for it, TouchWiz is awful!

    • nightflyer2131 Sep 3, 2016 Link to comment

      Thts what i thought but this is different I like touch wiz on his phone it's pretty nice wht ever they did im good with it bearly had to do anything to make it look the way I want it's way better now.

  •   32
    Deactivated Account
    • Admin
    Aug 30, 2016 Link to comment

    The real problem is the money, If the price was set to $500 then there won't be any arguments. Everyone will like this phone

    • Glostermeteor Aug 30, 2016 Link to comment

      Just wait for the S8 Note to come out and then buy the S7 Note, thats what I do. I am waiting for the S8 before I buy the S7

      • Dazzler Aug 31, 2016 Link to comment

        I wanted to get the Note 4 or Note Edge when the Note 5 came out but everywhere stopped selling it!

      • Adrián Jarquín Aug 31, 2016 Link to comment

        Try buying it on eBay. Note 4 price:
        *$449 USD Brand New.
        *$264.99 USD New other (Carrier return, Display or Overstock, New Condition, Comes in Samsung box with OEM charger, battery).

        We are not allowed to publish links but look on eBay dude, I bought mine there as "new other" and I can't spot the difference to a Brand New, it's super cheap and it works amazing.

      • John Aug 31, 2016 Link to comment

        You're fortunate.....I own one.

      • Steven Rodriquez Sep 1, 2016 Link to comment

        I Are you in a concentration camp? I see Note 4 for sale on Amazon, ebay, etc. $350-400 dollars US...
        By the way, it's TOTALLY worth it. Word is it WILL be receiving NOUGAT. Already it is fabulous with marshmallow 6.1 Nougats' best feature is split screen multitasking windows. Note came with that, but a better implementation. You will enjoy all the stuff they stripped out for the 5 and seven series...

    • Bob visser Aug 30, 2016 Link to comment

      I wouldn't the galaxy note devices have way to much bloadware for my taste and are just to big. I currently have a 5.5 inch phone wich I like and hate at the same time. The big screen is nice but can be a pain in da ass to use cause I have small hands

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