How the USA vs. Huawei shows that Europe can also go its own way

How the USA vs. Huawei shows that Europe can also go its own way

The USA and Huawei have been in conflict for almost two years. Two years in which the USA claims to have found new "evidence" again and again, which is why Huawei should be banned. I think this fight is still important, and good for us all in the long run.

If it continues like this, I could well imagine that February 13, 2018, will soon be in the history books. The whole drama between the USA and Huawei began on the day two years ago. Here, officials of the FBI, CIA, and NSA joined forces and advised (in short) to for US companies to stop trading with Huawei and ZTE. The concern was that China, through Huawei, would have the ability to "influence or even control the telecommunications infrastructure".

On May 15 last year Donald Trump signed a decree stating  American telecommunications companies were no longer allowed to cooperate with Chinese companies. Only four days later, Google's parent company Alphabet ended relations with Huawei, other companies such as Intel and Qualcomm followed. The US ban has hit Huawei hard, sure - but does that make the Chinese tech giant a loser in this situation in the long term?

The USA paranoia: what a hypocritical nonsense

Do you remember those old Cold War movies? Where the (naturally American) hero fought against the evil Soviet spies? One might almost have the feeling, with the actions that the USA is taking in connection with Huawei, that it would like to be the hero once again. Unfortunately, a rather incompetent hero. But I don't want to be unfair, because let's face it: no country likes to be spied on and bugged.

Just last week the dispute between the USA and Huawei flared up again when the latter accused the Chinese manufacturer of using "back doors" in the telephone network to wiretap its own customers. Logically, Huawei countered and declared that the USA should bring evidence if Huawei is already accused of such acts. And indeed, the USA could not provide any of this evidence. The story was picked up on February 11. Just one day later, the German news outlet, Tagesschau, wrote that the BND (Federal Intelligence Service in Germany) together with the (surprise, surprise) the CIA "... had spied out more than 100 states over decades using an encryption company".

Don't get me wrong: I certainly don't want to take sides with Huawei and if the accusations are true, then it is a massive invasion of privacy. But a country that sanctions others and presents itself as a great hero should perhaps first put its own house in order.

But in the end, we should remain honest: there will not be a single country that does not intercept others in some way. True to the motto "trust is good, spying is better". And now that we have clarified this, we can ask quite bluntly why the USA is actually making all these accusations when they themselves are spying as if there were no tomorrow.

For this I would like to go back a few steps. An interesting view is offered here by the realization that the trade war between the USA and China really took off in January 2018. In that month, Trump raised customs duties on the import of certain products. The focus was on those products that were mainly made in China and, of course, China reacted. Does it really surprise us that Huawei was declared public enemy number one in February of the same year? Well, not me, anyway. After all, Huawei is one of the large Chinese companies and builders of smartphones. If the USA wants to hit China economically, it will do so there.

Are we supposed to play dumb now?

Yes, the US ban has harmed Huawei. In May last year, British operators, among others, announced that they would temporarily stop marketing Huawei's smartphones. Because without appropriate apps and services from Google, smartphones are not well received on the Western market. In fact, however, this did not bring Huawei down, but pushed internal developments further. With alternative apps to current offerings (such as the collaboration with TomTom) and the further development of Harmony OS, Huawei is making itself independent of American influence in the long term. And the US economy knows this too.

AndroidPIT huawei mate 30 pro hand front
The Mate 30 Pro is impressive hardware but lacked the software for European and North American audiences. / © NextPit

The US Department of Defense, for example, was initially against tightening sanctions against the Chinese company. Too great was the fear that Huawei would become more independent and that other manufacturers could look for alternatives to US technologies. However, this idea now seems to have been shattered again, which will probably make it even more difficult for Huawei to procure components.

And the reason for this could be the new master plan of the USA to dismantle the previous network dominance that Huawei holds. To this end, the US plans to help other countries to build their own 5G networks with other operators. Of course, in addition to big names such as Samsung or Ericsson, US operators are also included. Can anyone here explain to me where this would not cry out for us to make ourselves even more dependent on the USA?

In the second stage of this plan, by the way, the USA wants to cooperate with Europe. Here, as German Tech magazine Giga writes in an article, the aim is to bring about "a diverse, Western, value-based ecosystem of software and hardware". So now the big boss wants to get us to climb back to the top of the mobile phone market. Well, thanks a lot!

After all, it was said during the Munich Security Conference that the Europeans would prefer to present their own, third model. And that is a good indication that we have learned from Huawei's efforts and want to make ourselves more independent.

Only the dumbest turkey would vote for Christmas

If we put aside the wiretap charges, we can quickly see that the USA is only interested in remaining its power economically. And that is fine in so far as every country tries to be and remain an economic powerhouse. This is, kept within the limits, nothing more than competition. But to cuddle up under the cloak of a hero who fends off the evil spy attacks while you yourself are constantly sounding out everyone is embarrassing. To do this then also still completely unfoundedly and without proofs, is simply only bold.

No matter how bad and flimsy I find the approach of the USA, the dispute between Huawei and the USA gives me hope. Here, a company (admittedly a larger one) manages, despite sanctions and problems, to increasingly detach itself from the USA. And if Huawei can do it, why not other manufacturers in Europe?

I am quite enthusiastic about the development at the Munich Security Conference that the EU itself wants to build an ecosystem of software and hardware. After all, what should prevent us, just like Huawei, from freeing ourselves step by step from the technical dependence of the USA? In the end, to quote the writer (allegedly Bertholt Brecht): "Only the dumbest calves choose their butchers themselves". And why then, after such a degenerate dispute, should we choose the USA as our partner?

Source: Tagesschau, Giga

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    Trump is Dumb.

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    You can trust the Chinese if you want, I will not. I do not think that a hostile government owned company can not be trusted. Go stick your head in the sand if you want to. They are bribing their way into every South Pacific country. giving loans to build ports they can not possibly pay for. All those port will become de facto Chinese Naval base when the loans can not be repaid.

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      Well, just let us think for a moment how many prof there are that US has also spied, bribing and stealing all around the world...

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    How true

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    It's not like Trump is reliable for anything...

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      It's awful hard trusting Huawei or their commy government. Their chronic liar's. Do you think they told the truth about about ths coronavirus, I don't? Huawei has been stealing tech for years? Copying is one thing, the stealing is a entirely different animal!

      • storm Feb 20, 2020 Link to comment

        Huawei has been caught with backdoors before. I think they have poor quality builds. Im no Huawei fan. But neither is Trump a leader of integrity, insight, fair play or quality. Or even a worldview grounded in reality. Everything he says or does is to support his ego first. If there are any secondary benefits to others that's just dumb luck.

        So no, Trump can not be trusted. But broken clocks can still be right twice a day. Huawei is not innocent.

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